Bible Hill, Nova Scotia

Bible Hill is a Canadian village in Colchester County, Nova Scotia.[3] It lies on the north bank of the Salmon River, opposite the town of Truro and the unincorporated community of Salmon River.

Bible Hill functions as a suburb of Truro with several residential subdivisions. The village is home to Bible Hill Junior High School, Bible Hill Consolidated Elementary School[4] and the Dalhousie University Faculty of Agriculture.

The Bible Hill Estates Trailer Park has been used as a filming location for the Trailer Park Boys television series service as the Sunnyvale Trailer Park[5][5]

Bible Hill
Coat of arms of Bible Hill

Coat of arms
A Progressive Community
Bible Hill is located in Nova Scotia
Bible Hill
Bible Hill
Location of Bible Hill
Bible Hill is located in Canada
Bible Hill
Bible Hill
Bible Hill (Canada)
Coordinates: 45°22′32″N 63°15′37″W / 45.37556°N 63.26028°WCoordinates: 45°22′32″N 63°15′37″W / 45.37556°N 63.26028°W
ProvinceNova Scotia
MunicipalityColchester County
FoundedEarly 1700s
 • Village ChairLois MacCormick[1]
 • Governing BodyBible Hill Village Commission
 • MLALenore Zann (NDP)
 • MPBill Casey (L)
Highest elevation
37 m (121 ft)
Lowest elevation
11 m (36 ft)
 • Total8,913
Time zoneUTC−04:00 (AST)
 • Summer (DST)UTC−03:00 (ADT)
Postal code
Area code(s)902
Telephone Exchanges893 ,897, 895
NTS Map011E06


The name Bible Hill is derived from a prominent hill which rises above the flood plain on the grounds of the Dalhousie University Faculty of Agriculture (formerly the Nova Scotia Agricultural College) on the northern bank of the Salmon River.

It was believed that the hill took its name from Matthew Archibald (1745–1820), the son of one of the first Irish settlers in the area.[6] He was locally renowned for his piety and extensive use of the Bible. It was thought that the name of the hill on which he lived came from his use of the Bible.[7] It is suggested that name stuck when Joseph Howe coined the term on one of his visits to this house on the hill.[8] Contrary to this long-standing legend, the origin of the name is currently believed to have come from the work of Rev. Dr. William McCullough (1811–1895) several years later.[9]

Coincidentally, McCullough lived in the house built by Matthew Archibald many years earlier.[6] He was the minister of Truro's First Presbyterian church (now First United Church[10]) from 1839–1885, and had inherited an interest in Bible distribution from his father, Dr. Thomas McCullough, one of the founders of the Nova Scotia Bible Society. He distributed Bibles, free of charge, to anyone who wanted one.[11] Over the almost 50 years of Rev. McCullough's ministry, the hill on which he lived, where one could obtain a Bible free of charge, became known as Bible Hill.


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The 38th Nova Scotia general election was held on June 9, 2009 to elect members of the 61st House of Assembly of the Province of Nova Scotia, Canada. The government was defeated on a money bill on May 4, and the Nova Scotia House of Assembly was dissolved by Lieutenant Governor Mayann Francis on May 5. thereby triggering an election. The NDP won a majority government, forming government the first time in the province's history, and for the first time in an Atlantic Canadian province. The governing Progressive Conservatives were reduced to third place.

Albert Trueman

Albert William Trueman, OC, FRSC (January 17, 1902 – June 29, 1988) was a teacher, professor, cultural and university administrator.

Bible Hill

Bible Hill may refer to:

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Bible Hill Junior High School

Truro-Bible Hill, a provincial electoral district in Nova Scotia, Canada

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Dalhousie University

Dalhousie University (commonly known as Dal) is a public research university in Nova Scotia, Canada, with three campuses in Halifax, a fourth in Bible Hill, and medical teaching facilities in Saint John, New Brunswick. Dalhousie offers more than 4,000 courses, and 180 degree programs in twelve undergraduate, graduate, and professional faculties. The university is a member of the U15, a group of research-intensive universities in Canada.

Dalhousie was established as a nonsectarian college in 1818 by the eponymous Lieutenant Governor of Nova Scotia, George Ramsay, 9th Earl of Dalhousie. The college did not hold its first class until 1838, until then operating sporadically due to financial difficulties. It reopened for a third time in 1863 following a reorganization that brought a change of name to "The Governors of Dalhousie College and University". The university formally changed its name to "Dalhousie University" in 1997 through the same provincial legislation that merged the institution with the Technical University of Nova Scotia.

There are currently two student unions that represent student interests at the university: the Dalhousie Student Union and the Dalhousie Association for Graduate Students. Dalhousie's varsity teams, the Tigers, compete in the Atlantic University Sport conference of Canadian Interuniversity Sport. Dalhousie's Faculty of Agriculture varsity teams are called the Dalhousie Rams, and compete in the ACAA and CCAA. Dalhousie is a coeducational university with more than 18,000 students and 130,000 alumni around the world. The university's notable alumni include a Nobel Prize winner, 91 Rhodes Scholars, and a range of other top government officials, academics, and business leaders.

Dalhousie University Faculty of Agriculture

The Faculty of Agriculture at Dalhousie University is a Canadian agricultural college and faculty of Dalhousie University located in Bible Hill, Nova Scotia. The Faculty of Agriculture offers the only university level programs in agriculture in Atlantic Canada. Founded 14 February 1905 as the Nova Scotia Agricultural College within the Nova Scotia Department of Agriculture, it merged with Dalhousie University on 1 September 2012. The campus is referred to as Dalhousie University's "Agricultural Campus" or by its popular nickname of "Dal AC" or simply the "AC."

Lenore Zann

Lenore Elizabeth Zann MLA (born 22 November 1959) is an Australian-Canadian actress and politician who has represented the electoral district of Truro-Bible Hill in the Nova Scotia House of Assembly since 2009 as a member of the Nova Scotia New Democratic Party.

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Nova Scotia Agricultural College

Nova Scotia Agricultural College (NSAC) was a publicly owned Canadian university college (founded 14 February 1905 and administered within the Nova Scotia Department of Agriculture) located at Bible Hill, Nova Scotia. The Nova Scotia Agricultural College merged with Dalhousie University and became Dalhousie's Faculty of Agriculture on 1 September 2012. The popular nickname remains the "AC".

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