Bemina is a region in Srinagar, the capital city of Jammu and Kashmir, India.[1]

It is situated in the heart of the capital of Jammu and Kashmir just about 4  km from Lal Chowk. It lies in the Batmaloo Assembly Constituency, Batmaloo assembly segment of the Srinagar parliamentary constituency. Bemina is also considered as one of the major growing colonies of South Asia.Institutions and Departments like FSL,Hajj House ,JKBOSE , Government Women Polytechnic, ITI etc are located here. One of the Prominent schools of the state i.e.Iqbal Memorial Institute is also situated here.

Bemina bridge connecting Bemina to Budgam is the valley's longest bridge measuring 284 m.

Bemina is located in Jammu and Kashmir
Coordinates: 34°3′12″N 74°45′43″E / 34.05333°N 74.76194°ECoordinates: 34°3′12″N 74°45′43″E / 34.05333°N 74.76194°E
 • TypeGovernment of Jammu and Kashmir
 • BodySrinagar Municipal Corporation
4,762 m (15,623 ft)
 • OfficialKashmiri, Urdu, English
Time zoneUTC+5:30 (IST)
Postal Code
Vehicle registrationJK


It is said that long ago this place was occupied by King Abhimanyu,son of Arjun Dev who was one of the Five Pandavs. The place's original name was "Byemun" and with time the name got distorted to Bemina.Another records say that people who lived on dry part of Bemina lived separate (far) from each other and in Kashmiri separate means "Byun Byun" which with time got distorted to Bemina. Bemina has no native population. All the people who live here are immigrants from various areas of Kashmir. The native and old population of Bemina lives at what is known today as Khomeini Chowk. Bemina is thus an extension of Khomeini Chowk. Bemina was mostly marshy land which surrounded Khomeini Chowk.Even today the elder people use Bemina for Khomeini Chowk.

Known for

Bemina has more than 60 colonies like Hamdania colony, Hamza Colony, Nundreshi Colony, Gousia Colony,SDA Colony, HIG,MIG colony,Usmanabad, Shamsabad,Iqbalabad,Towheedabad and many more. Jamia Ahlihadith Masjid is the main Jamia masjid in Bemina , the other renowned mosques of Srinagar are also situated here.


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Government Degree College, Bemina

The Abdul Ahad Azad Memorial College Bemina (Urdu;گورنمنٹ ڈگری کالج بمنہ ) formerly known as GDC Bemina, Government Degree College, Bemina is a University Grants Commission autonomous college in the Indian state of Jammu and Kashmir located on 300 Kanal (37.5 acre) campus in state summer capital Srinagar. It is affiliated with the Cluster University of Srinagar.It was established in the year 1970.The college has the largest campus in the state of Jammu and Kashmir spread over 300 kanal of land.

It has been awarded grade "A" by the NAAC.

Iqbal Memorial Institute

Iqbal Memorial Institute (IMI) is a school in Srinagar, Jammu and Kashmir, India, that educates schildren from Kindergarten to Upper Secondary (Year 12) level. The school is oriented to Islamic principleas and is named after Allama Iqbal, a Kashmiri poet who inspired the Pakistan Movement. It was founded in 1981.


J is the tenth letter in the modern English alphabet and the ISO basic Latin alphabet. Its normal name in English is jay or, now uncommonly, jy . When used for the palatal approximant, it may be called yod ( or ) or yot ( or ).

Makaa people

The Maka or Makaa are an ethnic group inhabiting the southern rain forest zone of Cameroon. They live primarily in the northern portions of the Upper Nyong division of Cameroon's East Province. Major Maka settlements include Abong-Mbang, Doumé, and Nguélémendouka. Some Maka villages lie over the border into the Centre Province, as well.

Most Maka speak a language known as Maka or South Maka, which had an estimated 80,000 speakers in 1987. In the north of Maka territory, speakers use a related language known as Byep, or North Maka. Byep had an estimated 9,500 speakers in 1988. Though they consider themselves a single people, Maka dialects serve as a form of identity as well. The main dialects are Maka are Bebent (Bebende, Biken, Bewil, Bemina), Mbwaanz, and Sekunda. Byep has two dialects, Byep and Besep (Besha, Bindafum).

March 2013 Srinagar attack

An attack on a Central Reserve Police Force camp at Bemina, Srinagar, Jammu and Kashmir, India, occurred on 13 March 2013. It resulted in the death of five CRPF personnel and two attackers. Ten others were also injured include security personnels and civilians.

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