Bell Fibe TV

Bell Fibe TV is an IP-based television service offered by Bell Canada in the provinces of Ontario and Quebec. It is bundled with a FTTN or FTTH Bell Internet service, and uses the Ericsson Mediaroom platform. Bell Fibe TV officially launched on September 13, 2010. It is also available in Manitoba and Atlantic Canada, where Fibe TV is re-packaged, being offered by Bell MTS and Bell Aliant with similar services and integrated with Bell Fibe TV.[1]

Bell Fibe TV
Subsidiary of Bell Canada
PredecessorBell Entertainment Service
FoundedSeptember 13, 2010
Montreal, Quebec
Area served


Bell began researching for a new television solution in 2004 in order to penetrate into urban markets where building owners restricted the installation of satellite dishes. The launch of Bell ExpressVu for Condos (VDSL service) proved to be ineffective since that service did not allow for customers to benefit from HD programming and PVR options. In 2006, after much research was done, Bell started testing a new technology called IPTV in Toronto, Quebec City and Montreal with Bell employees using the ADSL platform. In October 2007, Bell finally launched a pilot project of IPTV branded as Bell Entertainment Service in select areas and buildings of Toronto. Most of the features that are now available with Fibe TV were offered with Bell Entertainment Service. Some key traits of Bell Entertainment Service were internet and TV charges being billed as one service, "White Glove" customer service and media sharing. After finalizing testing for the new IPTV service in the following years, Bell finally rolled out a contained launch in Toronto and Montreal under the "Bell Fibe TV" brand name in June 2010 followed by an official launch later that year in September.

On July 19, 2016 Bell Canada stated that its FibreOP TV service available in Atlantic Canada would be integrating with Bell Fibe TV in Ontario and Québec.[1]

On September 6, 2016, Bell announced a change to their Fibe TV service. Beginning in 2017, Bell Fibe TV customers would no longer be required to also sign up for Fibe Internet service in order to access their Fibe TV service.[2]


Bell Fibe TV is currently available in select areas of Ontario and Quebec. It is also available in Atlantic Canada, where Fibe TV is re-packaged, being offered by Bell Aliant with similar services and integrated with Bell Fibe TV.

FibreOP has been rebranded as Fibe.[1] There is constant ongoing expansion in provinces. Those noted being offered by Bell in Ontario and Quebec include:

Ontario Quebec
Almonte1 Alma
Amherstburg Chicoutimi
Carleton Place1 Gatineau
Guelph Jonquière
Kingston La Baie
Kitchener Montreal
London Quebec City
Mississauga Rivière-du-Loup
Niagara Roberval
Ottawa Saint-Félicien
Sault Ste. Marie Sherbrooke
Greater Sudbury Thetford Mines
Toronto Victoriaville

1Fibe TV in Almonte and Carleton Place is only available in areas that are served by FTTH.


Bell Fibe TV receivers are manufactured by Arris formerly Motorola. The four models that are currently being offered to subscribers are the HD PVR (VIP2262), 4K PVR (VIP5662), wired HD Receiver (VIP2202), and wireless HD Receiver (VIP2502). The HD Receivers can only view programming and do not contain a hard drive; however, they are able to record and access recorded programs through the networked whole home PVR. Previous models included the VIP1232, VIP1216 and VIP1200.

The PVR includes an internal 1TB hard disk drive for recording programs. The PVR and wired HD receivers can be connected to the network through either a coaxial cable or Category 5 cable and the wireless HD receiver connects using 5 GHz 802.11n.[3]


Features of Bell Fibe TV include the following:

  • Whole Home PVR: a brand name also used by many of Bell's competitors. It describes a system where all receivers in a household are connected together via a local network. This allows viewers to record, pause and playback content from any room in the house. Fibe TV PVR's can store up to 320 hours of HD content, or 150 hours of 4K content with the 4K PVR.
  • Fibe TV On Demand: a VOD service with over 1000 titles, including movies & TV series
  • Ability to search for programs by title, cast members, or a simple keyword search. The electronic program guide has 14 days worth of listings and allows viewers to customize the display to show their favourite channels.
  • Picture in picture browsing and channel surfing: viewers can watch one channel and browse other channels or channel listings.
  • Changing channels happens with virtually no delay compared to satellite service.
  • For every standard definition channel subscribed to, customers receive the HD version (when available) at no extra charge in Ontario. Since the programming options are different in Québec, HD channels are included in "The Basic" package but need to be selected separately for any "A La Carte" option.
  • TV based apps such as Netflix, Youtube(4K PVR only), Stingray Music, TSN Extra, or The Weather Network


Bell Fibe TV provides up to 500 channels (fewer in Atlantic Canada, about half the number available in Ontario) including all major Canadian and US networks, popular specialty services, PPV, sports packages, over 85 international services and over 115 high-definition channels.[4] Key services include:

  • Fibe TV on Demand: Crave, HBO, Treehouse, and YTV. Also providing rental movies from current releases to 2 decades back.
  • Crave: A Canadian subscription video on demand service for cable and satellite subscribers.
  • English-language premium movie channels: Crave, Super Channel, and HBO Canada
  • Super Écran: A French-language premium movie service.
  • Several sport-themed premium services: beIN Sports (HD & En Espanol HD), March Madness HD, MLB Extra Innings (SD & HD), NFL RedZone (SD & HD), NFL Sunday Ticket (SD & HD), NHL Centre Ice (SD & HD) and Sportsnet World (SD & HD)
  • Vu!: pay-per-view featuring 50 English-language channels and 22 French-language channels
  • Six adult pornography channels (Bell's thirteen Venus pornographic channels are unavailable on Fibe TV)
  • Over 150 international channels in over 27 different languages
  • 68 radio channels, including 45 Stingray Music digital music stations and 23 Canadian commercial radio stations

Internet service

Bell Fibe TV used to require a Bell Internet subscription. It is now possible to subscribe to Fibe TV without also subscribing to internet, but it is not possible to do so via Bell's website at the moment. The speed listed for the Internet connection remains unused for the television service.

With the 4K PVR, it is possible to watch or record up to 10 different channels simultaneously, 4 of which can be at 4K resolution. Up to 6 shows can be recorded simultaneously. With the HD PVR, it is possible to watch or record up to 4 different channels simultaneously but only up to three in HD. So to view four different channels, one of them must be in standard definition. The HD PVR can record up to two shows simultaneously. Note that the same channel playing on two or more receivers only counts as one channel, as receivers that gets tuned to a channel already playing on another receiver will reuse the same video stream.


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4E TV is a Greek TV station based in Thessaloniki. It is a religious-themed channel run by the Orthodox Church of Greece and is the first television channel in the world dedicated to the Greek Orthodox faith. It is currently available OTA in Central Macedonia and throughout the rest of the country via satellite on OTE TV. 4E is also available in Australia and New Zealand through the TV Plus satellite platform and as of September 23, 2014 it is available in Canada via Bell Fibe TV.


ATN PM One is a Canadian exempt Category B Punjabi language specialty channel that is owned by Asian Television Network (ATN). It broadcasts Punjabi music and entertainment programming for the entire family.

ATN PM One originally launched as ATN MH 1 on September 29, 2009 and is available on Bell Fibe TV, Cogeco, Rogers Cable, Shaw Cable & Optik TV.

In October 2017, ATN MH1 was renamed 'ATN PM One' due to loss of programming from MH1.


ATN SVBC is a Canadian exempt Category B Telugu specialty channel owned by Asian Television Network (ATN). It is the first Telugu channel in Canada and is currently available via Bell Fibe TV and Rogers Cable.

ATN SVBC is a devotional Bhakti channel dedicated to broadcasting Hindu devotional programmes and live telecasts of poojas performed in Tirumala Tirupati Devasthanams from Tirupati in Andhra Pradesh, India.

The channel originally launched as 'ATN Malayalam' on September 13, 2010 on the newly launched Bell Fibe TV platform.

In February 2013, ATN Malayalam was renamed 'ATN Asianet'.

In October 2017, ATN Asianet was renamed ATN SVBC due to loss of programming from Asianet.


Correio da Manhã TV (CMTV) is a private Portuguese generalist channel, with a strong focus on news. It is operated by Cofina, owner of Correio da Manhã, a notable Portuguese newspaper (tabloid). It is available in basic fiber and satellite. The channel launched in March 2013 as an exclusive in Portugal to MEO. The channel is accused of being sensationalist, as well as its parent newspaper.

CMTV aims to expand to other platforms as the exclusivity contract expires. Despite this, it reached the top 30 channels in Portugal and expanded to Angola and Mozambique in 2014. In late 2015 CMTV reached an agreement with NOS to be available in this subscription TV provider from 14 January 2016. With this agreement CMTV reached over 80% of the paid TV subscribers in Portugal.The channel is the 5th most watched in Portugal.The channel has been available in Canada since late June 2017 (Bell Fibe TV/Bell Canada).


Cinelatino is a Spanish-language movie channel based in Mexico and is owned by MVS Comunicaciones & Hemisphere Media Group (83.8% owned by InterMedia Partners). It is available throughout Latin America as well as the United States and Canada, via cable, satellite and IPTV services.

Cinelatino airs Hispanic films, featuring blockbuster hits and critically acclaimed movies from Mexico, Latin America and Spain. All movies are presented in their original format and without any commercial interruptions. It also features behind the scenes footage, interviews with film stars, exclusive coverage of Spanish film festivals and all the latest news from the Hispanic film industry.

Cinelatino has close working relations with Los Angeles-based production company, Plus Entertainment, helmed by executive producer Pejman Partiyeli and producers Gonzalo Gonzalez and Rene Michelle Aranda. Plus Entertainment's annual slate of features is produced its entirety to suit Cinelatino's niche market and distributes titles to the likes of Redbox, Walmart and Netflix to promote the network's presence in the U.S., primarily Hollywood. Recent Plus Entertainment titles that have aired on Cinelatino include theatrically screened Cherry Red Kiss (Beso de cereza), Sins of a Call Girl (Pecados de una dama del noche) starring Emmy-nominated actress Vannessa Vasquez of East Los High, 4-time film festival award winning Smile Now Cry Later (Sonríe hoy llora despues) and more.Plus Entertainment is currently developing Cinelatino's first ever TV series.

In Canada, Cinelatino is distributed by Telelatino Network and is currently available via Rogers Cable, Vidéotron, Cogeco and Bell Fibe TV.

Investigation (TV channel)

Investigation is a Canadian French-language Category B specialty channel owned by Bell Media. Investigation airs programming focusing on forensics and police investigations in the form of primarily documentary and reality TV series. It launched on December 12, 2013 on Bell TV, Bell Fibe TV and Cogeco as Canal D/Investigation.

The channel was originally branded as a sister-channel to Canal D, which airs, among other programming, a significant amount of programming on the forensics and police investigations genre. It has now dropped the 'Canal D' moniker and is now known simply as Investigation.

Israeli Network

The Israeli Network (Hebrew: הערוץ הישראלי‎) is an international private television network. It launched September 2001 and features programming from all the top networks in Israel including Kan 11, Keshet 12, Reshet 13, Channel 10, Channel 8, Israeli Educational Television, Arutz HaYeladim, Hop! and Sports Channel.

The Israeli Network is available in North America; in the United States via Dish Network, Cablevision, Verizon FiOS & Comcast and in Canada via Rogers Cable & Bell Fibe TV through a partnership with Ethnic Channels Group. It is also available in Europe and Africa through select providers and now in Caribbean Latin America Middle East Asia and the Pacific.

LS Times TV

LS Times TV is a Canadian exempt Category B specialty channel (Traditional Chinese: 龍祥頻道, Simplified Chinese: 龙祥频道) owned by Waylen Group (緯麟集團). LS Times TV is a national 24-hour TV station airing current feature films from Hong Kong, China, Taiwan and other Asian countries in their original language with Chinese subtitles, along with Canadian content, and daily news and popular TV programs from Asia.

List of South Asian television channels by country

This is a list of South Asian television channels available on cable, satellite and IPTV platforms in Canada, Malaysia, the Middle East, Singapore, Trinidad and Tobago, the United Kingdom and the United States. Channels broadcasting from different regions of India, Pakistan and Bangladesh are available in Bengali, English, Gujarati, Hindi, Bhojpuri, Kannada, Malayalam, Marathi, Odia, Punjabi, Tamil, Telugu and Urdu.

Mediaset Italia (Canada)

Mediaset Italia is a Canadian discretionary service. It is owned by TLN Media Group. It broadcasts programming from Mediaset Italia, a television channel from Italy and local Canadian content.

Mediaset Italia Canada was licensed by the CRTC on September 6, 2006 as Italian Entertainment TV.Mediaset Italia is the international service of Mediaset, the largest private broadcaster in Italy, founded in the 1970s by former Italian prime minister Silvio Berlusconi and still controlled today with a 38.6% stake by his family holding company Fininvest, it features programming from Mediaset's three channels: Canale 5, Italia 1 and Rete 4.

Mediaset Italia airs top rated entertainment programming including comedies, dramas, reality shows as well as news and current affairs programs.

On April 2, 2014, Mediaset Italia launched on Bell TV and Bell Fibe TV. On May 31, 2016, Mediaset Italia launched on Cogeco.

New Greek TV

New Greek TV (NGTV) is an American Greek language television channel broadcasting from studios in Astoria, New York. It launched in December 1987 as 'National Greek Television' on Time Warner Cable by its founder Demetris Kastanas. NGTV was the first ever television channel catering to Greek-Americans, airing a mix of original programming produced specifically for the local Greek-American community in New York and area as well as foreign content sourced directly from Greece.

On 2 August 2012, NGTV was sold to a private investment group headed by Greek-American celebrity TV host Yanna Darili. Upon taking ownership of the channel, Ms. Darilis subsequently re-branded the channel with a new look and a new focus. The new service, now called 'New Greek TV' is aimed at the new generation of Greek-Americans.

In September 2014, NGTV launched in Canada on Bell Fibe TV via an agreement with Canadian ethnic broadcaster Ethnic Channels Group. It also launched in the USA on RCN Cable; it is currently only available in the New York City market.

SIC Notícias

SIC Notícias (Portuguese pronunciation: [ˈsik nuˈtisiɐʃ]) is the cable news channel of the Portuguese television network SIC (Sociedade Independente de Comunicação) and the second thematic channel of the station. It is available on basic cable and satellite. It replaced CNL (Canal de Notícias de Lisboa), a Lisbon region independent cable news channel owned by TV Cabo, on January 8, 2001. Since the end of 2003, SIC Notícias has also been available in Angola and Mozambique via satellite or cable.

The channel is especially developed for cable, and its programming is almost totally made up of information and news programs. In response to its success, the public television network RTP bought NTV, Northern Portugal's news channel, and transformed it into RTPN in 2004, directly competing with SIC Notícias.

Beside the rolling-news blocks, it also offers special editions and thematic programs on economy, health, interviews, show business, automobile industry, advertising and sports.

The channels' primetime news program, Jornal das Nove, airing from 9-10 p.m., is hosted by Mário Crespo. Other news programs are: Jornal das 10 (10-11 a.m.), Jornal das 2 (2-3 p.m.), Edição da Tarde (3-3:30 p.m. & 5-7 p.m.), Jornal das 7 (7-9 p.m.), Edição da Manhã (6-9:45 a.m.), Jornal de Meia-Noite (12-1 a.m.), Jornal do Meio-Dia (12-1 p.m.), Jornal da Noite (8-9 p.m.) and Jornal de Sintese (throughout the day). Sport news is updated at Jornal de Desporto (12:30 p.m., 4:30 p.m. and 6:30 p.m.). Viewers are invited to participate in the day's top story or current nationwide issues at the daily's morning and afternoon editions of Opinião Pública. SIC Notícias has prominent opinion programs such as Quadratura do Círculo, Expresso da Meia-Noite and Eixo do Mal. International affairs are explored in the program Sociedade das Nações, hosted by Martim Cabral and Nuno Rogeiro.

SIC Notícias was a joint-venture between Sociedade Independente de Comunicação (60%) and TV Cabo (40%) until 2009. In February, 2009, SIC bought ZON's shares.

In the United States, SIC Noticias is available on Dish Network.

In March 2013, SIC Noticias officially launched in Canada on Bell Fibe TV.

From January 27, 2019, the chain and the entire SIC Universe, is transferred to the São Francisco de Sales Building, after 750 days of waiting, leaving behind more than 26 years in the old Carnaxide building.

Source Cable

Source Cable (formerly known as Southmount Cable Limited) is one of three main cable television service providers for the city of Hamilton, Ontario. The other two are Rogers Cable (in the former Mountain Cablevision / Shaw territory) and Cogeco. Each company has a monopoly on traditional cable service in a specific part of the city of Hamilton (but all three compete with Bell Fibe TV and the two national satellite providers); Source Cable's service area is south of Limeridge Road to the end of the original Hamilton city limits (south, east and west), as well as newer urbanized areas south of Rymal Road into the former Glancaster.

On October 23, 2014 it was announced that Source Cable had agreed to be acquired by Rogers Communications for $160 million. The transaction was completed at the end of the year, and Source Cable Limited was merged into another Rogers subsidiary on January 1, 2015, ceasing to be a separate corporate entity. However, Rogers has continued to use the "Source Cable" brand in that company's former service area as Rogers begins the integration process.

Talentvision 2 HD

Talentvision 2 HD (Traditional Chinese/Simplified Chinese: 城市2高清台, Pinyin: chéngshì èr gāoqīng tái) was a Canadian Mandarin Chinese Category B specialty channel. It was owned by the Vancouver-based Fairchild Media Group (a subsidiary of the Fairchild Group) and Television Broadcasts Limited. The station broadcast exclusively in high definition.

In February 2013, Fairchild Media Group received permission from the CRTC to launch Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission (CRTC) to launch Talentvision 2 HD.Talentvision 2 HD sources its programming from Mainland China as well as Taiwan and 80% of the content will be different from the standard definition service Talentvision.

The channel launched on May 23, 2013 on Bell Fibe TV in high definition. It launched on Rogers Cable on July 4, 2013 and on Optik TV on October 8, 2013. In June 2016, the channel was removed from Optik TV. In July 2016, the channel was dropped by the remaining providers who carried it, Bell Fibe TV and Rogers Cable and subsequently shut down.


Telelatino, also referred to as TLN, is a Canadian Category A Specialty channel broadcasting general interest programming from Canada and around the world, primarily in Italian and Spanish. It also broadcasts English programming up to 25 percent of the time.

TLN began broadcasting in October 1984 and is a privately held company owned by TLN Media Group, a consortium owned by three prominent Italian Canadian families, and network president Aldo Di Felice. Corus Entertainment previously owned a 50.5% majority share in Telelatino Network, but sold it to its existing partners and Di Felice for $19 million. Telelatino's headquarters are in Toronto, Ontario, but the company also operates an office in Montreal, Quebec.

Telelatino is available in almost six million Canadian homes and is carried by all major cable systems and satellite platforms. It is Canada's most watched ethnic specialty channel. TLN operates two time shifted feeds: East (Eastern Time) and West (Pacific Time), the latter is available via Bell Fibe TV and Rogers Cable in Ontario and New Brunswick.

The network broadcasts via the Anik F1-T25 at 107.3 degrees west, on the L-Band channel at 1221.75 MHz.

Video-ready access device

A video-ready access device (VRAD) provides digital subscriber line access and high-definition television programming to customers subscribed to IPTV services such as AT&T's U-verse, Bell Canada's Bell Fibe TV, Claro Puerto Rico's Claro TV, and Telus's Optik TV. VRAD equipment manufactured by Alcatel-Lucent can be configured to support between 48 and 864 lines per box. The VRAD boxes are composed of circuit boards providing service, fed by fiber-optic cable.


Vu!, also operating as Bell TV On Demand, is a Canadian English and French language pay-per-view and Video on Demand provider that launched in October 1999 and is owned by Bell TV. Vu! is the largest PPV service provider in Canada and is available on Telus Satellite TV, Bell TV, Bell Fibe TV, and Bell Aliant FibreOP. It not only offers pay-per-view content but also features pay-per-day, pay-per-month and pay-per-year on select programming.


WOWtv is a Canadian exempt Category B Chinese language specialty channel and is owned by Canadian Chinese Media Network (CCMN). WOWtv broadcasts programming in Cantonese, Mandarin and Vietnamese from predominantly foreign sources as well as local Canadian programming.

The channel launched on April 29, 2009 exclusively on Rogers Cable. On December 2, 2009, WOWtv launched a high-definition (HD) channel called WOWtv HD, which simulcast the standard definition feed, on Rogers Cable. In June 2010, WOWtv HD launched on Bell Fibe TV. On September 25, 2012, WOWtv launched their western feed to Vancouver, Calgary and Edmonton via Telus Optik TV.

WOW TV head office is now in Markham moved from the original Toronto (Agincourt) studios.

WWE Network (Canada)

WWE Network is a Canadian English language specialty service programmed by WWE and distributed by Rogers Media. Its programming consists entirely of the linear feed offered as part of the WWE Network video streaming service.

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