Beipiao (Chinese: 北票; pinyin: Běipiào; Wade–Giles: Pei3-p'iao4) is a city in Chaoyang prefecture, Liaoning province, in Northeast China. It has a population of 202,807. The main industry in the area is coal mining. With vertical shafts of almost 1000m, these are some of the deepest coal mines in China. The coal produced is used for coking. Daheishan National Forest Park is located in the northwestern part of Beipiao city.

The dinosaur Beipiaosaurus was named after the city where its fossils were found nearby.

County-level city
Beipiao Bus Station
Beipiao Bus Station
Location in Chaoyang City

Location in Chaoyang City
Beipiao is located in Liaoning
Location in Liaoning
Coordinates: 41°48′04″N 120°46′16″E / 41.801°N 120.771°ECoordinates: 41°48′04″N 120°46′16″E / 41.801°N 120.771°E
Country People's Republic of China
Province Liaoning
Prefecture-level city Chaoyang
Time zone China Standard (UTC+8)

Administrative Divisions[1]

There are 7 subdistricts, 7 towns, 17 townships, and 2 ethnic townships under the administration of the city.


  • Nanshan Subdistrict (南山街道), Taiji Subdistrict (台吉街道), Sanbao Subdistrict (三宝街道), Qiaobei Subdistrict (桥北街道), Chengguan Subdistrict (城关街道), Guanshan Subdistrict (冠山街道), Dongtaiji Subdistrict (东台吉街道)


  • Baoguolao (宝国老镇), Heichengzi (黑城子镇), Xiguanying (西官营镇), Shangyuan (上园镇), Wujianfang (五间房镇), Daban (大板镇), Taohuatu (桃花吐镇)


  • Dongguanying Township (东官营乡), Sanbao Township (三宝乡), Quanjuyong Township (泉巨永乡), Sanbaoying Township (三宝营乡), Beitazi Township (北塔子乡), Taijiying Township (台吉营乡), Loujiadian Township (娄家店乡), Beisijia Township (北四家乡), Changheying Township (常河营乡), Xiaotazi Township (小塔子乡), Dasanjiazi Township (大三家子乡), Mengguying Township (蒙古营乡), Longtan Township (龙潭乡), Changgao Township (长皋乡), Batuying Township (巴图营乡), Ha'ernao Township (哈尔脑乡), Zhangguying Township (章吉营乡), Liangshuihe Mongol Ethnic Township (凉水河蒙古族乡), Mayouying Manchu Ethnic Township (马友营蒙古族乡)


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