Beijing Grand Bridge

Beijing Grand Bridge(北京特大桥)is a 48.153 kilometres (29.921 mi) long railway viaduct on the Beijing–Shanghai High-Speed Railway, located in Beijing [1]. It is one of the longest bridges in the world.

Beijing Grand Bridge
Gro%C3%9Fe Br%C3%BCcke von Peking en
Coordinates 39°50′15″N 116°19′53″E / 39.83744°N 116.33125°ECoordinates: 39°50′15″N 116°19′53″E / 39.83744°N 116.33125°E
Carries Rail
Locale Beijing
Total length 48.153 kilometres (29.921 mi)
Longest span 44 metres (144 ft)
Construction end 2010
Opened 2011


  1. ^ "京沪高铁北京段将建48公里大桥 坐票价或为五百". Sohu News (in Chinese). July 30, 2009.

Coordinates: 39°50′15″N 116°19′53″E / 39.83744°N 116.33125°E

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