Beer (lunar crater)

Beer is a relatively small lunar impact crater located on the Mare Imbrium, to the east of the crater Timocharis. Just to the northwest is the matching twin Feuillée.

Beer is a circular, cup-shaped crater with a sharp-edged rim that has not been significantly eroded. The interior has a higher albedo than the surrounding lunar mare, which is usually an indication of a relatively young crater. A string of craterlets arc away from the rim to the southwest, known as Fossa Archimedes.

The mare to the east has a higher albedo than the surrounding surface, and this lighter-hued surface reaches to the base of the Montes Archimedes. To the southeast of Beer is a lunar dome that is of comparable diameter to the crater.

Feuillee crater Beer crater AS15-M-1144
Apollo 15 Mapping Camera image with Feuillée at left and Beer at right
Coordinates27°06′N 9°06′W / 27.1°N 9.1°WCoordinates: 27°06′N 9°06′W / 27.1°N 9.1°W
Diameter10 km
Depth1.7 km
Colongitude9° at sunrise
EponymWilhelm W. Beer
Feuillée crater Beer crater AS15-P-10222
Oblique view from Apollo 15 Panoramic Camera
Beer crater lunar dome AS15-M-1144
Lunar dome south of Beer crater

Satellite craters

By convention these features are identified on lunar maps by placing the letter on the side of the crater midpoint that is closest to Beer.

Beer Latitude Longitude Diameter
A 27.2° N 8.6° W 4 km
B 25.7° N 9.0° W 2 km
E 27.8° N 7.8° W 3 km

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