Beach rugby

Beach rugby is a sport that is based on rugby union. There is no centralized regulation of the sport as in beach soccer or beach volleyball, but leagues are common across Europe. The sport is particularly popular in Italy, in the Balkan region and in Eastern Europe. Casual games are played across the world using different sets of rules. However, organized leagues use a field that is only a fraction of the size of a standard rugby field, far fewer players on each team, shorter matches, and a simplified scoring system. A popular tournament in the United States, 7s By The Sea, is hosted in Corpus Christi, Texas each summer or Beerfoot 7s in Fort Myer beach Florida on the last weekend of July.

The inaugural European Beach Five Rugby Championships was held in Moscow in 2017 and is being held there since then.

Spielszene BK
Beach Rugby match


Field dimensions

The size of a beach rugby field depends on the decision of the league. The field is between 30–50 metres long, 20–35 metres, wide, and the in-goals are 3–7 metres deep. There are no goalposts on the field, and the lines are usually marked with some sort of tape or rope.

Number of players

Depending on the league and the field size, either 4 or 7 players are allowed on the field for one team at once. Between 3 and 7 reserves are allowed, again, depending on the league. Substitutions are often done "on-the-fly," similar to ice hockey or futsal.

The ball

A standard rugby ball is used, but many leagues will use a size 4 ball instead of size 5, the size used in all levels of field rugby above youth. A rugby ball is oval-shaped and made of synthetic leather panels that have small dimples to enhance handling.


Most leagues use a "one try, one point" scoring system, since there are no goalposts on the field. Occasionally, a sudden-death extra time period is used to resolve matches drawn at the end of regulation, but not all leagues use this rule.

One Italian league used a system where the in-goals were divided into five equal rectangles. A try scored from the outer rectangles was worth 3 points, from the central rectangle was 5 points, and from either of the two intermediate rectangles was worth 4 points. However, there is no evidence that this league still exists. The Ameland Beach Rugby Festival (The Netherlands) also uses this system.


Leagues use either two 5 or 7 minute halves (with a 1 or 3 minute interval for halftime) as the length of a single match. Extra time may be played if the league in question calls for it.

European Beach Five Rugby Championships


Year Host Final Semi-finalists
Winner Score Runner-up Winner Score Runner-up
2017 Russia
Moscow, Russia
 Italy 6–5  Russia  Georgia 8–1  Romania
2018 Russia
Moscow, Russia
 Russia 4–3  Georgia  Italy 10–3  Latvia


Year Host Final Semi-finalists
Winner Score Runner-up Winner Score Runner-up
2017 Russia
Moscow, Russia
 Russia 5–0  Georgia  Belarus 5–3  Latvia
2018 Russia
Moscow, Russia
 Russia 6–3  Italy  Latvia 5–4  Croatia

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2009 South American Beach Games

The I Beach South American Games was a multi-sport event held from 2 to 13 December 2009 in Montevideo and Punta del Este, Uruguay. The Games was organized by the South American Sports Organization (ODESUR).

2012 Bolivarian Beach Games

The 2012 Bolivarian Beach Games, officially the I Bolivarian Beach Games, is an international multi-sport event that is being held from November 1–11, 2012 in Lima, Peru. With approximately 1,500 athletes from 10 nations participating in 15 sports. The Bolivarian Beach are organized by the ODEBO, the Bolivarian Sports Organization.

The 2012 Bolivarian Beach Games saw the participation of Chile for the first time as a Bolivarian team, Chile had joined ODEBO not long before the games. The event also was the first time ODEBO invited not-bolivarian countries to join the 7 registered countries.

American flag rugby

American flag rugby (AFR) is a mixed-gender, non-contact version of rugby union and is a variant of the sport Tag Rugby. American flag rugby is designed for American children entering grades K–9. The organization itself exists to provide free start up kits and support to any community looking to add a youth rugby program to their community. The program has received great praise in the USA including an article in Rugby magazine and a spot on Fox Sports Net. The initial program from Morris County has helped create various other programs start up and now encompasses thousands of kids and adults across America participating in the youth sport and starting up programs.

Braga Rugby

Braga Rugby is a rugby team based in Braga, Portugal. As of the 2018/19 season, they play in the Second Division of the Campeonato Nacional de Rugby (National Championship).

EDHEC Sailing Cup

The EDHEC Sailing Cup (« ESC ») (Course Croisière EDHEC or « CCE » in French) is the leading student sporting event in Europe and the world’s biggest intercollegiate offshore regatta. It takes place every year in a French harbor of the Atlantic Ocean. First held in 1969, it gathers nowadays 3,200 participants coming from 23 countries and from more than 165 universities. In 2017, the association received the award of best student organization of France by the ANEO challenge.

Today the ESC is composed of three different trophies that include diverse sports: The Sea Trophy (a regatta), the Land Trophy (a multi-sport raid) and the Sand Trophy (a beach soccer, beach rugby and beach volley competition).

G.D.P. Costa de Caparica

Grupo Desportivo dos Pescadores da Costa de Caparica is a football club, an institution and a public utility that is based in the city of Costa da Caparica, Almada in Portugal.

List of types of football

This is a list of various types of football, most variations found as gridiron, rugby, association football.

Manuel Wilhelm

Manuel Wilhelm (born 15 December 1980 in Ludwigsburg) is a German international rugby union player, playing for the RG Heidelberg in the Rugby-Bundesliga and the German national rugby union team.

Manuel Wilhelm plays rugby since 1986, first for RG Heidelberg, later he spent one season with league rival SC Neuenheim, before he went back to his club of origin RG Heidelberg. After his military service Wilhelm played one season for CAU Valencia in the first Spanish division, before returning to RG Heidelberg. He won two German championships (15s) with the later, in 2006 and 2007, five 7s-championships in 1998, 1999, 2003, 2005, 2009 and the German cup in 2004. He also plays beach rugby for The Romantics B.R.F.C..He was first called up for the German national team in 2000 but could not play because of injury and did not make his debut for Germany until 2003, in a game against Sweden.He is the founder of Germany's biggest rugby website, 2012, Wilhelm proposed a reform of the German league system which was approved at the Deutsche Rugby Tag, the annual general meeting of the DRV, in mid-July 2012. The new system will see the number of clubs in the Bundesliga increased from ten to 24, the league divided into four regional divisions of six clubs each and the finals series expanded from four to eight teams.Wilhelm's father is from Ghana while his mother is German.

National Collegiate Rugby Championship results

List of results for the National Collegiate Rugby Championships which began in 1980. The 1984–1988 and 1990 editions were played in conjunction with the Annual Pebble Beach Rugby Classic.

Ottoman Sevens

The Ottoman Sevens is an international Rugby Sevens team, with its roots from Istanbul, Turkey. It is a spin-off from the Rugby XV club The Istanbul Ottomans R.F.C..

This team works on an "invitational" basis and participates on international Rugby Seven tournaments, starting in Europe and most probably soon around the world.

The Ottomans are easily recognized during the tournaments, as they are wearing "fezzes" during the evening and in between their matches. Also, their typical head, shoulder, knee and toe-warming up is a solid hint of where the Ottomans are.

Preston Lodge RFC

Preston Lodge Former Pupil Rugby Football Club is a rugby union club based in Prestonpans in East Lothian, Scotland. Formed in 1929, they currently play in Scottish National League Division Two, the third tier of Scottish club rugby.

Preston Lodge play at Pennypit Park in Prestonpans and are currently fielding two teams each week.

The club formed in 1929–30 with Dr. Boyle as its first president and originates from the roots of Preston Lodge High School, formed in 1924. This connection is still going strong today. The club fields teams at every age group Primary 1–7, Secondary 1–3, under-16, under-18. As well as fielding two senior XV's. The Club has formed links over the years with United Pirates – a club in New Zealand and Balmy Beach rugby club in Toronto, Canada. This has allowed for the exchange of players and coaching techniques.

A number of PLRFC players have played age group rugby for Scotland and gaining many caps for their country. The most recent and successful players to do this are Scott Murray and Allan Jacobsen, both played for Edinburgh and Scotland.

Preston Lodge RFC Defeated Dalziel RFC To Win The SHE Bowl At Murrayfield in May 2008.

PL recorded an amazing season in 2013–14, winning the East Regional Division 1 Championship remaining unbeaten throughout the whole league, winning 18 out of 18 games.In 2014–15 PL gained promotion for the third season running, finishing 2nd in BT National League Three and gaining automatic promotion to BT National League Two for the 2015–16 season.

Rugby tens

Rugby tens, also known as ten-a-side and Xs, is a variant of rugby union in which teams are made up of ten players, typically five forwards and five backs. Matches are much shorter, usually played as two ten-minute halves.

Unlike the other two major rugby union variants - sevens and beach rugby - which were invented in major rugby nations, rugby tens was developed in Malaysia, a nation that has never qualified for the Rugby World Cup.The rules (law variations) are similar to rugby sevens and are published on the World Rugby website.

Rugby union in Bahrain

Rugby union in Bahrain is a minor but growing sport.

Rugby union in Macau

Rugby union is a minor sport in Macau.

Macau has a national side, which competes in international competitions, and there is also Macau Rugby Club, which takes part in various Seniors (adult) competitions [1]. Macau also has a Junior (children's) club, called the Macau Bats Rugby Club, which competes in regional/international tournaments. Beach rugby and rugby tens tournaments have been held in the territory, and the game benefits from rugby's much stronger presence in neighbouring Hong Kong.

A representative national Women's side played in the classification stages of the 2004 Hong Kong Women's Sevens.

Seattle Saracens

The Seattle Saracens (formerly Seattle RFC and Old Puget Sound Beach after a merger) is a rugby union club based in Seattle. The club travels throughout the US and into Canada. In 2014 the club was ranked as the number one US club while also playing in a Canadian league based in British Columbia (BCRU). Old Puget Sound Beach was a charter member of the now defunct USA Super League in the Pacific Coast USA Rugby territory.

Snow rugby

Snow rugby refers to forms of rugby union that are especially adapted to be played in winter conditions, particularly deep snow. It is played in Canada, the Kashmir region in India, the Baltic states, Russia, the northern United States, and Finland. Specific locations of play include the Argentinian Ski Resort of Las Leñas and the Boitsfort Rugby Club in Brussels.

Because of the cold, and often subzero, temperatures at which snow rugby is played, players must dress warmly.

USA Rugby Club 7s (USARC7)

The USA Rugby Club 7s National Championship is the top annual American rugby sevens competition organized by USA Rugby. It involves the best sixteen men's and women's clubs (32 clubs total) in the United States.

First played in November 1985, the tournament moved to the summer in 1986 and has been a fixture of the summer rugby season in the United States ever since. After a few years of informal women's invitationals, a formal women's competition was added to the event in 2011. The event is streamed online annually, typically on YouTube or The Rugby Channel.

İstanbul Ottomans

İstanbul Ottomans R.F.C is a professional rugby union club based in Istanbul, Turkey. Founded in 1999 by mostly French and English rugby lovers working and living in İstanbul, the Ottomans were the first rugby club to be established in the country, and, until 2006, the only chapter in the history of Turkish rugby prior to the foundation of Turkey's second rugby club, Kadıköy Rugby.

Another first of the İstanbul Ottomans was to win the very first official Turkish Rugby Union competition in the year of 2007 / 2008.

The club has participated in a number of tournaments taking place both in Turkey and abroad, and has formidably good relations with the rugby clubs of neighboring countries. With most of its players having played rugby away back since their junior years, they are a driving force and a role model of experience to other rugby players in Turkey.

The İstanbul Ottomans joined the international Ameland Beach Rugby Festival in The Netherlands in June 2008, as a first Turkish team ever to participate in this tournament. The team played under the name of the Ottoman Sevens. Out of the 64 teams within the 2-day competition, the İstanbul Ottomans just missed out a place on the podium, became 4th and had 1st place in 2009 tournament.

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