Barnala is a city in the state of Punjab of India which serves as the headquarters of the Barnala Sub Division. It is situated near Bhatinda.


The common prevalent details reveal that this place was a village named Anahadgarh. In neighboring village Bhadalwadh, Rungarh Muslims used to live who indulged in cattle stealing and plundering acts in surrounding villages grazing cattle in their crops. Following being tormented by Rungarh Muslims, people of Anahadgarh went to Bhadaur for help. Baba Gama was known for his might. When people went to Bhadaur at that time, Baba Gama was not there in his house but his brother Baba Ala Singh came along with them and he forced all Rungarh Muslims to run and started living there planting a tree (it being a Dera at that time marking foundation of a village).

Sikh historian Giani has recorded the details of setting up of Barnala in the annals of Khalsa in this manner that in the year 1775 Baba Ala Singh after offering Bhadaur (set up by King Padhar Sain) to his brother Duna Singh came to Barnala region which was lying aloof at that time. Setting it up, he made it his capital and took under his control surrounding villages. It too appears that Anahadgarh may be existing before and must have been deserted following attacks of Dharvis.

There are different opinions about the nomenclature of Barnala. Some are of the view, Vaaran being a region because of frequent storms was at that time also called Varna. So Barnala was called a land of too many storms which later on became Barnala because of precision of example. Another view reveals that a fort here is said to be built by Baba Ala Singh in which there was a ‘Baahuli’ (a well which had stairs going down). That too due to precision and Malwai accent was known as ‘Baain’. Thus Baain Wala ultimately became Barnala. Thus these are different views only but no historical detail is available that how name Barnala came into existence. Barnala was named after Baba Ala Singh. Baba Ala Singh left Bhadaur with his elder brother(hometown of Patiala State)and settled at Barnala and conquered many areas with the help of his brothers the Bhadaur Sardars. Though it was a district headquarters in erstwhile princely state system, it was later merged in PEPSU (Patiala & East Punjab States Union) and degraded as sub divisional headquarters.

There is a stone "Rameshwaram Stone" in Nath Wala Dera – Village Handiaya Adjoining with Barnala that one floating in water.


As per provisional data of 2011 census Barnala had a population of 116,449, out of which males were 62,554 and females were 53,895. The literacy rate was 79.59 per cent.[2] Barnala is a Sikh majority city with approximately 50.37% of city population following Sikhism.


TridentGroup (formerly known as Abhishek Industries), is headed by Mr. Rajinder Gupta. The group operates in five major business segments: Yarn, Terry Towels, Paper, Chemicals and Captive Power.Trident is one of the largest yarn spinners in India, one of the world’s largest terry towel manufacturers and the world’s largest wheat straw based paper manufacturer.

IOL Chemicals and Pharmaceuticals (IOLCP) is a leading organic chemicals manufacturer and supplier.

Standard Combines headquartered in Barnala, is in various products like, Thresher, Self Harvester Combine, Tractor Driven Harvester Combine, Rotavator, Rotavator with Seed Drill, Maize Self Harvester Combine.The company is also exporting its 4x4 Harvester Combine & track Combine to Nepal, Sri-Lanka, Bangladesh.

Balkar Combines headquartered in Barnala, The company is in various products like, Thresher, Self Harvester Combine, Tractor Driven Harvester Combine, Rotavator, Rotavator with Seed Drill, Maize Self Harvester Combine.The company is also exporting its 4x4 Harvester Combine to Nepal, Sri-Lanka, Bangladesh.

Vedic Formulation Pvt Ltd Ayurvedic medicine manufacturer GMP certified by deptt.of Ayurved Punjab.A Chandigarh-based well known company has its own manufacturing plant at Sanghera Road, Barnala.

Barnala mainly acts as a market place for surrounding villages, including Hamidi. and also emerging as a trading town.

Educational Institutions

List of educational institutions in Barnala:-


  • Kendriya Vidyalaya Air Force Station, Barnala
  • Dayanand Kendriya Vidya Mandir, Barnala
  • Sacred Heart Convent School,Raikot Road Barnala
  • Little Angel Play-Way School,Barnala
  • Sarvhitkari Senior Secondary School,Barnala
  • Government Boys S S School, Barnala
  • Government Girls S S School, Barnala
  • BVM International School,Barnala
  • B.G.S Public School, Barnala
  • Sacred Heart convent senior secondary school,Handiaya road barnala.
  • Aryabhatta International School,Barnala
  • Gandhi Arya High School,Barnala
  • Y.S. Public School
  • Mother Teacher School,Barnala
  • Sarvottam Academy,Barnala
  • Takshila Public school

Higher Education Institutions:-

  • S. D. College, Barnala
  • Aryabhatta Group of Institutes, Barnala
  • Akal Polytechnic College, Rureke Kalan, Barnala-Mansa highway, Barnala
  • Baba Farid Institute of Computer Science and Information Technology, Barnala
  • Barnala Polytechnic College, Barnala
  • Dashmesh Institute of Management and Technology, Barnala
  • Government Industrial Training Institute (ITI), Barnala
  • Guru Arjun Dev College of Management and Technology, Barnala
  • Guru Gobind Singh College of Education, Barnala
  • Guru Nanak Dev Nursing Institute, Barnala
  • Sacred heart international college of education,Barnala
  • Technical Education College Handiaya, Barnala
  • M.P. patwar training center, Barnala

Notable residents



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2004 Andhra Pradesh Legislative Assembly election

In the 2004 Andhra Pradesh Assembly election, the Congress had swept the state, winning 185 of the 294 seats in the Assembly. The Congress' pre-poll alliance partners Left Front and Telangana Rashtra Samithi (TRS) also did well winning 15 and 26 seats respectively, taking the United Progressive Alliance (UPA) tally to 226.[3] As the leader of the Congress Legislature Party, Y.S. Rajasekhara Reddy was invited to form the Government by Governor S.S. Barnala.[4]

Expectedly, the Government lasted the full term of 5 years and the tenure of the Legislative Assembly was due to expire on 30 May 2009. The Election Commission of India (ECI) decided to hold the Assembly elections along with the general election. The election in each Assembly constituency (AC) was held in the same phase as the election to the corresponding Parliamentary constituency that the AC falls under.

Baba Gandha Singh Public School

Baba Gandha Singh Public School, or BGS Barnala, is a school in Barnala, Punjab, India. It is a senior secondary school with classes from Nursery to 10+2. It is affiliated to the Central Board of Secondary Education(CBSE), New Delhi.

Bahadurpur, Sangrur

Bahadurpur is a village in the Sangrur District of the Indian state of Punjab. It is located at 4km from the holy site of Mastuana Sahib, 10km from Sangrur, 32 km from Barnala, on Sangrur-Barnala main road. It has a population of 8,367, according to the 2011 census.

It is part of the Sunam assembly constituency and the Sangrur parliamentary seat. Its neighbouring villages are Duggan, Badrukhan, Bhaini Mehraj, Natt, Kunran, Badbar and Bhammabadi.

Barnala, Azad Kashmir

Barnala is one the sub-division Tehsil of Bhimber District Azad Kashmir.Barnala name consists of two parts Bar and nala means nala ke kinara.The first settlers in this area was Gujjar. Barnala is famous destination and business market of Division Mirpur. Combine Mirpur and Bhimber consist 2526 Square kilometer. District Bhimber consists 1516 sq Km.. The population of District Bhimber is 0.343 Million, growth rate 2.6% and house hold size is 6.7.

Barnala district

Barnala is one of the districts of Indian state of Punjab. Prior to 2006 Barnala was part of Sangrur district.

It is a centrally located district bordered by Ludhiana district on the north, Moga district on northwest, Bathinda district on west and by Sangrur district on all other sides. The current MLA of the district is Mr. Meet Hayer of AAP.

As of 2011 it is the least populous district of Punjab (out of 22).

Bathinda district

Bathinda district is in Malwa region of Punjab, India. The districts encompasses an area of 3,385 square kilometres. According to area, Bathinda District is the third largest in Punjab (after Ludhiana District and Sangrur District). It is bounded by Faridkot district and Moga district on the north, Mukatsar district on the west, Barnala and Mansa districts on the east, and the state of Haryana on the south. Bathinda is cotton producing belt of Punjab.


Bhadaur (Punjabi: ਭਦੌੜ) is a city in Barnala district in the state of Punjab, India. It is part of the Bhadaur Assembly Constituency.


Dhanaula is a city and a municipal council in Barnala district in the state of Punjab, India.

.Situated 18 km west of Sangrur, Dhanaula lies on the Sangrur-Barnala road. It falls in the Barnala District and is about 12 km from Barnala. Dhanaula was founded by Gurditta, eldest son of Taloka, in 1718 (1775 Bikrami). It was the capital of the erstwhile Princely State of Nabha until 1755 when Raja Hamir Singh founded Nabha town and made it the capital of the state. He also built a fort which now houses the police station of Dhanaula. A temple of Hanuman exists here. It is said that a man was digging a ditch and found an idol of Hanuman. A temple was constructed at that place, the idol was placed there, and the people began to worship it. Dhanaula is a town of temples.

A fair known as Hanuman Mela is held in this temple on every Tuesday. Dhanaula is also known for Vd. Harnek Singh Moga Wale, a renowned ayurvedist in north India, for marasmus cases, and also for the wooden toys that are sold in shops on the main road to Barnala. There is also a special hospital for mentally upset patients. Dhanaula also has a name and fame due to animal fairs which are organised by Punjab government on 11th and 27th of every month. Traders across the country come here for their animal business deals. There are two main Gurudwaras, Gurudwara Ramsar Sahib and Gurudwara Pathsahi Nauvin. Gurdawara Pathsahi Nauvin is historical, and it is believed that Ninth Guru, Guru Teg Bahadur Sahib, visited Dhanaula.

In 1941, Dhanaula had a population of 9,560.

Fatehgarh Sahib district

Fatehgarh Sahib district is one of the twenty-two districts of the state of Punjab in North-West India, with its headquarters in the city of Fatehgarh Sahib.

The district came into existence on 13 April 1992, Baisakhi Day and derives its name from Sahibzada Fateh Singh, the youngest son of 10th Guru Gobind Singh, who along with his brother was bricked-up alive on the orders of Suba Sirhind, Wazir Khan in 1704, and which is now the site of the 'Gurudwara Fatehgarh Sahib'.As of 2011, it is the second least populous district of Punjab (out of 22), after Barnala.


Handiaya is a town and a nagar panchayat in Barnala district in the Indian state of Punjab.

Karam Singh

Subedar and Honorary Captain Karam Singh PVC, MM (15 September 1915 – 20 January 1993), an Indian soldier, was the first living recipient of the Param Vir Chakra (PVC), India's highest award for gallantry. Singh joined the army in 1941, and took part in the Burma Campaign of World War II, receiving the Military Medal for his actions during the Battle of the Admin Box in 1944. He also fought in the Indo-Pakistani War of 1947, and was awarded the PVC for his role in saving a forward post at Richhmar Gali, south of Tithwal. He was also one of the five soldiers chosen to raise the Indian flag for the first time after independence in 1947. Singh later rose to the rank of subedar, and was conferred the rank of honorary captain before his retirement in September 1969.

List of governors of Tamil Nadu

The Governor of Tamil Nadu is the constitutional head of the Indian state of Tamil Nadu. Like all states, the governor is a nominal head and representative of the President of India. The governor is appointed by the president for a five-year term. This list includes both nominated and acting heads of state in the history of the state of Tamil Nadu in India since 1946. The area under the present-day state of Tamil Nadu has been part of different territorial configurations under Madras Presidency and Madras State in its history.The current governor is Banwarilal Purohit

No. 501 Signal Unit, IAF

No. 501 Signal Unit is a Signal Unit based at Barnala Air Force Station.

Patiala district

Patiala district is one of the twenty two districts in the state of Punjab in north-west India.

Patiala District lies between 29 49’ and 30 47’ north latitude, 75 58’ and 76 54' east longitude, in the southeast part of the state. It is surrounded by Fatehgarh Sahib, Rupnagar and Mohali to the north, Fatehgarh Sahib and Sangrur districts to the west, Ambala, Panchkula, Haryana to the north east and Kurukshetra districts of neighbouring Haryana state to the east, and Kaithal district of Haryana to the south west.

Baba Ala Singh (1691–1765), a Sikh chieftain from village Rampura Phul in Bathinda District of Punjab, with his army of young brave men migrated to Barnala where Baba Ala Singh in 1763 set up his new state. Later Baba Ala Singh moved to a small village of Lehal where he built a new city on the village, naming it as Patiala. He laid the foundations of a steady and stable state known as Phulkian Dynasty south of Sirhind. In and around Patiala District he founded many villages within his territory, and reconstructed many historical Gurdwaras relating to Sikh religion.

It was since Baba Ala Singh's time that Patiala District came into being as before the area was under the Sirhind Government. Baba Ala Singh made Sirhind, Tohana, Mansa, Bathinda, Sangrur and Barnala, Fatehabad District part of Patiala State.

In 1809 Patiala State came under British protection during the reign of Maharaja Sahib Singh (1773–1813) of Phulkian Dynasty, as he feared that Maharaja Ranjit Singh of Lahore would cross the Sutlej river and take the district and state so the Patiala rulers got the British to protect them from further invasion from 1809-1947 Patiala remained under British Protection. In 1948 Patiala Princely State was abolished by the Indian government.

Patiala District was further divided into Fatehgarh Sahib District on 13 April 1992 Vaisakhi.

Patiala district population mainly follows Sikhism with a lesser number of Hindus and smaller numbers of Christians and Muslims.

Patiala having a population of 1,892,282 is the 4th most populated district of the Punjab after Ludhiana, Amritsar and Jalandhar as per the 2011 census.

Sangrur district

Sangrur district is in the state of Punjab in north India. Sangrur consists of the cities of Dhuri, Lehragaga, Malerkotla, Sangrur, and Sunam. Other cities are Ahmedgarh, Amargarh, Bhawanigarh, Dirba, Khanauri, Longowal and Moonak. There are 8 sub-divisions in sangrur district namely sangrur, malerkotla, dhuri, sunam, lehragaga, moonak, ahmedgarh and bhawanigarh. Earlier Barnala was part of Sangrur district, but now it is a separate district.

Shaheed Bhagat Singh Nagar district

Shaheed Bhagat Singh Nagar district (formerly Nawanshahr district) is one of the districts in Doaba region of the state of Punjab in North-West Republic of India. It consists of three Sub -Divisions Nawanshahr, Banga and Balachaur.

There are three legislative seats in the district, Nawanshahr, Balachaur and Banga. They fall under the Anandpur Sahib Lok Sabha Constituency.

As of 2011 it is the third least populous district of Punjab (out of 22), after Barnala and Fatehgarh Sahib.

Shiromani Akali Dal (Longowal)

Shiromani Akali Dal (Longowal) was a splinter group of the Parkash Singh Badal-led Shiromani Akali Dal (SAD). The party was launched in 2004 with Surjit Kaur Barnala (wife of SAD leader Surjit Singh Barnala) as its president. Prem Singh Chandumajra also joined it after being denied a ticked by the Badal-led SAD, but later left to join SAD (Badal) again in 2007.

The party contested the Patiala seat, but failed. In 2007, the party merged back into the Badal-led Shiromani Akali Dal.Later, however, the party split out of SAD again. In 2014, the party merged into the Indian National Congress this time.

Surjit Singh Barnala

Surjit Singh Barnala (21 October 1925 – 14 January 2017) was an Indian politician who served as the chief minister of Punjab state from 1985 to 1987. Following that he served as the governor of Tamil Nadu, Uttarakhand, Andhra Pradesh and Andaman and Nicobar Islands and a Union Minister on handling various portfolios.

Tappa, Punjab

Tapa is a small town or city and a municipal council and administrative area in Barnala district in the Indian state of Punjab. Tapa is mainly known as Tapa-Mandi because Mandi word can be translated as grain market. As Tapa has been very famous for its grain market, many people from near villages come here to sell their crops and grains. This has been the main source of income and job opportunities for many people around this area. Tapa is well known for its historic Deras and Guruduwaras and for best economy in its district. A famous holy place named as Baba Math is the main attraction of this town. Tapa is situated at Barnala-Bathinda Main Road (NH 64) between Barnala and Bathinda, Moga and Mansa. It is 24 km towards Bathinda from Barnala and 42 km towards Barnala from Bathinda. Moga Road also passes through it towards Pakho-Kenchian.

It was said that Tpa name was give to this town after the famous saint "Tap G Maharaj". He was here during the time of sikh Gurus and all these records were found and carved on wall of 'Baba Math'. The 'baba Math' is made in the believe of Lord Sukhanand, Mata Dati and Lord Hanuman. It was said lord sukhanand was a great believer of lord hanuman. Lord sukhanand's sayings/words always became true for people. people worship them as god and he never done a wromg in his life. at the end of their life, it was said that their body was cremated by lord hanuman himself due to which each and every person of this small town visits the temple to get peace for his soul and whatever he pray must be get by him.

This town have minicipal committee located in front of Gurdwara Singh Sabha. It was headed by Tarlochan Bansal who was President of this committee.

In 2011 Tapa Mandi was first town to first upload its census online and its team also got awarded by the PM of India at that time. Today this town was moving towards development as various big companies started investing in this town like Sportking, Trident, etc. This town was also good in education as the girl from tapa mandi top in the whole punjab in 2015 from Sarvhitkari Vidya Mandir School Tapa Mandi. This Town is also known to host many sports events like kabbadi and cricket.

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