Barbarina Brand

Barbarina Brand, Lady Dacre (née Ogle; 1768–1854), was an English poet, playwright, and translator.

She was the daughter of Admiral Sir Chaloner Ogle, 1st Baronet (died 1816), and Hester Thomas (daughter of John Thomas, Bishop of Winchester). In 1789 Barbarina married Valentine Henry Wilmot, an officer in the guards, though they later separated. The couple had one daughter, Arabella Jane (Wilmont) Sullivan (1796–1839). After Wilmot's death in 1819 she married Thomas Brand, 20th Baron Dacre (1774–1851), later that same year.

Educated at home, she became "one of the most accomplished women of her time":[1] in addition to her writing, she sculpted, rode, was proficient in both French and Italian, and maintained an extensive correspondence with a circle of other literary women, including Joanna Baillie, Mary Russell Mitford, and Catherine Maria Fanshawe.

Her final years were marred by the death of her daughter Arabella Sullivan in 1839, and by the loss of her hearing. She died May 17, 1854.[2]

Barbarina Brand, Lady Dacre
Barbarina Brand, Lady Dacre

Published works

  • Dramas, Translations, and Occasional Poems (2 vols., privately printed in 1821), including
  • Gonzalvo of Cordova (1810, based on de Florian's Gonzalve de Cordone [1791])
  • Pedarias, a Tragic Drama (1811, based on Marmontel's Les Incas)
  • Ina, a tragedy in five acts (produced at Drury Lane in 1815 under Sheridan; printed the same year)
  • Xarifa (drama)
  • Forty-five pages of her translated sonnets were published in Ugo Foscolo's Essays on Petrarch (1823)
  • Editor, Recollections of a Chaperon by Arabella Sullivan (short stories, 1831)
  • Editor, Tales of the Peerage and Peasantry by Arabella Sullivan (short stories, 1835)
  • Translations from the Italian (privately printed in 1836)



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Arabella Sullivan

Arabella Jane Sullivan (née Wilmot; 1 May 1796 – 27 January 1839) was a British author.

She was the daughter of Barbarina Wilmot, later Barbarina Brand, Lady Dacre, and Valentine Henry Wilmot. She married Reverend Frederick Sullivan (1797–1873), vicar of Kimpton, Hertfordshire (and fourth son of Sir Richard Sullivan, 1st Baronet) and was the mother of Barbarina Grey, Lady Grey and Sir Francis Sullivan, 6th Baronet.

She wrote Recollections of a Chaperon (1831) and Tales of the Peerage and Peasantry (1835), both collections of stories credited to her mother, but were written by her and only edited by her mother.

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