Banffshire (Parliament of Scotland constituency)

Banffshire was a constituency represented in the Parliament of Scotland until 1707.

Former Constituency
for the Parliament of Scotland
Former constituency

Members of Parliament

Election First member Second member
1593 Sir Walter Ogilvie ?
1621 George Ogilvie of Carnousie[1] ?
1628 John Gordon (until 1633) ?
1639 Walter Urquhart James Creichtoun
1640 Sir Alexander Abercromby, 1st Bt
1641 James Creichtoun ?
1643 Sir Alexander Abercromby, 1st Bt James Hay
1644 Walter Ogilvie ?
1646 Sir Alexander Abercromby, 1st Bt ?
1648 ? Lyon ?
1661 Sir Alexander Abercromby, 1st Bt (until 1663) ?
1665 Sir James Baird ?
1669 Sir Patrick Ogilvie (until 1674) Sir James Baird
1672 ?
1678 Sir Patrick Ogilvie James Baird
1681 (until 1682) Sir George Gordon Sir Patrick Ogilvie
1685 (until 1686) Sir George Gordon Sir Patrick Ogilvie
1689 Alexander Duff Sir Patrick Ogilvie
1693 Sir James Abercromby, 2nd Bt
1702 James Ogilvie
1706 Alexander Abercromby


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Constituencies of the Parliament of Scotland before the Act of Union 1707

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