Balambha is a village in Jodiya taluka of Jamnagar District of Gujarat in India. The taluka headquarters of Jodiya is at a distance of 15 km and Jamnagar city at a distance of 47 km. The Dadhiari Dam on Aji river is at a distance of only 1 km.


Balambha has a strong inner citadel. This is said in the Tarikh-i-Sorath by Ranchhodji Diwan to have been built by Rao Deshalji I of Cutch State in 1714, but its construction is popularly ascribed to Meraman Khavas. Probably the Rao first built a small citadel in 1714, afterwards strengthened and enlarged by Meraman Khavas in 1784.[1]

The river Aji, which flows by Rajkot, falls into the Little Rann of Kutch at a distance of about six miles from Balambha. There is a hillock in the lands of Balambha called Bina where there is a Chapter spring of fresh water called the Navghan Kui. It is said that when Ra Navghan of Junagadh was marching to Cutch to avenge Jaasal, he halted here and was athirst and the men that were with him. In his distress he called on his tutelary goddess to aid him. She directed him to plunge his spear into the hillock ; he did so and water flowed forth and he appeased his thirst and that of his army.[1]

In the rains of 1881, Balambha was at the centre of the cyclone which visited the north-west of the peninsula ; forty-five inches of rain fell in the three days the cyclone lasted, hundreds of mud-houses were washed down, and it is said that only forty houses in the whole town were uninjured. Much damage was done by this storm, and many cattle died from the damp and exposure.[1]


The village is having all the facilities including a Government Higher Secondary School.[2]

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Balambha is 14th Village in list of smart village project. The project already started and it will may be done in 1000 days.


The population is of Kadia Kshatriyas, Lohana, Sathvara, etc.


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PD-icon.svg This article incorporates text from a publication now in the public domain: Gazetteer of the Bombay Presidency: Kathiawar. VIII. Printed at the Government Central Press, Bombay. 1884. pp. 376–377.

Coordinates: 22°44′20″N 70°25′19″E / 22.739°N 70.422°E

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