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Binder Dijker Otte
Global network of independent member firms
Professional Services
Founded1964 (in 1973 European members took on current name)
FoundersBernhard Binder, Hans Otte
HeadquartersZaventem, Belgium (International Executive Office)
Key people
Keith Farlinger, Global CEO
ProductsProfessional Services
RevenueIncrease US$$9 billion (2018) [1]
Number of employees
80,087 (2018)

BDO or Binder Dijker Otte is an international network of public accounting, tax, consulting and business advisory firms which perform professional services under the name of BDO. [1]As of 2017 BDO has member firms in 162 countries, employs around 74,000 partners and staff in over 1,591 offices throughout the world, and is the fifth largest professional services network globally.[2]

Global Fee income of all BDO Member Firms for the year ended 30 September 2018 totalled US$8.9 billion. In October 2018, BDO was announced as the winner of the Network of the Year award at the International Accounting Bulletin (IAB) Awards 2018. BDO won the same award in 2015.

Each BDO member firm is an independent legal entity in its own country. The network, originally formed in 1963 as Binder Seidman International by firms from Canada, Germany, the Netherlands, UK and US, is coordinated by BDO Global Coordination B.V., with an office in Zaventem, Belgium. The name BDO, first devised in 1973, is an abbreviation for Binder Dijker Otte & Co.[3]

In early 2012, it was reported that BDO has been expanding in China rapidly. It has 7,500-8,000 staff in mainland China and Hong Kong, making it the second largest headcount after the U.S.A., where it employs 11,500. According to its global chairman, the Chinese headcount is likely to overtake in three to four years.[4]

All BDO member firms changed their names to BDO in 2009.[5]


BDO Mauritius originates from DCDM, a firm founded in Mauritius in 1952. It is a firm of Chartered Accountants, registered with the Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales. DCDM joined the BDO network in 2007 as BDO DCDM and as of 2010, became known as BDO Mauritius[6][7].


BDO Australia was established in 1975. It offers financial services and business advisory services for clients from a variety of industries and public sector organizations.[8]


BDO Canada is one of Canada’s largest accounting services firms. Founded by James M. Dunwoody (affectionately known as "The Colonel" by BDO's employees) it opened its first location in the 1920s in Winnipeg, Manitoba. By the early 2000s, Dunwoody and BDO Ward Mallette, a firm based out of Toronto, had merged. The union also consolidated the firm’s affiliation with BDO International, a global network of national accounting firms.

In 2007, BDO had 95 offices across Canada, with 1,200 professionals and over 300 partners. BDO’s services run from assurance, accounting and taxation services to financial advisory and corporate recovery. The company has merged a number of times, including a merger announced in October 2009 with the accounting firm of Hudson LLP.[9]

From 1 January 2010 'Dunwoody' was dropped from the company name to coincide with a global rebrand which saw all of the BDO member firms change their names to BDO. The rebrand, which included design, messaging, all of the separate global websites, marketing collateral and trickle-down implementation across the 110 country network took just over five months.[5] The intention was to create a global consistency, so that the BDO network could be presented as a single entity.


BDO Auditores & Consultores Ltda. is a Chilean member of the global network of BDO International. It has 3 offices in Santiago, Viña del Mar and Temuco, and more than 300 partners and staff. Among others, they provide services such as Audit, IFRS, BSO (Outsourcing), Tax & Legal, and Advisory.


BDO China Shu Lun Pan CPAs ("Shu Lun Pan CPAs") was founded by ShuLun Pan in Shanghai in 1927. It was one of the earliest accounting firms in China.

Lixin Certified Tax Agents Co., Ltd. ("Lixin"), is a member firm of BDO International, with headquarters located in Shanghai. It is a professional tax agents company under the "LIXIN" brand. Approved by the State Administration for Industry and Commerce of the People’s Republic of China (SAIC) and Shanghai Certified Tax Agents Association, BDO Lixin Tax was established by six leading A-level tax agent corporations from across China. The name of the enterprise’s legal representative is Zilin Zou and the registered capital of enterprise is 50 million RMB. BDO Lixin Tax has obtained AAAAA level, which is the highest standard, from the China Certified Tax Agents Association.

In Hong Kong, BDO McCabe Lo was merged with K.L. Lee & Partners in 2005 and Shu Lun Pan Horwath Hong Kong in 2009. In 2010, the businesses of BDO Limited and Grant Thornton Hong Kong were also merged.


BDO Simpson Xavier is a partnership of chartered accountants in the Republic of Ireland that was formed by Anthuan Xavier and Dave Simpson in 1982. It is the Irish member firm of BDO International. The firm adopting the worldwide branding of BDO in 2009. The rebrand took just over five months.[5] The intention was to create a global consistency, so that the BDO network could be presented as a single entity.

With offices throughout Ireland, the firm offers auditing, consultancy and tax services to organisations in the private and public sectors and is the 5th largest accountancy firm in Ireland. Revenues were €62 million for the year ending 28 February 2006, with average revenue per partner of €1.5 million. BDO's head office in Dublin has over 300 employees.


Castillo Miranda y Compañía, S.C. (BDO Mexico) is a member firm of BDO International. Castillo Miranda was founded in 1943. In 2011 it became part of BDO International.

United Kingdom

BDO LLP is a partnership of chartered accountants in the United Kingdom. With offices throughout the UK, the firm offers auditing, consultancy and tax services to organisations in the private and public sectors.

BDO is the sixth-largest accountancy firm in the UK, with revenues of £405 million for the year ending 1 July 2016.[10]

In November 2018, BDO and Moore Stephens announced plans to merge their UK businesses, which is expected to put BDO ahead of Grant Thornton as the fifth-largest accountancy firm in the UK.The deal is expected to go ahead in Spring 2019.[11]


The firm was founded in 1903 as Stoy and Co by Fred Stoy. In 1919, Jack Hayward joined the firm and it became Stoy Hayward and Co. A series of mergers with Finnie and Co in 1992 and the BDO Binder Hamlyn offices that did not join Arthur Andersen or Deloitte & Touche in 1994 created BDO Stoy Hayward, which became the UK member of BDO International. The firm became a limited liability partnership in 2004.

The names 'Stoy Hayward' were dropped in October 2009, adopting the worldwide branding of BDO.[12]


BDO Stoy Hayward was criticised in their role as administrators for the collapsed Christmas hamper savings company Farepak.[13] BDO Stoy Hayward used an 0870 premium rate phone service to provide information for victims of Farepak's collapse in 2016. They were initially also accused by The Observer of taking a share of the call revenue to pay for the administration; this accusation was later withdrawn.[14]

Northern Rock

In September 2008, Andrew Caldwell, valuations partner at BDO Stoy Hayward, was appointed independent valuer for the stricken mortgage bank, Northern Rock plc.[15] The UK government nationalised Northern Rock in February 2008, and the legislation effecting the nationalisation required an independent valuer to ascertain the value of the business at the point of nationalisation. The role is a controversial one, as the legislation specifies in some detail the basis of valuation, and shareholder action groups claim that the valuation basis has been designed to minimise the compensation due.[16]


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BDO may refer to:

BDO Global, the world's fifth-largest accountancy network

Banco de Oro, one of the largest banks in the Philippines

Barton, Durstine & Osborn, the former name of advertising agency BBDO

Behavior Detection Officer

Big Day Out, an annual music festival held in Australia and New Zealand

Big Dumb Object, a term used in science fiction

Black Desert Online, an MMORPG

Block Development Officer, the official in charge of an administrative division (Block) of some South Asian countries

British Darts Organisation, one of the organisations which runs world professional darts championships

Business Depot Ogden, the former Defense Depot Ogden Utah converted into a business park

Husein Sastranegara International Airport, the IATA code served in Bandung, Indonesia

Butanediol, especially 1,4-Butanediol, an organic chemical compound


BDO USA, LLP is the United States Member Firm of BDO International, a global accounting network. The company is headquartered in Chicago.

Big Three (management consultancies)

The Big Three or MBB refers to the name colloquially given to the world's three largest strategy consulting firms by revenue. They are also considered the most prestigious employers in the management consulting industry. McKinsey is the biggest of these with an annual revenue of $8.8bn (2016) followed by Boston Consulting Group ($6.3bn revenue; 2017) and then Bain & Company ($3.8–4.5bn revenue; 2017 estimate).


Business is the activity of making one's living or making money by producing or buying and selling products (such as goods and services). Simply put, it is "any activity or enterprise entered into for profit. It does not mean it is a company, a corporation, partnership, or have any such formal organization, but it can range from a street peddler to General Motors."Having a business name does not separate the business entity from the owner, which means that the owner of the business is responsible and liable for debts incurred by the business. If the business acquires debts, the creditors can go after the owner's personal possessions. A business structure does not allow for corporate tax rates. The proprietor is personally taxed on all income from the business.

The term is also often used colloquially (but not by lawyers or by public officials) to refer to a company. A company, on the other hand, is a separate legal entity and provides for limited liability, as well as corporate tax rates. A company structure is more complicated and expensive to set up, but offers more protection and benefits for the owner.

Business consultant

A consultant (from Latin: consultare "to discuss") is a professional who provides professional or expert advice in a particular area such as security (electronic or physical), management, accountancy, law, human resources, marketing (and public relations), finance, engineering, science or any of many other specialized fields.

A consultant is usually an expert or a professional in a specific field and has a wide area of knowledge in a specific subject. Consultants can save their clients time, revenue, and resources. The role of a consultant outside the medical sphere (where the term is used specifically for a grade of doctor) can fall under one of two general categories:

Internal consultant – someone who operates within an organization but is available to be consulted on areas of specialism by other departments or individuals (acting as clients); or

External consultant – someone who is employed externally (either by a firm or some other agency) whose expertise is provided on a temporary basis, usually for a fee. As such this type of consultant generally engages with multiple and changing clients.The overall impact of a consultant is that clients have access to deeper levels of expertise than would be feasible for them to retain in-house, and may purchase only as much service from the outside consultant as desired.

Engineering consulting

Engineering consulting is the practice of performing engineering as a consultant. It assists in the development of both public and private companies. This development can be in a variety of different ways including process management, idea organization, product design, fabrication, branding, and marketing. Engineering consulting firms require engineers from multiple disciplines including civil, structural, mechanical, electrical, environmental, chemical, industrial, and agricultural. This diversity is necessary to cover the wide variety of potential projects that could be presented to the firm. Additionally to the technical work Engineering Consultants will assist in the marketing of company or product.

Hitachi Consulting

Hitachi Consulting Corporation is an American international management and technology consulting firm with headquarters in Dallas, Texas. It was founded in November 2000 as a subsidiary of the Japanese corporation Hitachi, and it currently employs approximately 6,500 people in the US, Japan, Brazil, China, India, Portugal, Singapore, Spain, the UK, Germany, and Vietnam.

IBM Global Services

IBM Services is the professional services arm of IBM, made up of business, technology and industry experts who apply advanced technology and help clients design, build and run businesses. It includes two divisions: IBM Global Business Services (GBS) and IBM Global Technology Services (GTS).

Information technology consulting

In management, information technology consulting (also called IT consulting, computer consultancy, business and technology services, computing consultancy, technology consulting, and IT advisory) as a field of activity focuses on advising organizations on how best to use information technology (IT) in achieving their business objectives.


Milliman, formerly Milliman & Robertson, is a large international, independent actuarial and consulting firm, with revenues of $838 million in 2014. Founded in Seattle in 1947, by Wendell Milliman and Stuart A. Robertson, the firm operates 59 offices worldwide with over 3,000 employees, including more than 1,300 consultants and actuaries. Milliman is owned and managed by approximately 350 principals. Milliman's primary business includes consulting practices in employee benefits, healthcare, investment, life insurance and financial services, and property and casualty insurance. Clients include a spectrum of business, financial, government, union, education, and nonprofit organizations. The firm also provides data analysis, predictive analytics, and big data services.

Professional services

Professional services are occupations in the tertiary sector of the economy requiring special training in the arts or sciences. Some professional services require holding professional licenses such as architects, accountants, engineers, doctors and lawyers. Other professional services involve providing specialist business support to businesses of all sizes and in all sectors; this can include tax advice, supporting a company with accounting, IT services or providing management advice.


Protiviti Inc. (Protiviti) is a global consulting firm headquartered in Menlo Park, California that provides consulting solutions in internal audit, risk and compliance, technology, business processes, data analytics and finance. It is a subsidiary under Robert Half International.

Protiviti was formed in 2002 when the Company hired more than 700 professionals who had been affiliated with the internal audit, business and technology risk consulting practice of Arthur Andersen LLP, including more than 50 individuals who had been partners of that firm. These professionals formed the base of Protiviti.Protiviti is listed as Forbes best management consulting firm in 2018. Protiviti has also been listed as the 100 Best Companies to Work For by Fortune Magazine for 5 consecutive years in 2019.


Snowhill, as it is spelt by the developers, is a mixed-use development in the Colmore business district, known historically as Snow Hill, in Central Birmingham, England. The area, between Snow Hill Queensway and Birmingham Snow Hill station, is being redeveloped by the Ballymore Group. The £500 million phased scheme has been partly completed on the site of a former surface car park adjacent to the railway station and Midland Metro terminus.

Phase One: As part of the project, St Chad's Circus on the Inner Ring Road was levelled and reconfigured to create a new square adjacent to St Chad's Cathedral and a viaduct was constructed alongside the station for the extension of the Midland Metro into the city centre.

Phase Two: One Snowhill, a 260,000 sq ft, 57 m (187 ft) tall office building with 13 floors was completed in 2009. The building was acquired by Commerz Real in January 2010. Tenants are KPMG, Barclays and DWF.

Phase Three: Two Snowhill, at 75 m (246 ft) in height with 14 floors, was completed in May 2013. The building comprises 313,000 sq ft of office space and 8,000 sq ft of ground floor retail space. Two Snowhill was acquired by Hines Interests Limited Partnership in April 2011 The building was developed in conjunction with Ballymore. It is currently occupied by leading international law firm, Wragge Lawrence Graham & Co and global accountancy and business advisory firm BDO Global. High Speed 2 have also become tenants to base Birmingham operations for the new high speed rail project from here. i2 are the final, current tenant to occupy Two Snowhill.

Phase Four: Three Snowhill, at 90 m and 20 floors, 420,000 sq ft and will be the tallest building in the development. The tower is currently under construction and due for completion in 2019.


Sogeti is the Technology and Engineering Services Division of Capgemini. The Sogeti Group is an information technology consulting company specializing in local professional services, with headquarters in Paris, employing around 25,000 people at around 300 branches in 15 countries. The current CEO is Hans van Waayenburg, and in 2011, the company turnover was 1.5 billion euros.

Towers Watson

Towers Watson & Co. was a global professional services firm. Its principal lines of business were risk management and human resource consulting. It also had actuarial and investment consulting practices. In January 2016, Towers Watson merged with Willis Group to form Willis Towers Watson.


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