Austin Chewe

Austin C. Chewe is a Zambian businessman and politician. He served as Member of the National Assembly for Kabwe from 1996 until 2001.

Austin Chewe
Member of the National Assembly for Kabwe
In office
Preceded byPaul Tembo
Succeeded byPatrick Musonda
Personal details
Political partyIndependent


Chewe served in the Zambian Army, reaching the rank of captain and managing The Sentries, an army-based band.[1] After leaving the army, he became a businessman.[2] He ran as an independent candidate in the 1996 general elections and was elected to the National Assembly in Kabwe, defeating incumbent MP Paul Tembo.[3] He later joined the Forum for Democracy and Development and ran unsuccessfully for the position of chairman in 2001.[4]

Chewe did not stand for re-election in the 2001 general elections and subsequently joined the Movement for Multi-Party Democracy (MMD). He was expelled from the party in 2005,[2] but readmitted in 2006.[5] Later in the year he was the MMD candidate in Munali in the 2006 general elections. However, he was beaten by Chilufya Mumbi of the Patriotic Front.[6] Chewe later switched his support to the Patrtiotic Front, campaigning for Edgar Lungu in the 2015 presidential elections.[7]


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Kabwe Central

Kabwe Central is a constituency of the National Assembly of Zambia.

List of members of the National Assembly of Zambia (1996–2001)

The members of the National Assembly of Zambia from 1996 until 2001 were elected on 18 November 1996. Of the 150 elected members, 131 were from the Movement for Multi-Party Democracy, five from the National Party, two from Agenda for Zambia and the Zambia Democratic Congress, together with ten independents.

Patrick Musonda

Patrick Bulasho Musonda (born 4 June 1964) is a Zambian politician. He served as Member of the National Assembly for Kabwe Central from 2002 until 2006.

Paul Tembo

Paul Simon Tembo (died 6 July 2001) was a Zambian politician. He served as Member of the National Assembly for Kabwe from 1991 until 1996, and as Deputy Minister of Finance.

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