Arthur Young (actor)

Arthur Young (2 September 1898 – 24 February 1959) was an English actor, notable for roles including Gladstone in the 1951 The Lady with a Lamp.[1][2] He can be seen as a window cleaner in the film Radio Parade of 1935.[3] He regularly appeared in BBC radio plays and was a member of the Corporation’s Drama Repertory Company in the late 1950s.[4][5] His stage work encompassed West End revue, as well as Stratford.[6][7]

Arthur Young
Actor Arthur Young
Arthur Henry Young

2 September 1898
Died24 February 1959 (aged 60)
London, England
Beatrice Kane
(m. 1924; his death 1959)

Personal life

Young was born on 2 September 1898 in Bristol.[1] His parents were 'Henry Young' and 'Elizabeth Wales Young' (1876-1972).



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Arthur Young

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