Arsenius of Corfu

Saint Arsenius (Arsenios) of Corfu, also known as Arsenius of Kerkyra, (died 800 or perhaps 959) is one of the principal patron saints of Corfu along with Saint Spyridon. He was born in Constantinople to the Jewish faith. He became a Christian and the first bishop of Corfu.

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Arsenius (Latinized form) and Arsenios (Greek form) is a male first name. It is derived from the Greek word arsenikos (ἀρσενικός), meaning "male", "virile".It may refer to:

Saint Arsenius the Great (c. 350 – 445), also known as Arsenius the Deacon, Arsenius of Scetis and Turah, and Arsenius the Roman

Saint Arsenius of Corfu, first bishop of Corfu, (d. 800 AD or perhaps 959 AD) one of the principal patron saints of Corfu

Patriarch Arsenius of Alexandria, Patriarch of Alexandria from 1000 to 1010

Arsenius Autorianus (died 1273), Patriarch of Constantinople

Arsenius Apostolius (c. 1468 – 1538), Greek scholar and Bishop of Monemvasia

Gualterus Arsenius (? – c. 1580), instrument maker

Arsenius Walsh (1804 – 1869), Irish Catholic missionary in Hawaii

Saint Arsenios the Cappadocian (1840-1924), god father and spiritual father of Saint Paisios of Mount Athos

Arsenius Stadnitsky (1862 – 1936), Archbishop and then Metropolitan of Novgorod from 1910 to 1933

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