Archduke Rudolf of Austria (1919–2010)

Archduke Rudolf of Austria (5 September 1919 – 15 May 2010[1]) was the sixth child and youngest son of Emperor Charles I of Austria and Zita of Bourbon-Parma.

Archduke Rudolf
Born5 September 1919
Prangins, Switzerland
Died15 May 2010 (aged 90)
Brussels, Kingdom of Belgium
Princess Anna Gabriele of Wrede
(m. 1971)
IssueArchduchess Maria Anna
Archduke Karl Peter
Archduke Simeon
Archduke Johannes Karl
Archduchess Catharina-Maria
Full name
Rudolf Syringus Peter Karl Franz Joseph Robert Otto Antonius Maria Pius Benedikt Ignatius Laurentius Justiniani Marcus d'Aviano
FatherCharles I of Austria
MotherPrincess Zita of Bourbon-Parma

Early life

He was born in Prangins, Switzerland, where the Austrian Imperial family were staying after they had been sent into exile. He was named after Count Rudolph IV of Habsburg.[2]

Educated with his siblings first in Spain then in Belgium, in 1944 he and his brother Archduke Carl Ludwig of Austria secretly entered Austria to join the Austrian resistance, but Rudolf was expelled in 1946 once his membership in the formerly imperial House of Habsburg was exposed.[3] After the war he travelled to the United States, Canada and the Belgian Congo.[3]

Rudolf worked as a Wall Street junior executive[4] and a bank director.[3][5]

Marriage and issue

Archduke Rudolf was married by Archbishop Fulton Sheen to Countess Xenia Czernichev-Besobrasov the daughter of Count Sergei Aleksandrovich Chernyshev-Besobrasov and Countess Elizabeta Dmitrievna Cheremeteva, on 22 June 1953 at Tuxedo Park, New York.[5] They had four children. Xenia was killed in a car crash on 20 September 1968, in which Rudolf was also seriously injured.[6]

  • Archduchess Maria Anna Charlotte Zita Elisabeth Regina Therese of Austria (b. 1954) married Prince Peter Galitzine (b. 1955);[5] on 24 November 1981. They have six children:
    • Princess Xenia Galitzine (23 May 1983), married Alberto Matta y Maya (b. 1983) on 23 September 2007. They have three children:
      • Lidia Matta y Galitzine (6 September 2011)
      • Damian Matta y Galitzine (12 August 2013)
      • Felix Matta y Galitzine (3 March 2016)
    • Princess Tatiana Galitzine (16 August 1984), married Guillermo Sierra (13 June 1984) on 29 April 2017.
    • Princess Alexandra Galitzine (7 August 1986)
    • Princess Maria Galitzine (11 May 1988) she married Rishi Singh on 24 September 2017[7]. They have son:
      • Maxim Singh (10 February 2018)
    • Prince Dimitri Galitzine (11 June 1990) married Alexandra Pollitt on 11 June 2017.
    • Prince Ioann Galitzine (27 May 1992)
  • Archduke Karl Peter Otto Serge Joseph Paul Leopold Heinrich of Austria (5 November 1955) married Princess Alexandra von Wrede (12 May 1970). They have two children:
    • Archduchess Antonia of Austria (31 December 2000)
    • Archduke Lorenz of Austria (18 April 2003)
  • Archduke Simeon Carl Eugen Joseph Leopold of Austria (29 June 1958) married Princess María of Bourbon-Two Sicilies (b. 1967) on 13 July 1996. They have five children.
  • Archduke Johannes Karl Ludwig Clemens Maria Joseph Markus d'Aviano Leopold of Austria (11 December 1962–29 June 1975)

Rudolf was married secondly to Princess Anna Gabriele von Wrede (11 September 1940) on 15 October 1971 in Ellingen, Bavaria.[3] They have one daughter.[3]

  • Archduchess Catharina-Maria Johanna Zita Sophie Caspara of Austria (14 September 1972) married Count Massimiliano Secco di Aragona (b. 1967);[3] on 9 December 1998. They have three sons:
    • Count Costantino Secco di Aragona (10 July 2000)
    • Count Niccolò Secco di Aragona (16 February 2002)
    • Count Rodolfo Secco di Aragona (15 June 2010)

Rudolph was survived by two older brothers; Otto and Felix.


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Ancestors of Archduke Rudolf of Austria (1919–2010)
8. Archduke Karl Ludwig of Austria
4. Archduke Otto Franz of Austria
9. Princess Maria Annunziata of Bourbon-Two Sicilies
2. Charles I of Austria
10. George of Saxony
5. Princess Maria Josepha of Saxony
11. Infanta Maria Anna of Portugal
1. Archduke Rudolf of Austria
12. Charles III, Duke of Parma
6. Robert I, Duke of Parma
13. Princess Louise of Artois
3. Princess Zita of Bourbon-Parma
14. Miguel I of Portugal
7. Infanta Maria Antonia of Portugal
15. Princess Adelaide of Löwenstein-Wertheim-Rosenberg
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