Archduke Carl Ludwig of Austria (1918–2007)

Archduke Carl Ludwig of Austria (Carl Ludwig Maria Franz Joseph Michael Gabriel Antonius Robert Stephan Pius Gregor Ignatius Markus d'Aviano; 10 March 1918 – 11 December 2007), also known as Carl Ludwig Habsburg-Lothringen, was the fifth child of Charles I of Austria and Princess Zita of Bourbon-Parma. He was born in Baden bei Wien and died in Brussels.[1][2]

Archduke Carl Ludwig
Archduke Carl Ludwig of Austria (1918–2007)
Born10 March 1918
Baden bei Wien, Baden District, Austria-Hungary
Died11 December 2007 (aged 89)
Brussels, Belgium
IssueArchduke Rudolf
Archduchess Alexandra
Archduke Carl Christian
Archduchess Maria Constanza
Full name
Carl Ludwig Maria Franz Joseph Michael Gabriel Antonius Robert Stephan Pius Gregor Ignatius Markus d'Aviano
FatherCharles I of Austria
MotherZita of Bourbon-Parma


During the Second World War, Karl Ludwig and his brother Felix volunteered to serve in the 101st Infantry Battalion of the United States Army, known as the "Free Austria Battalion". However, the battalion was disbanded when a number of exiled Jewish volunteers who made up the majority of the force ultimately declined to confirm their enlistment.[3]

He was buried beside his mother in the Kapuziner Crypt in Vienna.

Marriage and issue

He was married in Belœil on 17 January 1950 to Princess Yolande of Ligne (born 6 May 1923). They had four children.[4]

Rudolf Maria Habsburg-Lothringen, Brünn, 2014-04-15 (1 crop)
Archduke Rudolf of Austria, son of Carl Ludwig, during a presentation about grandmother Zita in Brno (2014)
  • Archduke Rudolf of Austria (born 1950); married Baroness Hélène de Villenfagne de Vogelsanck (b. 1954) in Brussels 3 July 1976, their family taking up residence in Belgium thereafter.[5] On 29 May 1978 he, his children and male-line descendants were incorporated in the nobility of Belgium by royal letters patent with the hereditary title Prince/sse de Habsbourg-Lorraine and the style of Serene Highness.[5][6] Rudolf works at investment managers AAA Gestion, based in Villars-sur-Glâne, Switzerland.[7] He and Hélène have eight children:
    • Archduke Carl Christian of Austria (b. 1977); married on 2 June 2007 Estelle de Saint-Romain (b. 1979):
      • Archduchess Zita of Austria (b. 2008)
      • Archduchess Anezka of Austria (b. 2010)
      • Archduchess Anna of Austria (b. 2012)
      • Archduchess Paola of Austria (b. 2014)
    • Archduchess Priscilla of Austria (b. 1979)
    • Archduke Johannes of Austria (b. 1981)
    • Archduke Thomas of Austria (b. 1983)
    • Archduchess Marie-des-Neiges of Austria (b. 1986)
    • Archduke Franz-Ludwig of Austria (b. 1988); married on 1 September 2018 Mathilde Vignon (b. 1992).
    • Archduke Michael of Austria (b. 1990)
    • Archduke Joseph of Austria (b. 1991)
  • Archduchess Alexandra of Austria (born 1952); married Chilean ambassador to the Holy See Héctor Riesle.[8] Three children:
    • Felipe Riesle (b. 1986), married to Pilar Huidoboro
      • Francisco Riesle (b. 2015)
    • Maria-Sofia Riesle (b. 1988)
    • Constanza Riesle (b. 1989)
  • Archduke Carl Christian of Austria (born 1954); married Princess Marie Astrid of Luxembourg.[5] Like his older brother, he works at investment managers AAA Gestion, based in Villars-sur-Glâne, Switzerland.[7] Carl Christian and Marie Astrid have five children:
    • Archduchess Marie Christine of Austria (b. 1983); on 6 December 2008 married Count Rodolphe of Limburg-Stirum (1979):
      • Count Léopold of Limburg-Stirum (b. 2011)
      • Count Constantin of Limburg-Stirum (b. 2013)[9]
      • Count Gabriel de Limburg-Stirum (b. 2016)
    • Archduke Imre of Austria (b. 1985); on 8 September 2012 married Kathleen Elizabeth Walker (b.1986)[10]
      • Archduchess Maria-Stella of Austria (b. 2013)[9]
      • Archduchess Magdalena of Austria (b. 2016)
      • Archduchess Juliana of Austria (b. 2018)
    • Archduke Christoph of Austria (b. 1988); married to Adélaïde Drapé-Frisch (b. 1989) on 28 December (civil) and 29 December 2012 (religious) in Nancy, France.[11]
      • Archduchess Katarina of Austria (b. 2014)
      • Archduchess Sophia of Austria (b. 2017)
    • Archduke Alexander of Austria (b. 1990)
    • Archduchess Gabriella of Austria (b. 1994)
      • Victoria (b. 2017)
  • Archduchess Maria Constanza of Austria (born 1957); married Franz Josef, Prince (Fürst) von Auersperg-Trautson.[5] Three biological daughters (one died shortly after her birth) and one adopted daughter, Anna Maria, who adopted the title Princess of Auersperg-Trautson.
    • Princess Anna Maria of Auersperg-Trautson (24 September 1997)
    • Princess Alexandra Maria of Auersperg-Trautson (b. & d. 9 February 1998)
    • Princess Ladislaya of Auersperg-Trautson (26 February 1999)
    • Princess Eleonora of Auersperg-Trautson (28 May 2002)


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Archduchess Yolande of Austria

Archduchess Yolande of Austria (née Princesse Yolande Marie Jeanne Charlotte de Ligne; born 6 May 1923) is the widow of Archduke Carl Ludwig of Austria.

Archduke Charles of Austria (disambiguation)

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Karl Habsburg-Lothringen (born 1961), current head of the House of Habsburg

Baden bei Wien

Baden (German for "Baths"), unofficially distinguished from other Badens as Baden bei Wien (Baden near Vienna), is a spa town in Austria. It serves as the capital of Baden District in the state of Lower Austria. Located about 26 km (16 mi) south of Vienna, the municipality consists of cadastral Baden, Braiten, Gamingerhof, Leesdorf, Mitterberg, Rauhenstein, and Weikersdorf.

Charles Louis

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Charles I Louis, Elector Palatine (1617-1680)

Charles Louis Auguste Fouquet, duc de Belle-Isle (1684-1761), French general and statesman

Duke Charles Louis Frederick of Mecklenburg (1708-1752), father of Queen Charlotte of the United Kingdom

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Charles Louis Huguet, marquis de Sémonville (1759-1839), French diplomat and politician

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Archduke Carl Ludwig of Austria (1918-2007)

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Antoine Charles Louis Lasalle (1775-1809), French cavalry General during the Revolutionary and Napoleonic Wars

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Charles Louis Kincannon (born 1940), former director of the United States Census Bureau

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Karl Ludwig

Karl or Carl Ludwig may refer to:

Charles I Louis, Elector Palatine (1617–1680)

Karl Ludwig, Prince of Hohenlohe-Langenburg (1762–1825)

Archduke Karl Ludwig of Austria (1833–1896)

Carl Ludwig (1816–1895), German physician and physiologist

Carl Ludwig (Medal of Honor) (1841–1913), Union Army soldier and Medal of Honor recipient

Karl Ludwig (footballer) (1886–1948), German footballer

Archduke Carl Ludwig of Austria (1918–2007)

Karl Ludwig (sledge hockey) (born 1988), Canadian ice sledge hockey player

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Ancestors of Archduke Carl Ludwig of Austria (1918–2007)
8. Archduke Karl Ludwig of Austria
4. Archduke Otto Franz of Austria
9. Princess Maria Annunziata of Bourbon-Two Sicilies
2. Charles I of Austria
10. George of Saxony
5. Princess Maria Josepha of Saxony
11. Infanta Maria Anna of Portugal
1. Archduke Carl Ludwig of Austria
12. Charles III, Duke of Parma
6. Robert I, Duke of Parma
13. Princess Louise of Artois
3. Princess Zita of Bourbon-Parma
14. Miguel I of Portugal
7. Infanta Maria Antonia of Portugal
15. Princess Adelaide of Löwenstein-Wertheim-Rosenberg
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