Apollonia (Lycia)

Apollonia (Ancient Greek: Ἀπολλωνία) was a city in ancient Lycia. Its ruins are located near Kiliçli (Sıçak), a small village in the Kaş district of Antalya Province, Turkey.

Apollonia (Lycia) is located in Turkey
Apollonia (Lycia)
Shown within Turkey
LocationKiliçli, Antalya Province, Turkey
Coordinates36°11′12″N 29°45′50″E / 36.18667°N 29.76389°ECoordinates: 36°11′12″N 29°45′50″E / 36.18667°N 29.76389°E


The city isn't mentioned by any ancient author. The pillar tombs in the necropolis to the north of the city attest to a Lycian origin of the settlement and date to about 500 BC.[1]

In Roman times the city was part of a local federation, a sympoliteia, with Simena, Isinda and Aperlae. Aperlae was the leader of the sympolity, which was represented in the Lycian League with one vote.[2]

The ruins of a Byzantine church possibly date to the 6th or 7th century AD, so the city was still occupied at that time.[3]


The city is located on a hill and has a walled acropolis at its highest elevation. In the east the acropolis seems to be double because a much older stockade is located inside the Byzantine walls.[3] Two churches, a theater, baths with cisterns and a heroon are found on the western and northwestern side of the acropolis. Houses were built on the southwestern side.[1] Six pillar tombs and one larger monument are found around the acropolis.[2]


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