Any Questions (Australian TV series)

Any Questions was an Australian television series which aired on the ABC from 1958 to 1963.[1] The series presented a panel, who would discuss various topics in each episode.[2] ABC produced several discussion series during the 1950s and 1960s. Originally aired on Thursdays, it later moved to Wednesdays. Some of the editions were made in Sydney, while others were made in Melbourne.


The program may have had its origins in a 1950s half-hour ABC radio program of the same name that was broadcast on Tuesday nights. The "Chairman" overseeing the panel varied: In Melbourne it included Frank Eyre, in Sydney it included Nicholas Larkins and Frank Legg.

TV listings from the run of the series suggest the Sydney edition was telerecorded for Melbourne broadcast,[3] although video-tape had become available in Australia by 1959 ABC did not acquire video-tape equipment until the 1960s, likely due to the expense of early video-tape. It is not known if any of these telerecordings (also known as kinescope recordings) are still extant, given the erratic survival rate of 1950s Australian television programs.


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