Antônio Castilho de Alcântara Machado

Antônio Castilho de Alcântara Machado de Oliveira (May 25, 1901 – April 14, 1935) was a Brazilian journalist, politician and writer.[1] He didn't take part of the Week of Modern Art (1922) in São Paulo, but even though wrote a great many modernist chronicles and short stories and also an unfinished novel. Antônio de Alcântara Machado's extensive correspondence with journalist Prudente de Moraes Neto was published in 1997.[2]

Antônio de Alcântara Machado
Born May 25, 1901
São Paulo, Brazil
Died April 14, 1935 (aged 33)
Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Occupation Writer


  • Terra Roxa e Outras Terras
  • Pathé-Baby, chronicle, 1926
  • Brás, Bexiga e Barra Funda, short story, 1927
  • Laranja da China, short story, 1928
  • Mana Maria, novel, 1936
  • Cavaquinho e Saxofone, essay, 1940


  • Pathé-Baby, foreword by Oswald de Andrade, illustrations by Paim, French translation, notes and afterword by Antoine Chareyre, Paris, Editions Pétra, coll. "Voix d'ailleurs", 2013, 272p.


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