Annie Payson Call

Annie Payson Call (1853–1940) was a Waltham author. She wrote several books and published articles in Ladies' Home Journal.[1] Many articles are reprinted in her book "Nerves and Common Sense".

The common theme of her work is mental health.

Portrait of Annie Payson Call
Portrait of Annie Payson Call


Source: New General Catalog of Old Books and Authors[2]

  • Regeneration Of The Body (1888)
  • As A Matter Of Course (1894)
  • The Freedom Of Life (1905)
  • Man Of The World (1905)
  • Every Day Living (1906)
  • How To Live Quietly (1914)
  • Power Through Repose (1891)
  • Nerves And Common Sense (1909)
  • Brain Power For Business Men (1911)
  • Nerves And The War (1918)

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