Anna Hedenmo

Anna Birgitta Hedenmo, née Olsson (born 21 March 1961) is a Swedish journalist and television presenter who has worked for SVT since 1993.[1] She is best known as the presenter of Agenda and the interview show Min Sanning. She has as well been a news reader for Rapport and Aktuellt.[2] During the 2010 and 2014 General Election in Sweden she and Mats Knutson presented the traditional party leaders interrogations as well as the final debate with all the party leaders. Other shows that Hedenmo has presented include Vi i femman (as judge in the knowledge section), SVT coverage in 2003 of the Euro-vote, Bumerang, Debatt, Millenniet jorden runt (show that covered the new Millennium and how every country celebrated it on New Year's Eve) and Gomorron Sverige.[3][4]

Anna Hedenmo
Anna Hedenmo in Sept 2014
Hedenmo in 2014
Anna Birgitta Hedenmo

21 March 1961 (age 58)
OccupationTelevision presenter, journalist


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2014 Swedish general election

General elections were held in Sweden on 14 September 2014 to elect all 349 seats in the Riksdag, alongside elections for the 21 county councils, and 290 municipal assemblies.

The centre-right Alliance for Sweden coalition (comprising the Moderate Party, Liberal People's Party, Centre Party, and Christian Democrats) sought a third term in government. In contrast to the previous election, the three largest parties on the left (the Social Democrats, Green Party, and Left Party) ran independent campaigns, as did the far-right Sweden Democrats. The left-wing party, Feminist Initiative, did not secure the 4% threshold.

The election result saw the largest three parties on the left outpoll the Alliance for Sweden, with the two blocs respectively winning 159 and 141 seats. The Sweden Democrats doubled their support and won the remaining 49 seats. Fredrik Reinfeldt, the incumbent prime minister, lost his bid for a third term. On 3 October, he was replaced by Stefan Löfven, who formed a minority government consisting of the Social Democrats and Greens.

Agenda (Swedish TV program)

Agenda is a Swedish current events television program broadcast on Sveriges Television. The program debuted in 2001, hosted by Lars Adaktusson. A commentary, a summary of the news week, and a look at upcoming events were initially recurring segments but were later removed. The program has changed timeslots several times but is currently airing Sundays at 21.15 on SVT 2.


Aktuellt (literally "current; topical") is a Swedish nightly news programme produced by Sveriges Television (SVT) and broadcast on its second channel, SVT2 in Sweden.

First broadcast on 2 September 1958, Aktuellt. With the start of TV 2 (forerunner of SVT2) in 1969, the Aktuellt brand disappeared but was revived in 1972 when TV1 began airing two main bulletins at 6pm and 9pm. The 6pm bulletin was moved to SVT2 in 1997, followed on 15 January 2001 by the 9pm edition. The year before, editorial responsibility for Aktuellt, Rapport (SVT1's news programme), and SVT's news channel, SVT24, was unified; nevertheless, the name "Aktuellt" continues to be used to designate SVT2's news programmes.

A relaunch of Aktuellt in November 2007 saw Rapport begin a 6pm bulletin on SVT1 while the sole 9pm Aktuellt programme relaunched as an in-depth news and current affairs programme, covering two of three main items in detail. On 5 March 2012, the programme was extended to 60 minutes and now incorporates sports updates, regional news opt-outs & a news summary. The programme is now co-anchored by a rotating team of presenters - Anna Hedenmo, Jon Nilsson, Claes Elfsberg and Cecilia Gralde. Carina Bergfeldt is their foreign reporter.

In 2015 Mona Walter criticized Aktuellt for censoring a segment about an incident in Rinkeby.

Anna Olsdotter Arnmar

Anna Helena Olsdotter Arnmar, born Bergman on 22 June 1963 in Sundbyberg Municipality, Sweden, is a Swedish television journalist and presenter.

Anna Olsdotter has worked on Ekot at Sveriges Radio, Expressen, TV3, Arbetet and Kvällsposten. In 1998 she came to Sveriges Television where she has been a reporter, news presenter, and contributing editor. She was also involved in creating the digital news channel SVT24.She is the daughter to the musician and composer Olle Bergman and Estell, unmarried Christensen. Anna is also, on her mother's side, half-sister to Basse Wickman and Maria Wickman. She is also granddaughter to Axel Christensen.

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