Angolan Football Federation

The Angolan Football Federation (Portuguese: Federação Angolana de Futebol, FAF) is the governing body of football in Angola. It was founded in 1979, and affiliated to FIFA and to CAF in 1980. It organizes the national football league Girabola and the national team.

Angola's first appearance in the FIFA World Cup was in 2006; playing in Group D, losing only 1-0 to Portugal in their first match. Later that year, they successfully bid for the right to host the 2010 African Cup of Nations.

Angolan Football Federation
Federacao Angolana de Futebol
FIFA affiliation1980
CAF affiliation1980
PresidentArtur de Almeida e Silva

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2018 Girabola

The 2018 Girabola was the 40th season of top-tier football in Angola. The season ran from 10 February to 2 September 2018.The league comprised 16 teams, the bottom three of which were relegated to the 2019 Provincial stages.

Primeiro de Agosto won their third title in a row, qualifying to the 2018–19 CAF Champions League.On an exceptional basis, on account of the Angola Cup not being contested this season, Petro de Luanda, the runner up, qualified to the 2018–19 CAF Confederation Cup.

Angola national football team

The Angola national football team, nicknamed Palancas Negras (Giant sable antelopes), is the national team of Angola and is controlled by the Angolan Football Federation. Angola reached the 45th place in the FIFA Rankings in July 2002. Their greatest accomplishment was qualifying for the 2006 World Cup, as this was their first appearance on the World Cup finals stage.

Angola national futsal team

The Angola national futsal team is controlled by the Angolan Football Federation, the governing body for futsal in Angola and represents the country in international futsal competitions.

Angola national under-20 football team

The Angola national under-20 football team is the national under-20 football team of Angola and is controlled by the Angolan Football Federation. The team competes in the African U-20 Championship and the FIFA U-20 World Cup, which is held every four years.

Angola national under-23 football team

Angola Olympic football team represents Angola in international football competitions in Olympic Games. The selection is limited to players under the age of 23, except during the Olympic Games where the use of three overage players is allowed. The team is controlled by the Angolan Football Federation.

Angola women's national football team

The Angola women's national football team represents Angola in international women's football and it is controlled by the Angolan Football Federation. Their best place on the FIFA Rankings was the 82nd place, in December 2003. The only tournaments that they qualified were the 1995 and 2002 African Women's Championships, and their best finish was as Semi-Finalists in the 1995 tournament. Angola has, in contrast to many other African countries, has never suffered a heavy defeat. They have seldom lost by more than two goals.

Angola finished in third place at the African Championship in 1995. Angola also qualified for the Championship in 2002, where they beat Zimbabwe and South Africa, but lost to Cameroon by one goal. Since then, Angola have not qualified for the championships.

During qualification for the 2008 Olympics, Angola did not get any further than the first round, where they lost to Ghana. However, they did reach the final of the COSAFA Cup, where they met South Africa, who beat them 3–1.

Angolan Provincial Football Stage

Angola Provincial Stage (or Angolan Third Division) is the third division of Angolan football, and it is organized by the Angolan Football Federation.

C.D. Primeiro de Agosto

Clube Desportivo 1º de Agosto is a multisports club from Luanda, Angola. The club, founded August 1, 1977, is attached to the Angolan armed forces, which is its main sponsor. Its main team competes in men's football, and its professional basketball team is also noteworthy within the club. The club's colors are red and black. The club won its first title in football, the Angolan League, in 1979. and in basketball in 1980. Handball and Volleyball have also won many titles to the club.

The Primeiro de Agosto Sports Club has its football team competing at the local level, in the events organized by the Angolan Football Federation, namely the Angolan National Football Championship a.k.a. Girabola, the Angola Cup and the Angola Super Cup as well as at continental level, at the annual competitions organized by the African Football Confederation (CAF), including the CAF Champions League and the CAF Confederation Cup.

C.D. Recreativo do Seles

Clube Desportivo Recreativo do Seles is an Angolan sports club from the village of Seles, in the southern province of Kwanza Sul.

The team currently plays in the Gira Angola. Because their home stadium (Campo da Mangueira) failed to meet standard requirements by the Angolan Football Federation, the team has been playing its home games at the Estádio Comandante Hoji Ya Henda, in the capital city, Sumbe.

Campo de São Paulo

Campo de São Paulo is a multi-use stadium located in Bairro dos Congolenses, Luanda, Angola. The stadium has a capacity of 5,000 people, and previously hosted Girabola (Angolan national football league) matches prior to falling into disuse and disrepair. In 2017, the Angolan Football Federation acquired the stadium with plans to convert it to a training center for Angola's national football teams.

Council of Southern Africa Football Associations

Council of Southern Africa Football Associations (French: Conseil des Associations de Football en Afrique Australe; Portuguese: Conselho das Associações de Futebol da África Austral), officially abbreviated as COSAFA, is an association of the football playing nations in Southern Africa. It is affiliated to CAF.

COSAFA organise several tournaments in the Southern African region, and its most renowned tournament is the COSAFA Cup.

Estádio do Buraco

Estádio do Buraco is a football stadium in Lobito, Benguela Province, Angola.

It is owned by Académica Petróleos do Lobito and holds 5,000 people.

Football association

A football association is a governing body for association football. Many of them are members of the sport's regional bodies such as UEFA and CONMEBOL and the world governing body, FIFA. A small number have not yet applied for or been granted entry to these higher bodies. Below is a list of football associations for which there are articles.

Gira Angola

Gira Angola aka Segundona is the 2nd division of Angolan football (soccer). It is organized by the Angolan Football Federation and gives access to Angola's top tier football division Girabola.


Girabola, or Campeonato Nacional de Futebol em Séniores Masculinos, is the top division of Angolan football. It is organized by the Angolan Football Federation.The league winner and runner-up qualify for the CAF Champions League.

Ibrahim Walidjo

Ibrahim Walidjo (born 2 April 1989) is a Cameroonian footballer playing with FC Liria in the Kosovo Superleague

Jacinto Pereira

Jacinto Pereira (born December 10, 1974 in Luanda) is a retired Angolan football defender. He last played for ASA in the Girabola.

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