Andre Gregory

Andre William Gregory (born May 11, 1934) is a French-born American theatre director, writer and actor. As of 2018, his latest film is Jonathan Demme's A Master Builder based on the 19th-century play by Henrik Ibsen.[1] Andre Gregory also studied acting at The Neighborhood Playhouse School of the Theatre in New York City.

Andre Gregory
Andre William Gregory

May 11, 1934 (age 84)
Paris, France
OccupationActor, director, writer
Years active1981–present
Known forMy Dinner with Andre
Spouse(s)Mercedes "Chiquita" Nebelthau
(died 1992)
Cindy Kleine
(m. 2000)

Life and career

Gregory was born in Paris, France, in 1934 to Russian Jewish parents.[2][3] Gregory studied at Harvard University, where he was affiliated with Adams House.

During the 1960s and 1970s, Gregory directed a number of avant-garde productions developed through ensemble collaboration, the most famous of which was Alice in Wonderland (1970), based on Lewis Carroll's two classic Alice books. He founded his own theatrical company, known as The Manhattan Project (1968). In 1975 he directed Our Late Night, the first produced play by Wallace Shawn, which began a long working relationship between the two men.

Shortly afterward, Gregory's growing misgivings about the role of theatre in modern life, and what he felt was a trend toward fascism in the United States, led him to abandon theatre abruptly and leave the country. As described in the film, My Dinner with Andre (1981), he traveled to Poland on an invitation from noted director Jerzy Grotowski, where he developed a number of experimental theatrical events for private audiences. He spent several years in a variety of esoteric spiritual communities (such as Findhorn) developing an interest and practice in what could be described as New Age beliefs.

Although Gregory left the theatre in 1975, he has returned several times to direct small productions, usually for invited audiences. These included a long-running workshop of Uncle Vanya (adapted by David Mamet), which was developed from 1990 to 1994 and featured Wallace Shawn and Julianne Moore. Though never publicly performed, it was released as the film, Vanya on 42nd Street, by Gregory and Louis Malle. He appeared as himself, directing the play featured within the film. Gregory also directed a radio production of Shawn's play, The Designated Mourner, in 2002.

He has had occasional film roles as a character actor, including John the Baptist in The Last Temptation of Christ and Reverend Spellgood in The Mosquito Coast, and as Dante, a restaurateur, alongside Rosanna Arquette, David Bowie, and Buck Henry in The Linguini Incident.

His best-known film performance was as the title character in My Dinner with Andre (1981), directed by Louis Malle, in which he and Wallace Shawn, playing characters based on themselves, have a long conversation over dinner. They discuss Gregory's spiritual sojourn in Europe and his doubts about the future of theatre and of Western civilization in general. He appeared with Goldie Hawn in Protocol (1984). In 1988 he played the father in Some Girls, with Jennifer Connelly and Patrick Dempsey. In 1993, he performed in the movie Demolition Man with Sylvester Stallone.

Returning to theatre, Gregory directed Wallace Shawn's play Grasses of a Thousand Colors, which premiered at the Royal Court Theatre in London in May 2009. He next worked with Shawn on a new version of Ibsen's The Master Builder.[4] This resulted in the film Fear of Falling (2013), which was directed by Jonathan Demme. The film was retitled A Master Builder at its opening in New York in June 2014.

In 2013, he directed Grasses of a Thousand Colors and The Designated Mourner, starring Shawn in a co-production between Theatre for a New Audience and The Public Theater in New York.[5]

A 2013 documentary about Gregory's life, called Andre Gregory: Before and After Dinner, was directed by his wife, Cindy Kleine.[6] He and his wife discussed it on the May 3, 2013 episode of the Charlie Rose.[7]

Marriage and family

Gregory was first married to Mercedes "Chiquita" Nebelthau, a documentary filmmaker who died in 1992. They had two children together: Nicolas and Marina.[8]

Partial filmography


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A Master Builder

A Master Builder is a 2013 film directed by Jonathan Demme, based on Henrik Ibsen's play The Master Builder. The film was released in the United States in June 2014 and stars Wallace Shawn, Julie Hagerty, and Andre Gregory. The film is a production of the Ibsen play dealing with the relationship between an aging architect and a younger woman. The play originally premiered in 1893.

All in the golden afternoon...

"All in the golden afternoon" is the prefatory poem in the book Alice's Adventures in Wonderland by Lewis Carroll. The book was first published in 1865 by London's Macmillan. The introductory poem recalls the afternoon on which he improvised the story about Alice in Wonderland on a boat trip from Oxford to Godstow, for the benefit of the three Liddell sisters, Lorina ("Prima"), Alice ("Secunda") and Edith ("Tertia"), with Alice being the one which inspired Carroll's main character.Carroll's "All in the golden afternoon" has been included in some film and stage adaptations of Alice's Adventures in Wonderland. Among these include Disney's 1951 animated adaptation Alice in Wonderland, where it was used merely as a song title, and a 1972 play version created by director André Gregory and his theatre company. The latter used portions of the first and last stanzas of the poem to introduce the play's plot. The poem itself was also changed slightly and used as lyrics for a song by the German band Alphaville.

Boston Society of Film Critics Award for Best Screenplay

The Boston Society of Film Critics Award for Best Screenplay is one of the annual film awards given by the Boston Society of Film Critics.

Boston Society of Film Critics Awards 1981

The 2nd Boston Society of Film Critics Awards honored the best filmmaking of 1981. The awards were given on 29 January 1982.

Cindy Kleine

Cindy Kleine is an American film director, producer and video artist.She grew up on Long Island. In 2000, she married actor and filmmaker Andre Gregory. Kleine's 2013 documentary, Andre Gregory: Before and After Dinner is about Gregory. The film was funded through Kickstarter.Kleine studied film at The Museum School and, at the now closed, MIT Film/Video Section, studying with Richard Leacock. She received a Bachelor of Fine Arts from Tufts University and the School of the Museum of Fine Arts in 1983 and received a Masters of Fine Arts from Bard College in 1996.Kleine's films have been shown at many film festivals including Telluride, Seattle, San Francisco and Vancouver. Her films have been shown at The Boston Independent Film Festival, at the It’s All True International Documentary Festival in Brazil, at DOK Leipzig International Festival, and at The Santa Fe International Film Festival. Her film, Doug and Mike, Mike and Doug (1989), about artists Doug and Mike Starn- Starn Twins, was broadcast on PBS POV Film Series.The film Phyllis and Harold (2008) is about her parents' marriage of fifty-nine years. The film won Best Feature Length Documentary at the World Jewish Film Festival, Ashkelon, Israel, 2009 and the Orson Welles Award for Innovative Filmmaking at the Iowa Independent Film Festival in April 2008. Kleine's other films include Inside Out (2004), Til Death Do Us Part (1998), Secrets of Cindy (1983), Passage (1991) and Holy Matter (1996).

Kleine has worked at Boston College (1985–98), Harvard University (1990–91), School of the Museum of Fine Arts (1996–97) and The New School (1996-98).

Claude Gregory

Claude Andre Gregory (born December 26, 1958) is a retired American professional basketball player from Washington, D.C.. He was a 6'8" (203 cm) 205 lb (93 kg) forward.

Drama Desk Award for Outstanding Director

This is a list of winners of the Drama Desk Award for Outstanding Director introduced in 1955 to honour directors of plays and directors of musicals. From 1968, multiple awards were presented for each season. In 1975 the category was retired and divided into Drama Desk Award for Outstanding Director of a Play and Drama Desk Award for Outstanding Director of a Musical, with each discipline receiving its own.

Last Summer in the Hamptons

Last Summer in the Hamptons is a 1995 ensemble comedy-drama film directed by Henry Jaglom and released by Rainbow Releasing and Live Entertainment.

My Dinner with Andre

My Dinner with Andre is a 1981 American comedy-drama film directed by Louis Malle, and written by and starring Andre Gregory (Andre) and Wallace Shawn (Wally). The actors play fictionalized versions of themselves sharing a conversation at Café des Artistes in Manhattan. The film's dialogue covers such things as experimental theatre, the nature of theatre, and the nature of life, and contrasts Wally's modest humanism with Andre's spiritual experiences.

Rick Stevenson

Rick Stevenson is a writer, director, and producer from Seattle, Washington. Some of Stevenson's films include: Privileged (1982) starring Hugh Grant, Restless Natives (1985) starring Ned Beatty, Promised Land (1987) starring Meg Ryan and Kiefer Sutherland, Some Girls (1988) starring Patrick Dempsey, Jennifer Connelly and Andre Gregory, and Crooked Smiles starring Jennifer Jason-Leigh, Noah Wylie, Juliette Lewis and Peter Coyote. In 2006, his film Expiration Date won both Audience and Jury Award for Best Film at the Omaha Film Festival and took Best Film honors at the American Indian Film Festival. Stevenson has directed many programs for television, including ED for NBC, and his work as a director of television commercials has garnered a myriad of awards. In 2001, Stevenson founded a documentary series called The 5000 Days Project. This project is now called The School of Life Project and spans 15 countries.

In 2004, Stevenson founded TheFilmSchool with Tom Skerritt and Stewart Stern.

Secrets of the French Police

Secrets of the French Police is a 1932 American Pre-Code crime film directed by A. Edward Sutherland and starring Gwili Andre, Gregory Ratoff, and Frank Morgan.

The film was made as a B film by RKO Radio Pictures, using some of the sets from RKO's The Most Dangerous Game (1932). The film is based partly on Samuel Ornitz's own unpublished novel The Last Empress.

Street Smart (film)

Street Smart is a 1987 American thriller-drama film directed by Jerry Schatzberg and starring Christopher Reeve, Morgan Freeman and Kathy Baker. It was shot in New York City and Montreal, Quebec.

The Designated Mourner

The Designated Mourner is a play written by Wallace Shawn in 1996, which was adapted into a film directed by David Hare in 1997.

The film, which follows the play's script exactly, is based on the original London stage production directed by Hare and has the same cast: Mike Nichols as Jack, Miranda Richardson as Judy, and David de Keyser as Howard.

The North American premiere of The Designated Mourner was staged in March 1997 at Steppenwolf Theatre in Chicago, directed by Les Waters, and featuring David Shapiro as Jack, Martha Lavey as Judy and Nicholas Rudall as Howard. Andre Gregory subsequently directed a stage production in New York City in 2000, and a radio play, both of which featured Wallace Shawn as Jack, Deborah Eisenberg as Judy, and Larry Pine as Howard.

The Last Impresario

The Last Impresario is a 2013 documentary film about prolific British theatre impresario and film producer Michael White. The film was directed by Gracie Otto, and made its world premiere at the BFI London Film Festival in October 2013, where it was positively received by critics.The film features interviews with Michael White and many of his close friends and colleagues, including John Cleese, Naomi Watts, Kate Moss, Rachel Ward, Yoko Ono, Barry Humphries, Wallace Shawn, Andre Gregory, John Waters, Jim Sharman, Peter Richardson (British Director), Nigel Planer, Nell Campbell, Lorne Michaels, Jeremy Thomas, Jean-Jacques Lebel, Brian Thomson, Anna Wintour, and Lyndall Hobbs.

The Last Temptation of Christ (film)

The Last Temptation of Christ is a 1988 American epic drama film directed by Martin Scorsese. Written by Paul Schrader with uncredited rewrites from Scorsese and Jay Cocks, the film is an adaptation of Nikos Kazantzakis' controversial 1955 novel of the same name. The film, starring Willem Dafoe, Harvey Keitel, Barbara Hershey, Andre Gregory, Harry Dean Stanton and David Bowie, was shot entirely in Morocco.

Like the novel, the film depicts the life of Jesus Christ and his struggle with various forms of temptation including fear, doubt, depression, reluctance and lust. This results in the book and film depicting Christ being tempted by imagining himself engaged in sexual activities, a notion that has caused outrage from some Christians. The film includes a disclaimer stating "This film is not based on the Gospels, but upon the fictional exploration of the eternal spiritual conflict."Like the novel it was based on, the film generated controversy at the time of its release from Christian religious groups, who took issue with its departures from the gospel narratives contained in it. Although a box office failure, it received positive reviews from critics upon its release and Scorsese received a nomination for the Academy Award for Best Director. Hershey's performance as Mary Magdalene earned her a nomination for the Golden Globe for Best Supporting Actress. Peter Gabriel's music score also received acclaim, including a nomination for the Golden Globe Award for Best Original Score.

The Mosquito Coast

The Mosquito Coast is a 1986 American drama film directed by Peter Weir and starring Harrison Ford, Helen Mirren, Andre Gregory, and River Phoenix. It is based on the novel of the same name by Paul Theroux. The film tells the story of a family that leaves the United States and tries to find a happier and simpler life in the jungles of Central America. However, their jungle paradise quickly turns into a dystopia as their stubborn father's behavior becomes increasingly erratic and aggressive. It was shot in the cities of Cartersville and Rome in Georgia, in addition to Baltimore, Maryland, and Belize.

Vanya on 42nd Street

Vanya on 42nd Street is a 1994 film directed by Louis Malle, written by Andre Gregory, and starring Wallace Shawn and Julianne Moore. The film is an intimate, interpretive performance of the play Uncle Vanya by Anton Chekhov as adapted by David Mamet.

Wallace Shawn

Wallace Michael Shawn (born November 12, 1943) is an American character actor, voice actor, playwright and essayist. His film roles have included those of Wally Shawn (a fictionalized version of himself) in the Louis Malle directed comedy-drama My Dinner with Andre (1981), John Lahr in Prick Up Your Ears (1987), Vizzini in The Princess Bride (1987), Mr. James Hall in Clueless (1995) and providing the voice of Rex in the Toy Story franchise. He has also appeared in a variety of television series, including recurring roles as Grand Nagus Zek in Star Trek: Deep Space Nine (1993–1999) and Cyrus Rose in Gossip Girl (2008–2012).

His plays include Obie Award winning Aunt Dan and Lemon (1985), The Designated Mourner (1996) and Grasses of a Thousand Colors (2008). He also co-wrote the screenplay for My Dinner with Andre with Andre Gregory, and he scripted A Master Builder (2013), a film adaptation of the play by Henrik Ibsen, which he also starred in. His book Essays was published in 2009 by Haymarket Books.

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