Anders Iwers

Anders Iwers is a Swedish heavy metal musician and bassist of the bands Tiamat (1992, 1996–), Avatarium (2014–) & Dark Tranquillity (2015–).

Anders Iwers
Anders Iwers of Tiamat
Background information
Born6 October 1972 (age 46)
GenresMelodic death metal
InstrumentsGuitar & bass guitar


Anders is the former guitarist of the bands Ceremonial Oath (also being the founder),[1] In Flames (also being the original member – Anders' younger brother Peter Iwers joined after), Cemetary[2] and Lacuna Coil. He was also the bassist of Mercury Tide[3] and Avatarium. Anders also did photography on the albums A Moonclad Reflection and Yesterworlds by Dark Tranquillity.


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