Ancon (Pontus)

Ancon or Ankon (Ancient Greek: Ἀγκών) was a populated places of ancient Pontus, on the Black Sea and on the coast road east of Amisus. It was on a headland and bay both of the same name. It is mentioned by Gaius Valerius Flaccus in his Argonautica, after the Iris, as if it were east of the mouth of that river.[1] Apollonius Rhodius simply speaks of it as a headland.[2]

Its site is located at mouth of the Yeşilırmak (the ancient Iris) in Asiatic Turkey.[3][4]


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Coordinates: 41°22′26″N 36°37′54″E / 41.373977°N 36.631607°E


Ancón may refer to:

Ancient places

Ancon (Picenum), town of ancient Picenum, now in Italy

Ancon (Pontus), town of ancient Pontus, now in TurkeyPeru

Ancon (archaeological site)

Ancón District, a district of Peru

Treaty of Ancón, signed by Peru and Chile on 20 October 1883Panama

Ancón, Panama, a city in central Panama

Ancon Hill, a steep 654-foot hill which overlooks Panama City

ANCON a conservation groupEcuador

Ancón, Guayas, a city in Guayas, EcuadorOther

Ancon, a United Kingdom company that manufactures steel products for the construction industry

SS Ancon (1901), Panama Railroad Company steamship and the first to officially transit the Panama Canal in 1914, serving 28 March—25 July 1919 as USS Ancon (Id. No. 1467), then returned to Panama Railroad service.

USS Ancon (AGC-4), a United States cargo and passenger ship that saw service in World War II

Ancon (sidewheel steamship), a passenger/cargo ship wrecked at Loring, Alaska in 1889

Ancon sheep, an extinct breed of sheep

Black Sea
Central Anatolia
Eastern Anatolia

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