Ana G. Méndez

Ana González González (born January 7, 1908 in Aguada, Puerto Rico – died February 18, 1997 in San Juan, Puerto Rico) better known as Ana G. Méndez was an educator who founded the Ana G. Mendez University System in Puerto Rico.

Ana G. Méndez
Ana g mendez
Founder of the Ana G. Mendez University System
Ana González González

January 7, 1908
DiedFebruary 18, 1997 (aged 89)
NationalityPuerto Rican
Other namesAna G. Méndez and Ana González de Méndez
Spouse(s)José Méndez Rivera
ChildrenDora Méndez González
Grecia Méndez González
José Méndez González

Early years

Méndez was one of eight children born to Francisco González Monje and Ana González Cofresí in Aguada, Puerto Rico. She was a direct descendant of the Puerto Rican pirate Roberto Cofresí, on her mother's side.[1] In 1935, Méndez graduated from high school in Santurce; she earned her bachelor's degree in commercial education from the University of Puerto Rico in 1940. It was during the 1940s that she realised that students should have the option of having a short term college for a commercial or technical career, this led in 1941, to her founding the Puerto Rican High School of Commerce with 3 teachers and nine students.[1][2]

Personal Life

She got married when she was 15 years old to José Méndez Rivera and they had three children together named, Dora Méndez González, Grecia Méndez González and José Méndez González.

Founder of Puerto Rico Junior College

In 1948, Méndez graduated from New York University with a master's degree. In 1948, she founded the Puerto Rico Junior College in Rio Piedras with 19 students; this became the first educational institution in Puerto Rico to offer an associate degree (2 year college). An educational visionary, Méndez founded universities, television stations, college classes by mail and as mentioned above the associate degree.[1][3]

Universities founded by Mendez

Among the universities founded by Mendez are:

Ana G. Mendez Foundation

Mendez also founded the "Ana G. Mendez Foundation" which grants scholarships to outstanding students and she also found TV Channel 40 "The Ana G. Mendez Educational Channel". What today is known as the "Ana G. Mendez University System" and started with only nine students, now has over 17 thousand students, 800 professors and 500 administrative employees.[3]


In 1965, Méndez became the "first" and only Puerto Rican woman amongst the Board of Directors of Eastern Air Lines. In 1975, the Catholic University of Puerto Rico awarded to Méndez an honorary doctoral degree in humanities.[1][2] Ana G. Méndez died on 18 February 1997 in San Juan, Puerto Rico. Puerto Rico honored her memory by naming an avenue in San Juan after her. On 10 July 2003, Mayor Buddy Dyer of Orlando, Florida announced the opening of the "Ana G. Mendez Metro Orlando University".[1][3]

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In the morning of November 7, 2012, Fortuño conceded the election to Alejandro García Padilla, just as the last votes were being counted. However, Pierluisi retained his position as Resident Commissioner by defeating Cox Alomar.

Ana G. Méndez University

The Ana G. Méndez University (UAGM) is a higher education private research university of Puerto Rico.

It is integrated by:

Universidad Ana G. Méndez Recinto Online | UAGM/AGMU

Universidad Acelerador de Tecnologías | ACT GLOBAL

Universidad Recinto de Cupey (f/k/a UMET)

Universidad Recinto de Gurabo (f/k/a UT)

Universidad Recinto de Carolina (f/k/a UNE)

Universidad Broadcasting Corporation (WMTJ)

Universidad Capital Area College in Maryland

Universidad Dallas Area College in Texas

Universidad Metro Orlando College

Universidad South Florida College

Universidad Tampa Bay College

Caribbean Cinemas

Caribbean Cinemas is a chain of movie theaters in Puerto Rico and the Caribbean. It is the only major chain in Puerto Rico following CineVista's bankruptcy. The chain has expanded into Dominican Republic, Panama, St. Thomas, St. Croix, St. Maarten, St. Kitts, St. Lucia, Antigua, Aruba, Trinidad and Tobago, Guyana and Guadeloupe.

Cupey, San Juan, Puerto Rico

Cupey is one of the 18 barrios of the municipality of San Juan, Puerto Rico. It is the largest barrio in the municipality and the third most populous with 36,659 inhabitants according to Census 2000. The territorial land area of Cupey is 7.49 square miles (19.40 km²). It is bound by the municipality of Caguas to the South, by the municipality of Trujillo Alto to the East, by the barrios of Caimito and Monacillo to the West, and by the barrios of El Cinco and Sabana Llana Sur to the North. Between 1990 and 2000 Cupey had a 17.98% increase in population, more than any other barrio in San Juan.

Two of Puerto Rico's largest universities, Interamerican University of Puerto Rico's Metropolitan Campus, and Metropolitan University, a unit of the Ana G. Méndez University System, are located in Cupey.

Guillermo A. Baralt

Guillermo A. Baralt is a Puerto Rican historian. He obtained his bachelor's degree from Duquesne University in 1970. Later he continued his studies in the University of Chicago where he earned his Master's and Doctor's degrees. He is currently professor of History at the University of Puerto Rico at Rio Piedras.

Guillermo Vivas Valdivieso

Guillermo Vivas Valdivieso (1881 – ca. 1940) was a Puerto Rican attorney, journalist, politician and Mayor of Ponce, Puerto Rico from 1925 to 1928.

Ignacio Peña

Ignacio Peña Vidal, (born April 21. 1973) better known as Ignacio Peña; is a Puerto Rican rock singer/songwriter, musician, producer, two time Emmy Award winning video director and editor, and multimedia creator. Peña is known for his warm voice, songwriting craftsmanship and his audiovisual conceptual shows for which he writes the music and directs and edits the visuals himself.

After graduating from Berklee College of Music in Boston, Peña rose to fame in the Latin market with the release of his debut album "El Mundo al Revés" in 2000 and the subsequent tour which saw him perform festivals in Argentina, Venezuela, Panama and the United States.

Peña's albums have garnered critical acclaim and are considered by many to be some of the best rock music to come out in Spanish.

In 2010 Peña debuted his most ambitious project to date. An educational multimedia concert designed for schools entitled "The Great Planet Earth Debate". Peña has been invited to speak at educational conferences and universities in the United States and his native Puerto Rico and was awarded an honorary degree from the Sistema Universitario Ana G. Méndez in Puerto Rico for his contribution to education. From 2015 through 2017 he has been nominated for five NATAS Suncoast Chapter Emmy Awards, winning two for the WIPR-TV Short Subject documentaries "Por Qué Conmemoramos" (Why We Commemorate) and "Soy De Una Raza Pura" (I Am From A Pure Race) respectively.

List of colleges and universities in Puerto Rico

This list of universities and colleges in Puerto Rico includes colleges and universities in Puerto Rico that grant bachelor's degrees and/or post-graduate master's and doctorate degrees. The list does not include community colleges (alternatively called junior colleges) that grant two-year associate's degrees.

Manuel Cidre

Manuel "Manolo" Cidre Miranda (born 1953) is a Cuban-born Puerto Rican businessman and politician who became, on December 1, 2015, an official candidate for Governor of Puerto Rico. He lost the election to Ricardo Rosselló.

Martín Corchado

Martín Corchado (25 April 1839 – 2 April 1898) was a nineteenth-century Puerto Rican physician who excelled in charitable medical services as well as in the field of medical research. He owned the first microscope brought to Puerto Rico, which he used to do research on tuberculosis.

Metropolitan University (Puerto Rico)

The Metropolitan University —or Universidad Metropolitana (UMET) in Spanish— is a private, non-profit, and secular university system in Puerto Rico. It is part of the Ana G. Mendez University System and is integrated by four campuses:

Metropolitan University at Aguadilla

Metropolitan University at Bayamón

Metropolitan University at Jayuya

Metropolitan University at San Juan - the main campus and usually referred to as the Metropolitan University itself as it was the first campus and is the largest one.

Metropolitan University at Comerio

Nayda Venegas

Nayda Venegas Brown (born July 24, 1958) is a Puerto Rican politician affiliated with the New Progressive Party (PNP). She is a member of the Puerto Rico Senate since 2017 representing Carolina Senatorial district.

Nelson Cruz Santiago

Nelson Cruz Santiago (born August 12, 1975 in Ponce, Puerto Rico) is a Puerto Rican politician and a member of the Senate of Puerto Rico since 2017. He is affiliated to the New Progressive Party (PNP).

Olga Nolla

Olga Nolla (September 18, 1938 – July 30, 2001) (full name Olga Nolla Ramírez de Arellano) was a Puerto Rican poet, writer, journalist, and professor.

Universidad del Este

Universidad del Este (UNE) is a private non-profit institution of higher education and a component of the Ana G. Méndez University System of Puerto Rico.

Founded in 1949 as Puerto Rico Junior College, it grew into a four-year institution in 1992 and finally evolved into a university in 2001.

Universidad del Este offers occupational, liberal arts, education, health, science and business programs leading to certificates, associate, bachelor, and master's degree programs in different disciplines.

University of Turabo

The Universidad Ana G. Méndez, Recinto de Gurabo, part of the Ana G. Méndez University System (SUAGM), is a professionally oriented institution that offers academic studies from technical certificates to doctorates degrees. Its academic offerings are organized in seven schools: Engineering, Science and Technology, Health Sciences, Education, Business and Administration, Social Sciences, and Escuela Internacional de Diseño y Arquitectura.


WMTJ is an educational, full-service, PBS member television station licensed to Fajardo, Puerto Rico transmitting over digital channel 15. The station is owned by the Ana G. Méndez University System and is branded as Sistema TV. Its main studios are located in San Juan.

The majority of the station's daily programming is from PBS, but it has some locally produced content as well.

WMTJ has one full-service satellite: WQTO, digital channel 19, in Ponce. WMTJ's digital signal was not on the air until a couple months before the transition deadline. Digital transmitter deployment for WMTJ had been proven difficult as the transmitter site is located in a remote tropical forest on national park land, requiring National Forest Service approvals of any new transmission tower.Due to damage from Hurricane Maria, WMTJ was forced to go off the air September 20, 2017 (the station's website still lists the schedule from September 11 to 17, 2017 with shows no longer on the schedule like Thomas and Friends); on October 16, the Ana G. Mendez University System announced that the station would be shut down indefinitely as part of a larger suspension of non-academic activities at the school. The shutdown left Puerto Rico without a PBS station; fellow public television station WIPR-TV (channel 6) had dropped PBS in 2011. On December 20, WMTJ returned to the air via Liberty Puerto Rico, some of PBS programming can be seen on Channel 3 & 67 and in HD on channels 203 & 267. On January 2, 2018, just months after the shutdown, WMTJ resumed regular over-the-air broadcasting operations via WSTE-DT (Teleisla) and can be seen on channel 40.1 from the transmitter located in Aguas Buenas remaining on the air until January 23. On January 24, WMTJ resumed operations with a reduced power of 17.7 kilowatts from El Yunque. On January 1, 2019 WMTJ returned to the air on its digital channel 15 and transmitter power increased to 174 kilowatts.

Wheaton, Maryland

Wheaton is a census-designated place in Montgomery County, Maryland, United States, north of Washington, D.C., northwest of Silver Spring. Wheaton takes its name from Frank Wheaton (1833–1903), a career officer in the United States Army and volunteer from Rhode Island in the Union Army who rose to the rank of major-general while serving before, during, and after the American Civil War.

Wheaton was split into its own CDP by the United States Census Bureau for the 2010 Census, which found its population to be 48,284.

The United States Postal Service has assigned ZIP code 20902 to Wheaton, but the Wheaton Post Office is part of the Silver Spring area. Downtown Wheaton is around the triangle formed by Veirs Mill Road, University Boulevard, and Georgia Avenue.


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