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America One was an American television network established in 1995 by USFR Media Group through its America One Television subsidiary. [1][4] The network served over 170 LPTV, Class A, full-power, cable and satellite affiliate stations. It was one of the first TV stations to have online live video streaming, before the tech bubble burst in 2000. At least twenty of the stations carried America One's complete 168-hour weekly transmission.

In 2003, the network went through a restructuring, being placed within USFR Media Group's VOTH Network, Inc. subsidiary.[1]

In 2009, the network came under the ownership of America One Television Network, Inc. as a result of a shareholder buyout from USFR Media Group.[2]

In 2010, America One Television Network merged with B2 Broadcasting to create the holding company One Media Corp, Inc., which America One & B2 Broadcasting then became subsidiaries of, while retaining their respective brand identities.[3]

According to its press release in 2013, it broadcast "5500 live and exclusive events, over 100 U.S. Colleges, 70 professional sports teams and hundreds of top professional leagues from Asia and Europe."[5]

It was reported in September 2014 that One Media Corp had sold America One to Center Post Networks, LLC, owner of Youtoo TV. The sale was finalized sometime in spring 2015, with Center Post Networks merging the two networks, resulting in both networks being replaced by Youtoo America.

America One
Typefree-to-air television network
AvailabilityDefunct (merged with Youtoo TV)
SloganSports & Entertainment
OwnerAmerica One Television, Inc.
(USFR Media Group)[1] (1995–2003)
VOTH Network, Inc.
(USFR Media Group)[1] (2003–2009)
America One Television Network, Inc.[2] (2009–2010)
One Media Corp, Inc.[3] (2010–2015)
Center Post Networks, LLC (2015)
Launch date
Former names
America One Television (1995–2009)
America One Television Network (2009–2010)
Replaced byYoutoo America


America One aired a mix of entertainment and US & international sports programming in prime time. Cooking, travel and news shows and classic movies made up the network's daytime programming. The network also encouraged preemption of four hours per day of its programming for local sports, entertainment or news.

America One Sports

A1 Logo Color Web 150
America One Television Network logo used from 2005 to 2009.

America One held the U.S. broadcast rights to the Ontario Hockey League, Australian Football League, the USAR Hooters Pro Cup, the ECHL, playoffs in the Indoor Football League, and the American Hockey League's all star game. America One syndicated many of these broadcasts to various regional sports networks in the US (usually, those not part of the Fox Sports Net family). America One also carried tape-delayed broadcasts of the English Premier League, specifically Bolton Wanderers and Everton. America One also showed Midwest-based Victory Fighting M.M.A. Usually, those events were on tape delay.

In 1999, America One broadcast NWA Wildside pro wrestling.

America One had broadcast rights to several rugby league organizations. From 2010 the predominantly Britain-based Super League matches were shown live (rights to that league have since transitioned to Fox Sports 2 (then called Fuel TV) in 2013) in addition to Australasia's National Rugby League games.[6][7] They also showed the American National Rugby League Grand final.

Historically, America One had a longstanding partnership with the Canadian Football League that lasted through much of the 2000s; this ended prior to the 2010 season, with NFL Network taking over U.S. broadcast rights; as of 2014, ESPN holds those rights.

In 2012, America One became the first American network to broadcast a Nippon Professional Baseball (NPB) game (Hiroshima Toyo Carp home game) on tape delay.


Affiliates received four minutes per hour for ads and end breaks while having to secure cable carriage themselves.[8] One of the stations that was affiliated with America One was KPDC-LP.[9][10]

One Media Corp

From 2010 to 2015, it was owned and operated by One Media Corp, based in Dallas, Texas, which also operates

  • One CNNXT, a broadband transport company[8]
  • B2 Broadcasting, a premier provider of reliable and secure international high definition television transport and pay-per-view broadcasting service[11]

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KYMB-LD is a low-powered television station broadcasting in digital on channel 27, serving the Monterey Bay area in Monterey, California. Founded July 31, 2007, the station is currently owned by Monterey Bay Television LLC. Comcast carries KYMB 27.1 on channel 19 in the Monterey Bay Area and Santa Cruz County. The station broadcasts five digital subchannels and is an affiliate of Me-TV, This TV, QVC Shopping Network, TCN Country and the Son Life television networks.

List of America One affiliates

The following is a list of affiliates of the defunct America One television network in the United States and its territories. This list does not include the numerous regional cable sports networks that America One served.

List of television stations in Louisiana

This is a list of broadcast television stations serving cities in the U.S. state of Louisiana.

List of television stations in Oregon

This is a list of broadcast television stations serving cities in the U.S. state of Oregon.


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Network One

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Today the Press has an active backlist of roughly 2,000 titles and an annual output of upward of 120 new books in a focused editorial program. Areas of special interest include American history and culture; ancient, medieval, and Renaissance studies; anthropology; landscape architecture; studio arts; human rights; Jewish studies; and political science. The Press also publishes 16 peer-reviewed academic journals, mostly in the humanities, and the magazine Dissent.

The University of Pennsylvania Press, Inc. is a nonprofit Pennsylvania corporation wholly owned by the University of Pennsylvania, maintaining its own nonprofit tax status under Section 501(c)(3) of the United States Internal Revenue Code.

The Press currently resides at 3905 Spruce Street in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. The building housing the press is the former Potts House built by the Wilson Brothers & Company architecture firm in 1876. The house previously served as both the headquarters of International House Philadelphia and WXPN.


WNCE-CD channel 31 is a Class-A LPTV television Station in Glens Falls, New York. Formerly an affiliate of Network One & America One, WNCE switched to Youtoo America after A1 discontinued service. Formerly known as TV8, now Look TV (with the "oo" as a sideways number 8), WNCE also airs locally produced programming, including a live music program called 8 Trax Live, and a nightly news program called "North News 8".

Their web site can be found here:


WVVH-CD is a Class A low-power television station in East Hampton (town), New York, broadcasting locally on channel 50. WVVH-CD is owned by Greg and Ernie Schmizzi, doing business as Video Voice, and runs programming from Youtoo America and Outside Television.

Although the FCC record lists it in Southampton, New York, its studios, antenna and mailing address are by the East Hampton Airport in Wainscott, New York in East Hampton near the Southampton border.

The station claims to be the largest FCC-licensed station in Suffolk County, New York.In addition to its network programming, WVVH-CD also shows local programming, such as the Hampton Classic Horse Show, Hamptons International Film Festival, and the Bridgehampton Road Rally, as well as the talk show In The Mixx, which premiered in summer 2012. At one time, WVVH maintained a local newscast, but eventually began carrying INN News. WVVH also carried the syndicated The Daily Buzz program on weekday mornings.


WYLN-LP is a Class-A television station in Hazleton, Pennsylvania, broadcasting locally as a Youtoo America affiliate on channel 35. It went on the air in 1989 as W35AT, and changed to the current WYLN-LP in 1996. It became the first affiliate of The WB in the Scranton/Wilkes-Barre/Hazleton market that year, later losing the affiliation to WSWB-TV in 1998. After that it became an America One affiliate. It is owned by Triple J Community Broadcasting, L.L.C.

Youtoo America

Youtoo America, formerly known as Youtoo TV, AmericanLife TV Network (ALN), GoodLife TV Network, Nostalgia Good TV, Nostalgia Television, Nostalgia Channel and America One, is an American television network launched on February 1, 1985, as a cable channel.

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