Amadiya District

Amadiya District (Kurdish: قەزای ئامێدی, Amêdî, Arabic: قضاء العمادية‎, romanizedqaḍāʾ al-Emadiyah ; Syriac: ܪܘܼܣܬܵܩܵܐ ܕܥܲܡܵܕܝܵܐ‎, romanizedrûstāqā d-Emadiyah)) is a district in northern central Dohuk Governorate within Iraqi Kurdistan. Administrative center is the city of Amadiya.

Amadiya District, Amêdî, قەزای ئامێدی

قضاء العمادية

ܪܘ݂ܣܬܵܩܵܐ ܕܥܲܡܵܕܝܵܐ
Dihok governorate 2012
Location of Amadiya in Iraqi Kurdistan
Coordinates (Amadiya): 37°05′33″N 43°29′14″E / 37.09250°N 43.48722°ECoordinates: 37°05′33″N 43°29′14″E / 37.09250°N 43.48722°E
Country Iraq
Region Iraqi Kurdistan
Time zoneUTC+3 (AST)
Area code+964 62


The district has four sub-districts:


173606 The picturesque village of Amedye, Iraq in 2009

The town and capital of the district, Amadiya.


Citadel of Al Amadiya.


30% being Assyrian and 70% being Kurds as of 2012.

Dihok governorate 2012
Districts of Dohuk Governorate
(as of 2012)
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Amadiya (Kurdish: Amêdî, ئامێدی‎, Arabic: العمادية‎, Aramaic: ܥܲܡܵܕܝܵܐ‎ Al-Emadiyah) is an Iraqi Kurdish town and popular summer resort and Hill station along a tributary to the Great Zab in the Dahuk Governorate of Iraqi Kurdistan. The city is situated 4,600 feet (1,400 m) above sea level.

Amara District

Amara District (Arabic: حي عمارة) is a district of the Maysan Governorate, Iraq.

The population of Amara District is currently around 1,250,000 people.

Amarah is located inside of Amara District and is the capital and largest city of the Maysan Governorate. The population of the city is

511,542 and is the 7th largest city in Iraq by population.

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Daquq District

Daquq District (Arabic: قضاء داقوق‎, romanized: qaḍāʾ Daquq) is a district in eastern Kirkuk Governorate, northern Iraq. Administrative center is the city of Daquq.


Duhok or Dohuk (Kurdish: دهۆک, Dihok‎; Syriac: ܢܘܗܕܪܐ‎, romanized: Nūhadrā; Arabic: دهوك‎, Dahūk) is the capital of the Duhok Governorate in Kurdistan Region. The city is encircled by mountains along the Tigris river. Duhok has a growing tourist industry. Its population has increased rapidly since the 1990s, as the rural population moved to the cities after villages were destroyed by the Iraqi army. The University of Duhok, founded in 1992, is a renowned center for teaching and research. The city of Duhok is natively populated by Kurds and Assyrians and there are also some Arabs, Yazidis and Turkmen. Duhok is an expanding city that grows and develops every day.

Duhok has been a center for many refugees since 2014 as the Kurdistan Regional Government was the only governorate in Iraq to take in Iraqi and Syrian refugees.

Duhok Governorate contains many mosques and historical shrines and tombs built during the Ayyubid period and historical sites from the Guti Medes, and still exist in the present, including the Great Duhok Mosque, the Azadi Mosque, the Saladin Salah Din Al - Ayoubi Mosque and the Great Mosque in Aqrah. It also has historical churches such as the Mar Odisho Church in the village of Dooreh (located in the Amadiya District), the Church of Mart Shmoni and the Church of Sultana Mahdokht (which was established in 325 AD) in the village of Araden.

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Kani Masi

Ain Nuni (Syriac: ܥܝܢ ܢܘ݂ܢ̈ܐ‎ , Arabic: عين نوني‎) or Kani Masi, (Arabic: كاني ماسي‎ ) is a large Assyrian village in the Amadiya District of the Dahuk Governorate and part of the Lower Barwari region of Assyrian Settlements.

Ain Nuni village slideshow from Remon Haidow taken from YouTube under Creative Commons Attribution licence (reuse allowed).

Mosul District

Mosul District (Arabic: الموصل‎, Syriac: ܢܝܢܘܐ‎, Kurdish: Mûsil‎) is a district in Nineveh Governorate, Iraq. Its administrative center is the city of Mosul. Other settlements include Al-Qayyarah, Al-Shurah, Hamam al-Alil, Al-Mahlaah, and Hamidat. The district is predominantly Sunni Arab, with minorities of Kurds, Assyrians, and Turkmen located in Mosul city.

Tel Afar District

Tel Afar District (Turkish: Telafer) is a district in Nineveh Governorate, Iraq. Its administrative center is the city of Tal Afar. Other towns include Rabia, Zummar, and al-Ayadia. It has a mixed population of Iraqi Turkmens and Arabs.

Tooz District

Tooz District is a district in the north-eastern part of Saladin Governorate, Iraq. Its main settlement is the city of Tuz Khurmatu. Other towns include Sulaiman Bek, Yankjah, and Amirli.

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