Alta (town)

Alta (Norwegian) or Áltá (Northern Sami) or Alattio (Kven) is a town in Alta Municipality in Finnmark county, Norway. The town is the administrative centre of the municipality and the major commercial centre in the western part of the county. The town is located on the southern end of Altafjorden at the mouth of the river Altaelva. There are several suburbs around the town. Kåfjord, Kvenvik, and Jiepmaluokta lie to the west; Øvre Alta and Tverrelvdalen lie to the south; and Rafsbotn lies to the east. The famous rock carvings at Alta lie just to the west of the town.[3]

The town of Alta has three churches: the historic Alta Church in Bossekop, the relatively new Elvebakken Church in Elvebakken, and the Northern Lights Cathedral (the new "main" church for the municipality that was completed in 2013). Alta is also an educational centre in Finnmark county. Finnmark University College is based in Alta as well as the local primary and secondary schools, including Alta Upper Secondary School. Alta District Court is based in the town, serving the municipalities of Loppa and Alta. Alta IF is the main sports team for the town.[3]

Alta  (Norwegian)

Alattio  (Kven)
Áltá  (Northern Sami)
View of parts of the town
View of parts of the town
Alta is located in Finnmark
Location of the town
Alta is located in Norway
Alta (Norway)
Coordinates: 69°58′08″N 23°16′18″E / 69.9689°N 23.2716°ECoordinates: 69°58′08″N 23°16′18″E / 69.9689°N 23.2716°E
RegionNorthern Norway
MunicipalityAlta Municipality
 • Total9.23 km2 (3.56 sq mi)
Elevation60 m (200 ft)
 • Total15,094
 • Density1,635/km2 (4,230/sq mi)
Time zoneUTC+01:00 (CET)
 • Summer (DST)UTC+02:00 (CEST)
Post Code
9509 Alta


Alta is considered the northernmost city in the world with a population surpassing 10,000. The town of Alta was established in 2000 when the villages of Bossekop, Elvebakken, and Alta were joined and declared a town by the municipality council. The 9.23-square-kilometre (2,280-acre) town has a population (2017) of 15,094 which gives the town a population density of 1,635 inhabitants per square kilometre (4,230/sq mi).[1][3]


Alta is a centre of transportation in Finnmark county. The town has port facilities along Altafjorden, just alongside Alta Airport in Elvebakken. The airport has direct flights to Oslo and certain other big cities in Norway like Tromsø. The European route E6 highway also runs through the town and the European route E45 has its northern terminus in the town. The main industries present in Alta include a concrete product factory; several wood mills and sawmills; and dairy, horticulture trade, and maritime services.[3]

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9 - FN-stafett 2012 - Komsa skole (Alta)
Altabakkene 01
Bilde-Alta boligomraade
Nordlyskatedralen i Alta
Alta Sentrum
Alta Centrum 2
Alta Centrum 1

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The Alberta Municipal Government Board (MGB) is a provincial quasi-judicial tribunal in Alberta, Canada. The MGB is affiliated with the Alberta Ministry of Municipal Affairs. The MGB is established pursuant to the Municipal Government Act (MGA), which authorizes it to hear: appeals from subdivision applications involving a provincial interest, appeals of linear property assessments, intermunicipal disputes, municipal annexations, and other matters.

The MGB is composed of Board Members and Staff Members. Board Members are appointed for terms of up to 3 years by the Lieutenant Governor in Council, on recommendation by the Minister of Municipal Affairs. Board Member remuneration is determined by the Lieutenant Governor in Council and periodically updated. Head office is located in Edmonton and hearings are frequently heard in the city, however hearings are conducted throughout the province of Alberta.

Chincha Alta

Chincha Alta is a Peruvian city located in the Ica Region. It is the capital of Chincha Province.

Rock carvings at Alta

The Rock art of Alta (Helleristningene i Alta) are located in and around the municipality of Alta in the county of Finnmark in northern Norway. Since the first carvings were discovered in 1973, more than 6000 carvings have been found on several sites around Alta. The largest locality, at Jiepmaluokta about 5 kilometres from Alta, contains thousands of individual carvings and has been turned into an open-air museum. The site, along with the sites Storsteinen, Kåfjord, Amtmannsnes and Transfarelv, was placed on the UNESCO list of World Heritage Sites on 3 December 1985. It is Norway's only prehistoric World Heritage Site.The carvings were divided into five separate groups by Professor Knut Helskog, of the Department of Cultural Sciences at the University of Tromsø. Using shoreline dating, the earliest carvings were dated to around 4200 BC; the most recent carvings were dated to around 500 BC. In 2010 researcher Jan Magne Gjerde pushed the dates for the oldest phases back by 1000 years. The wide variety of imagery shows a culture of hunter-gatherers that was able to control herds of reindeer, was adept at boat building and fishing and practiced shamanistic rituals involving bear worship and other venerated animals.

In April 2014 the World Heritage Rock Art Centre - Alta museum launched the website, a digital archive containing pictures of the rock art of Alta. The archive contains several thousand pictures and tracings, and will in the future probably contain other kinds of documenting material as well, such as 3D-scans and articles.

Sverre Engen

Sverre S. Engen (January 28, 1911 – April 4, 2001) was a Norwegian-American skier, ski coach, ski area manager, and film-maker.

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