Alliott Group

Alliott Group is an international association of accounting firms and law firms that provide audit, accountancy, tax, real estate, M&A, global mobility, commercial law and private wealth services. It ranks as one of more than 200 professional services networks worldwide. The association was established in 1979 and comprises 150 member firms in some 160 cities across 64 countries. The alliance aims to be a Top 10 ranked alliance by the end of 2021 and to achieve this by appointing an accounting and law firm member (dual coverage) in the majority of the world's commercial hubs.

Member firms are independent, mid-market professional practices. At the end of 2018, Alliott Group was ranked by Accountancy Age as the 13th largest international association of accounting firms with aggregated revenues of approximately USD628 million.[2]

In October 2016, at the International Accounting Bulletin (IAB) Awards, Alliott Group was presented with the "2016 Rising Star International Association of Accounting Firms of the Year" award.[3]

Through its member firms, the association offers services to Small and medium-sized enterprises across a number of sectors and has services groups focused on international tax, VAT/indirect tax, transfer pricing, private wealth, global mobility, commercial law, real estate and M&A.

Alliott Group
Alliott Peirson International (1979–1999)
Private limited company
IndustryProfessional services
Association, Network
HeadquartersWorldwide, with Executive Office in Petersfield, UK,
Area served
Worldwide, 160+ cities[1]
Key people
Colin Farmer(Worldwide Chair)
Giles Brake (COO)
Darsi Casey(Deputy Worldwide Chair)
Financial Advisory
Risk Advisory
Corporate finance
RevenueUSD$628 million(March 2017)



Logo of Alliott Peirson International, the forerunner to Alliott Group

The original founding firms already had working relationships and mutual clients but established a formal association in Alliott Peirson International, Alliott Group’s forerunner, in 1979.[4] The association’s aim was to meet the needs more efficiently of those clients that needed assistance when expanding into or facing challenges in different jurisdictions around the world. As client demand for services in new locations grew, member firms were (and continue to be) appointed in key commercial cities across the world.

Multidisciplinary expansion

According to Inside Public Accounting, "Alliott Group was one of the first international groups to adopt an interdisciplinary approach." [5] The association opened its membership to law firms in 2004, and as of March 2019, 34 law firms are members. As a result, Alliott Group may be listed as an international law firm network [6] or as one of a small number of Multidisciplinary professional services networks.


Chair person

Previous Worldwide Chair Kenneth J. Miles (2015-16)

2009: John Jones (Santa Rosa, CA, USA) [7]

2012: John Kleopas (Athens, Greece) [8]

2016: Kenneth J. Miles (Los Angeles, CA, USA) [9]

2017: Colin Farmer (London, UK) [10]

Key milestones

1979: Alliott Peirson International formed.[11]

1999: Name changed to Alliott Group.

2015: Alliott Group wins 2015 Accountancy & Law Alliance of the Year in the Global Market award.[12]

2016: Alliott Group won the 2016 Rising Star International Association of Accounting Firms award.[13]

James Hickey (far left), Giles Brake (Head of Marketing), Jenny Ringrose (Events Manager) & Colin Farmer (far right) with The Accountant/IAB 2016 International Association of Accounting Firms (Rising Star) Award

2016: Expansion of alliance membership to Australia (Melbourne), Japan (Tokyo), Netherlands (Eindhoven), Northern Ireland, Saudi Arabia and South Africa (Johannesburg and Cape Town)

2017: Expansion of alliance membership to Spain (Madrid)

2018: Expansion of alliance membership to Canada (Toronto), Oman, Tunisia and Zambia. Co-sponsors of the Forum for Expatriate Management's EMEA Global Mobility Summit.

2019: Expansion of alliance membership to Morocco, Hungary, Kenya, Mannheim and Los Angeles. Co-sponsors of the Forum for Expatriate Management's Amsterdam Global Mobility Conference (7 March 2019).

Worldwide conferences

1979: London, UK

1980: London, UK

1981: Copenhagen, Denmark

1987: Edinburgh, Scotland

1988: Surfers Paradise, Australia

1989: Vienna, Austria

1991: Orlando, FL, USA

1992: Barcelona, Spain

Alliott Group worldwide conference history-441px
An early Alliott Group (Alliott Peirson International) Worldwide Conference

1993: Hong Kong

1994: Melbourne, Australia

1995: Montreal, Canada

1996: Penang, Malaysia

1997: Abu Dhabi, UAE

1998: San Diego, CA, USA

1999: Melbourne, Australia

2000: Mauritius

2001: Event cancelled

2002: Mexico City

2003: Miami, FL, USA

2004: Cairns, Australia

2005: Cape Town, South Africa

2006: Beijing, China

2007: San Francisco, CA, USA

2008: Athens, Greece

2009: Boston, MA, USA

2010: Singapore

2011: Barcelona, Spain

2012: San Diego, CA, USA

2013: Hong Kong

2014: Johannesburg, South Africa

2015: New York, NY, USA

2016: London, UK

2017: Sydney, Australia

2018: Vancouver, Canada

2019: Madrid, Spain

2020: Tokyo, Japan


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There are 10 multidisciplinary networks. The largest are: Alliott Group, MSI Global Alliance, Morison International, Geneva Group, International Practice Group, WSG - World Services Group and Russell Bedford International. These networks have more than 100 member firms in as many as 90 countries in hundreds of offices. The members employ thousands of professionals.

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