Allegheny County District Attorney

The Allegheny County District Attorney is the elected district attorney for Pittsburgh and Allegheny County, Pennsylvania. The office is responsible for the prosecution of violations of Pennsylvania commonwealth laws. (Federal law violations are prosecuted by the U.S. Attorney for the Western District of Pennsylvania). The current District Attorney is Stephen Zappala.

In 1995 the Assistant District Attorneys formed a collective bargaining unit and voted to be represented by the United Steelworkers of America. The bargaining unit also represents Assistant Public Defenders, Scientists in the Coroner's Office (now the Office of Medical Examiner) and computer professionals in the Prothonotary's Office (now the Department of Court Records.) [1]


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ACDA may refer to:

Allegheny County District Attorney

American Choral Directors Association, a non-profit organization

Arms Control and Disarmament Agency, an independent agency

Assured Clear Distance Ahead, a fundamental driving principle

Thomas Acda (born March 6, 1967), television actor

Andrew Park

Andrew Park may refer to:

Andrew Park (animator), English animator

Andrew Park (theatre director), American theatre director and puppeteer

Andrew Park (tennis) (born 1980), American former tennis player

Andrew S. Park, Korean American Methodist theologian

Andrew T. Park, Allegheny County District Attorney

Andrew T. Park

Andrew T. Park was the Allegheny County District Attorney from April 23, 1930 [1] until December 1941-January 1942.

Artemas Leslie

Artemas C. Leslie was the Allegheny County District Attorney serving metropolitan Pittsburgh, United States, from December 17, 1945 until January 1948.[1] He was a member of the Republican Party. [2] Prior to being appointed District Attorney he was chairman of the "Red Cross War Fund" from December 28, 1941 throughout World War II. [3]


Edward Boyle

Edward Boyle may refer to:

Sir Edward Boyle, 1st Baronet (1848–1909), MP for Taunton 1906–1909, grandfather of Baron Boyle

Edward Boyle, Baron Boyle of Handsworth (1923–1981), British Conservative Party politician, MP 1950–1970

Edward C. Boyle (died 1981), Allegheny County District Attorney for Pittsburgh from 1956–1964

Edward Courtney Boyle (1883–1967), English Royal Navy officer, First World War recipient of the Victoria Cross

Edward F. Boyle, (1876–1943) Borough president of Manhattan, New York in 1919

Edward G. Boyle (1899–1977), Canadian set decorator

Edward James Boyle Sr. (1913–2002), U.S. federal judge

Edward Mayfield Boyle, Sierra Leone Creole medical doctor

Eddie Boyle (1874–1941), catcher in Major League Baseball

Edward C. Boyle

Edward Carol Boyle (December 24, 1904 - June 29, 1981) was the Allegheny County District Attorney in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania from January 3, 1956 until January 6, 1964. Mr. Boyle attended Duquesne University School of Law Class of 1928. He was a member of the Democratic Party, serving as a delegate at the 1960 Democratic National Convention. From 1949 until 1953 he served as U.S. Attorney for the Western District of Pennsylvania.

Government of Pittsburgh

The Government of Pittsburgh is composed of the Mayor, the City Council, and various boards and commissions. Most of these offices are housed within the Pittsburgh City-County Building. The Government of Pittsburgh receives its authority from the Pennsylvania General Assembly pursuant to Part III of Title 53 of the Pennsylvania Consolidated Statutes, relating to Cities of the Second Class.

James Malone

James or Jim Malone may refer to:

James F. Malone (1904–1976), Allegheny County District Attorney in the 1950s for Pittsburgh

James E. Malone, Jr. (born 1957), member of the Maryland House of Delegates

James L. Malone (1908–1979), first head football coach for the University of Louisiana at Monroe Warhawks

James L. Malone (diplomat) (born 1931), Asst. Secretary of State in the Reagan Administration

James Malone (Australian politician) (1878–1952), New South Wales politician

James Malone (musician), member of the band Arsis

James William Malone (1920–2000), Roman Catholic bishop of Youngstown

Jim Malone (footballer) (born 1925), former North Melbourne VFL footballer

Jim Malone (ice hockey) (born 1962), retired Canadian ice hockey player

Jim Malone, a character in the 1987 film The Untouchables, played by Sean Connery

James Joseph Malone (1883–?), Australian engineer

John Hickton (District Attorney)

John Hickton was the District Attorney for Allegheny County, Pennsylvania from April 4, 1974 until January 1976.

Prior to his serving as District Attorney he was Allegheny County Solicitor and Port Authority of Allegheny County chief council.He died on June 15, 2002.

King County Prosecuting Attorney

The King County Prosecuting Attorney is a non-partisan elected official in King County, Washington. The Prosecuting Attorney leads the King County Prosecuting Attorney's Office, and prosecutes all felonies (as well as all misdemeanors in unincorporated areas) that occur within King County, Washington. Since 2007, the position has been held by Dan Satterberg.

Robert Colville

Robert E. Colville (1935 - September 11, 2018)[1] was a Democratic politician and attorney from Pennsylvania.

Robert Duggan

Robert Ward Duggan (January 27, 1926 – March 5, 1974) served as Allegheny County District Attorney in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania for a decade, from January 1964 until his shooting death under mysterious circumstances in March 1974. He had been under investigation by then-United States District Attorney Richard Thornburgh for corruption.

Russell H. Adams

Russell Hartley Adams (April 22, 1899 – March 19, 1956) was an American attorney who served as Allegheny County District Attorney, including metropolitan Pittsburgh, from January 1942 until December 17, 1945. He was a member of the Republican Party.Adams was born in Duquesne, Pennsylvania, to Harry H. Adams and Gwendolyn Davis. He died of coronary occlusion in Mt. Lebanon, Pennsylvania.

Samuel Gardner (disambiguation)

Samuel Gardner was a composer.

Samuel Gardner may also refer to:

Samuel H. Gardner, Allegheny County District Attorney for Pittsburgh

Samuel Gardner (MP), English politician

Samuel Gardner (Georgia) a representative elected to the Georgia Assembly during the Reconstruction era

Samuel H. Gardner

Samuel H. Gardner was the Allegheny County District Attorney for Pittsburgh until April 23, 1930. [1]

Shooting of Antwon Rose Jr.

Antwon Rose II was a 17-year-old African-American who was shot and killed in East Pittsburgh on June 19, 2018 by East Pittsburgh Police Officer Michael Rosfeld, after he attempted to evade arrest by running from a car that was involved in a drive-by shooting 10 minutes earlier. Rose was unarmed when shot, and later died in McKeesport Hospital.

Allegheny County District Attorney Stephen Zappala stated that Rose had an empty 9-millimeter handgun magazine in his pocket, and officials stated there were two guns in the car, one being a 9-mm-caliber handgun and the other a .40-caliber handgun.The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette published video footage showing Rose riding in the front passenger seat while Zaijuan Hester fired through the rear window behind him. Contradicting that video evidence, drive-by victim William Ross told investigators on January 17, 2019 that Rose was in fact the individual who had shot him: "The beef was between me and him, that car came by, he shot me, I ran to the store." Despite Ross' testimony and the gun under Rose's seat matching the empty magazine on his person, prosecutors maintained Rose did not fire a weapon during the earlier drive-by shooting. For his part in that shooting, Hester pleaded guilty to multiple counts of firearms and aggravated assault charges.Rose had gunshot residue on his hands at the time he was shot, according to trial testimony from a scientist at the Allegheny County Medical Examiner’s Office, and Rose's DNA was found on the 9mm pistol found under the passenger seat in which he was riding during the drive-by shooting. Rosfeld's attorney additionally claimed that Rose had stolen one of the handguns found in the car during an armed robbery of his employer just hours before he was shot, but this was ruled inadmissible by Judge Alexander Bicket given that information regarding the gun theft was unknown to Rosfeld at the time Rose was shot and killed.Two days of protests spurred by Rose's killing broke out in boroughs near East Pittsburgh and in Pittsburgh after his death.

Rosfeld was charged with criminal homicide, was arraigned, and had unsecured bail set at $250,000. His trial began on March 19, 2019 and concluded on March 22, 2019. Rosfeld was found not guilty of criminal homicide.

Stephen Zappala

Stephen A. Zappala Jr. is a Democratic politician and attorney who is the District Attorney of Allegheny County, Pennsylvania.

Thomas M. Nolan

Thomas Martin Nolan (October 24, 1916 – April 7, 1989) is a former Democratic member of the Pennsylvania State Senate and Pennsylvania House of Representatives.He represented the 34th legislative district in the Pennsylvania House of Representatives from 1969 to 1970. He was then elected to represent the 44th senatorial district in the Pennsylvania Senate in 1970.During a 1971 debate, Governor Milton Shapp's proposed a 5% state income tax. Nolan was one of two democratic holdouts in the Pennsylvania Senate. When the suggested rate was reduced to 3.5%, Nolan finally agreed to vote in favor of it. It was alleged that Nolan's brother Edward, was offered a bribe in exchange for convincing his brother to vote in favor of the tax. The matter was referred to the FBI, the Allegheny County District Attorney, and U.S. Attorney Richard Thornburgh, but no charges were ever filed.Thom Nolan served in the Senate until 1978.

He and three other defendants, including Vince Fumo and Pete Carmiel, were accused of placing "ghost workers" on state payroll. The charges were later thrown out.

William Rahauser

William S. Rahauser was the Allegheny County District Attorney from January 1948 to January 1952 and was a member of the Democratic Party. A native of suburban Coraopolis, Pennsylvania he started in politics with wins as a Pennsylvania State Senator in the 1940s, he went on to become a District Judge in Pittsburgh.

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