Allan Lake

Allan Lake (born 13 November 1983 on the Isle of Wight) is a British radio presenter.

Allan Lake
Born13 November 1983 (age 35)
Isle of Wight, United Kingdom
OccupationRadio Presenter


Lake started his radio career at Isle of Wight Radio, working as the teaboy on the Saturday sports show and as producer for the station's veteran phone-in presenter Alex Dyke. This led to his own Saturday evening show, but he was let go by the station after broadcasting a controversial feature named "Bin Laden reads the Bible". After this, he moved to neighbouring station Power FM, before leaving the south coast for Hull to present Late Night Lake at Viking FM. Whilst working at Galaxy Manchester he generated more controversy after comments he made about Pop Idol winner Michelle McManus.[1][2][3]

After a stint at Liverpool's Juice FM, he moved to London and GCap Media's Capital Disney for an evening show named "In on the Lake" from January 2005 to August 2006. Lake was then moved to the Breakfast show on sister station Core. After eight months, the show ended as the station switched to a non-stop music format. During this tame, Lake was also a regular cover presenter for Capital 95.8. He has covered shows for GCap's Coast 96.3 and Red Dragon FM, where he once again generated more controversy over his sacking, after getting listeners to call the programme controller to try to persuade him to hire him, who in turn rehired him.[4] During his time on the Evening show, Lake caused Red Dragon to have its building lease reviewed after he ordered a live cow to be delivered to the studios. Both incidents were radio stunts with the consent of management, Allan continued to be employed by the group throughout.

Lake left his evening show on Red Dragon on 13 March 2008 after his show was to be replaced by a new GCap networked evening show Music Control, leaving the station on 16 March after his last Sunday "Takeover" show. After leaving Red Dragon, he covered on Xfm South Wales and Oxford's FM 107.9, before joining Invicta FM.[5] Lake then left Invicta FM, due to networked shows replacing his Sunday show, and covered at Kerrang Radio. Followed by Q Radio, presenting Saturday 10am to 1pm. He then presented weekday mornings at Nation Radio before leaving to work at the then recently rebranded Absolute Radio, previously known as Virgin Radio. He joined on 27 September 2008 presenting over nights[6] Lake had his contract at Absolute Radio terminated in April 2009, just 7 months into the life of the new station and Lake's tenure on overnights. The broadcaster was censured by OFCOM for promoting e-cigarettes sent by a manufacturer and was noted to have constantly referred to the product on air. Ofcom found there 'was no editorial justification for the frequency and prominence of these references' and the broadcaster in breach of rules 10.3 and 10.4 of the broadcasting code. Absolute Radio in their public comments on the issue described the comments as 'an ill-judged editorial choice on the part of the presenter'.[7]

Allan Lake then returned to Nation Radio, in South Wales to host the evening show.

Lake now presents on the UK's South Coast radio station Fire Radio He can now be heard on the Morning Bit 7:00am – 11:00am and on other stations within the group.

The Team

Allan has in the past been accompanied by a team of radio associates, who have joined him on his show. Fat Steve, the pseudonymous New York based comedy writer Stu Levine with whom he has done much of his US-based work. Long-term friend Lee Elliott, known as Big Ginger Lee, has often been heard on air with Allan. Whilst at Capital Disney, Allan was joined by a series of other people who made regular appearances. Adam Morris, known on air as The General joined him as teaboy at Capital Disney, eventually taking the reins of the show when Allan left. Allan was also joined by co-host Chloe, Radio DJs Pat Sharp and radio legend and mentor Mark Fox, engineer Robin and jingle maker Tyler Lewis. On Core, newsreader Ben Evans also joined, with other Core DJs regularly featuring. When he presented weekday mornings at Nation Radio, he was joined by DJ Ben Evans, who used to join him when they worked for Core (see above). Fire Radio run a format that does not include co-hosts

Will Chambers, programme manager of Capital Disney and Bern Leckie, programme manager of Core, have both appeared on their respective stations, with Will often joining Allan for Late Night Lake on Core as producer.


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Hatzic is a historic community in the Central Fraser Valley region of the Lower Mainland of British Columbia, Canada, located on the east side of the District of Mission and including areas beyond the municipal boundary to the east and northeast.

Hatzic is the location of two very important historical sites in British Columbia, the mission school of the Oblate Fathers (OMI), St. Mary's Indian Residential School, the name sake of the District of Mission, and Xá:ytem, an archaeological site and museum dating to 9,000 years B.P. Also notable is Ferncliff Gardens, a private floral operation now becoming a heritage site. Hatzic Slough, which is part of the drainage for the oxbow Hatzic Lake, is the site of one of the world's largest dry-sorting yards for raw timber. A former railway station named Hatzic was located between the outlet of Hatzic Lake and the foot of the rise to the benchland where most of residential Hatzic is today.Mission's Fraser River Heritage Park is to the west and incorporates lands formerly belonging to the Oblate mission, including the foundations of the original school, though it is accessed from Mission proper, not via Hatzic.

Hatzic is one of Mission's older suburban neighbourhoods and is home to Hatzic Secondary School and various elementary schools. Overlooking it from above is Westminster Abbey, a Benedictine monastery established in the 1950s, which is part of the Ferndale neighbourhood of Mission. Across the floodplain from the benchland Hatzic proper overlooks and where Hatzic Valley is located is the community of Dewdney, standing astride the bridge where British Columbia Highway 7 leads onto Nicomen Island. Across the Fraser River from Hatzic is the northeast sector of Matsqui Prairie.

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The island has been home to the poets Swinburne and Tennyson and to Queen Victoria, who built her much-loved summer residence and final home Osborne House at East Cowes. It has a maritime and industrial tradition including boat-building, sail-making, the manufacture of flying boats, the hovercraft, and Britain's space rockets. The island hosts annual music festivals including the Isle of Wight Festival, which in 1970 was the largest rock music event ever held. It has well-conserved wildlife and some of the richest cliffs and quarries for dinosaur fossils in Europe.

The isle was owned by a Norman family until 1293 and was earlier a kingdom in its own right. In common with the Crown dependencies, the British Crown was then represented on the island by the Governor of the Isle of Wight until 1995. The island has played an important part in the defence of the ports of Southampton and Portsmouth, and been near the front-line of conflicts through the ages, including the Spanish Armada and the Battle of Britain. Rural for most of its history, its Victorian fashionability and the growing affordability of holidays led to significant urban development during the late 19th and early 20th centuries. Historically part of Hampshire, the island became a separate administrative county in 1890. It continued to share the Lord Lieutenant of Hampshire until 1974, when it was made its own ceremonial county. Apart from a shared police force, there is now no administrative link with Hampshire, although a combined local authority with Portsmouth and Southampton was considered, this is now unlikely to proceed.The quickest public transport link to the mainland is the hovercraft from Ryde to Southsea; three vehicle ferry and two catamaran services cross the Solent to Southampton, Lymington and Portsmouth.

Lakes of Temagami

There are more than 200 named lakes located partially or entirely within the Municipality of Temagami, Northeastern Ontario, Canada. They are located in all 25 geographic townships comprising this 1,906.42 km2 (736.07 sq mi) municipality. The largest, by both area and volume, is Lake Temagami. It contains more than 1,200 islands and 1,000 km (620 mi) of shoreline. Other significant lakes include Cross Lake, Gull Lake, Net Lake, Obabika Lake and Rabbit Lake.

Temagami's lakes are situated in two watersheds. To the east, the Ottawa River basin drains lake water via the Matabitchuan River, which flows into Lake Timiskaming then enters the Ottawa River. The Great Lakes Basin to the west drains lake water via the Sturgeon River which flows into Lake Nipissing then enters the French River, eventually reaching Georgian Bay of Lake Huron.

The lakes are a main source of tourism and recreational activity in the Municipality of Temagami. This includes camping, canoeing, fishing, cottaging and youth camps (e.g. Keewaydin), as well as lodge and resort activity. The first recorded tourist was an oblate priest named Charles Paradis, who visited the area in July 1880 and eventually settled on Lake Temagami's Sandy Inlet. Despite its remote location and inaccessibility by rail until 1904, the Temagami area attracted increasing numbers of hardy tourists who arrived, as Paradis had done, by canoe from Lake Timiskaming in the east, or from the west travelling up the Sturgeon River from its intersection with the Canadian Pacific Railway. A wide variety of fish species are found in Temagami lakes, including walleye, smallmouth bass, lake trout, rainbow trout,brook trout, northern pike and perch.

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Q Radio

Q Radio was an online, DAB and DTV radio station, broadcasting on digital television across the UK and online. The station launched in June 2008 as an alternative to the UK's rock and alternative stations, with a strong relationship with Q magazine. The station formed part of the Bauer Passion Portfolio. Coinciding with the launch of Kiss spin-off stations Kisstory and KissFresh, Q Radio closed on 7 May 2013.

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Sandown Bay Academy, formerly Sandown High School, was an academy status secondary school located in Sandown on the Isle of Wight, England. From 2012 to 31 August 2018 it was sponsored by the Academies Enterprise Trust. On 31 August 2018, the academy closed.

Viking FM

Viking FM is a British Independent Local Radio station which has broadcast music and local information to the East Riding of Yorkshire, North Lincolnshire and North East Lincolnshire since 1984. It is based in Kingston upon Hull. The station is owned & operated by Bauer Radio and forms part of the Hits Radio network.

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