Alice Bertha Moreton

Alice Bertha Moreton (née Tippin; 23 March 1901 – 6 January 1977) was an English sculptor, draughtsman, and artist from Liverpool, England.

Alice Betha Moreton
Alice Betha Moreton

Professional life


Alice was originally self-taught, experimenting with art and sculpture in the years following her departure from Bootle Secondary School.[1] Alice then spent a few years at the Bootle School of Art, before training at the Liverpool School of Art.[1] Following this, she studied at the prestigious Royal Academy Schools (1924 – 1928), where she exhibited many times.[1] In her time there, she was taught by Sir William Reid Dick, George Frampton and Ernest Jackson.[2]


Alice was most active as a sculptor and artist between 1924 and 1936, working from London and mainland Europe, as well as from her home town Liverpool.[2]

Materials used

Her sculptures are in terracotta; her art is mainly pen and ink drawing, and watercolour.[2]

Signs work

Before Alice was married she signed her work A B. Tippin.[1] After marriage, Alice signed her work A. Bertha Moreton.[2]



She exhibited at the Salon (Paris), Southport Arts Centre, Manchester Art Gallery, Walker Art Gallery, Merseyside Art Circle, Liverpool John Moores' Exhibition and at the Williamson Art Gallery and Museum.[2]


She was a member of the Liverpool Academy, Reynolds Club and Deeside Art Group.[2]

Work reproduced

Her work has been displayed across Merseyside, in Cheshire Life and in local papers, including the Liverpool Echo and the Liverpool Daily Post.[2]

Honours and exhibitions (chronologically)
Year Honour/exhibit
1922 Won two scholarships and two studentships at the Liverpool School of Art.[1]
1924-1928 Studied at the Royal Academy of Arts. In her time at the Royal Academy she won 3 travelling scholarships (to Rome, Venice and Paris), being awarded 3 silver medals and 3 bronze medals in the process.[1]
1925-36 Exhibited three times with three different portrait heads at The Exhibition of the Royal Academy of Arts (Summer Exhibition), 1768.[3]
1925 Won a 2-year Landseer Scholarship (Royal Academy of Arts), 1884-1950.[3]
1925 Awarded a £5 first prize and a silver medal for two models of 'a bust from the life'.[4]
1926 Awarded a second prize of £20 and a bronze medal for a model of a design of a subject combined with architecture, and a £10 prize and silver medal for a model for a medal or coin.[5]
1927 Awarded a Landseer first prize of £30 and silver medal for a model of a design.[6]
1927 Awarded another Landseer first prize of £30 and silver medal for a set of three models of a figure from the life.[6]
1927 Awarded yet another two year Landseer Scholarship for sculpture, in 1927.[7]
1957 Became a member of the Royal Cambrian Academy of Art.[7]

Personal life

Alice was born in Walton, Liverpool, daughter of David Tippin (a builder and contractor).[1] Her hobbies included riding, swimming and dancing.[1] She married John Moreton in Walton.[1] Over her life, Alice suffered a progressive loss of hearing. She was operated on, but this operation had detrimental effects. Her gravestone is in Willaston.

Famous relatives

Her brother-in-law’s wife’s father, was Henry Tingle Wilde, the chief officer of the RMS Titanic, whose life ended on that fateful night under a cloud of controversy. Charlie Matthews, current Harlequins 2nd Row, is Alice’s great grandson.


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