Alan Smith (radio presenter)

Alan Smith (born 1966) is a presenter[1] and newsreader on BBC Radio 4, who also appears on sister station Radio 4 Extra. Born in the Simpson Memorial Maternity Pavilion, Edinburgh, Scotland,[2] he moved with his family to Cumbria at an early age.

He joined Radio 4 in 2002 after presenting on regional radio & TV. In addition to his BBC work, he hosts an in-flight entertainment programme for British Airways together with corporate presentations. In 2006/7 he had the unusual experience for a formal radio announcer, of having his vocals used as a rap on a dance track after UK electronica act The Young Punx sampled him reading the Shipping Forecast for their track "Rockall".[3] Alan Smith has previously read the news for Radio 2.

As of June 2018, Alan Smith reads the news on the Radio 4 flagship Today Programme.


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