Agencia Boliviana de Información

Agencia Boliviana de Información (ABI) is a government press agency based in Bolivia.

Based in La Paz, it provides information in Spanish.

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2009 flu pandemic in South America

The 2009 flu pandemic in South America was part of a global epidemic in 2009 of a new strain of influenza A virus subtype H1N1, causing what has been commonly called swine flu. As of 9 June 2009, the virus had afflicted at least 2,000 people in South America, with at least 4 confirmed deaths. On 3 May 2009, the first case of the flu in South America was confirmed in a Colombian man who recently travelled from Mexico – since then, it has spread throughout the continent. By far, the most affected country has been Chile, with more than 12,000 confirmed cases, 104 deaths, and the highest per capita incidence in the world.

The World Health Organization warned about the arrival of the winter in the southern hemisphere, where there are seasonal peaks of flu, that could increase the number of infections.

2010 Bolivian regional elections

The 2010 Bolivian regional elections were held on 4 April 2010. Departmental and municipal authorities were elected by an electorate of approximately 5 million people. Among the officials elected are:

Governors of all nine departments

Members of Departamental Legislative Assemblies in each department; 23 seats in these Assemblies will represent indigenous communities, and have been selected by traditional usos y costumbres in the weeks prior to the election

Provincial Subgovernors and Municipal Corregidors (executive authorities) in Beni

Sectional Development Executives at the provincial level in Tarija

Mayors and Council members in all 337 municipalities

The five members of the Regional Assembly in the autonomous region of Gran Chaco

2017 South American Under-20 Beach Soccer Championship

The 2017 CONMEBOL South American Under-20 Beach Soccer Championship was the first edition of the South American Under-20 Beach Soccer Championship (known natively in Spanish as the Sudamericano Sub-20 Futbol Playa), an international youth beach soccer tournament for South American national teams of men under the age of 20.

The championship was organised by CONMEBOL, the governing body for football in South America, in cooperation with the local organisers, the Uruguayan Football Federation (AUF). Confirmed in December 2015, the event took place between 3 and 10 December in Montevideo, Uruguay.Brazil won the inaugural championship, beating Argentina on penalties in the final to become under-20 South American champions.

Agenzia Fides

Agenzia Fides is the news agency of the Vatican. It is based in the Palazzo de Propaganda Fide in Vatican City. It is part of the Congregation for the Evangelization of Peoples. It was formed on June 5, 1927, as the first missionary news agency of the Roman Catholic Church and was approved by Pope Pius XI.

Bolivian Red Cross

The Bolivian Red Cross was officially founded in Bolivia on May 15, 1917. It has its headquarters in La Paz.

List of news agencies

News agencies were created to provide newspapers with information about a wide variety of news events happening around the world. Initially the agencies were meant to provide the news items only to newspapers, but with the passage of time the rapidly developing modern mediums such as radio, television and Internet too adapted the services of news agencies.

Founded in 1835 as Agence Havas, and changing its' name in 1944 Agence France-Presse (AFP) is the world's oldest news agency, and is the third largest news agency in the modern world after the Associated Press (AP) and Reuters. Founded in 1846, Associated Press (AP) was founded in New York in the U.S. as a not-for-profit news agency. Associated Press was challenged by the 1907 creation of United Press Associations by E.W. Scripps and the International News Service in 1909 by William Randolph Hearst. United Press absorbed INS to form United Press International in 1958. In 1851 Reuters was founded in England and is now the second largest news agency in the world with over 2000 offices across the globe. With the advent of communism in Russia, Telegraph Agency of the Soviet Union (TASS) was founded in 1925. Xinhua was later founded as Red China News Services in the Chinese Soviet Republic. Political change in the Third World resulted in a new wave of information dissemination and a series of news agencies were born out of it. These agencies later formed their own Non-Aligned News Agencies Pool (NANAP), which served as a premiere information service in the Third World.

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