Adriean Videanu

Adriean Marian Videanu (Romanian pronunciation: [adriˈe̯an viˈde̯anu]; born 1 June 1962 in Crevenicu, Teleorman County) is a businessman and former mayor of Bucharest, Romania. He is also a vice president of the Democratic Liberal Party of Romania, which was led by Emil Boc and the Minister of Economy in the Boc Cabinet, since 22 December 2008.

A businessman in the marble and granite industry, Videanu was elected mayor in early April 2005, gathering 53.01% of the Bucharest electorate's vote, but the turnout was the lowest since 1989, with only 24.83% of the voters turning up.

Starting with 2008 Videanu is under corruption investigation regarding a business with raw materials for constructions (i.e. curbstones). His own companies were involved in the scandalous affair of the "curbstonization" of the Romanian capital city, Bucharest. A large number of streets from Romanian capital were paved with new curbstones imported from China during the period of 2006-2008. The traffic was severely disturbed, rising the dissatisfaction of Bucharest inhabitants. According to some preliminary data Videanu's companies obtained illegally 4 million euros from state funds.[1]

On 29 January 2015 he was arrested for new corruption allegations.[2]

He and his wife Mioriţa have two children, Andrei-Valentin and Diana-Alexandra.

Adriean Marian Videanu
Foto A. Videanu
Mayor of Bucharest
In office
April 2005 – 19 June 2008
Preceded by Traian Băsescu
Succeeded by Sorin Oprescu
Personal details
Born 1 June 1962
Crevenicu, Teleorman County, Romania
Nationality Romanian
Political party Democratic Liberal Party


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