Adapazarı (pronounced [adapaˈzaɾɯ]) is a city in northwestern Turkey and the capital of Sakarya Province. The province itself was originally named Adapazarı as well. Adapazarı is a part of the densely populated region of the country known as the Marmara Region. In 2014, the city had a population of 462,087.[3]

Adapazarı is located in Turkey
Location in Turkey
Coordinates: 40°47′N 30°24′E / 40.783°N 30.400°E
Country Turkey
ProvinceSakarya Province
DistrictAdapazarı District
 • MayorMutlu Işıksu
31 m (102 ft)
 • Urban
 • District
Time zoneUTC+2 (EET)
 • Summer (DST)UTC+3 (EEST)
Postal Code
Area code(s)(+90) 264
Vehicle registration54
WebsiteMunicipality site


The history of Adapazarı dates back to 378 BC, when it was called Agrilion (Αγρίλιον). Ancient settlers included Phrygians, Bithynians, Cimmerians, Lydians, Greeks, and Persians, but Adapazarı got its identity from the ancient Hellenistic, Romans, and Greek Byzantine rulers. One of the most important remains of historical significance is the Justinianus Bridge (Turkish: Beş Köprü) built by Byzantine Emperor Justinian in 533 CE. Historically, it was situated on the old military road from Constantinople (now Istanbul) to the east, connected in Late Antiquity by the important Sangarius Bridge and, since the end of the 19th century, by a branch line with the Anatolian railway.[4]

In 1868, the Adapazarı Municipality was officially founded on the town called Der Seadet. A sugar factory and agricultural sugar factory attracted many migrants and accelerated the industrialization of the city. A law passed on 17 June 1954 in the Grand National Assembly saw the city separated from Kocaeli Province and made the center of its own province. The 1999 Marmara earthquake affected Adapazarı and inflicted losses in lives and damage. In the 2000 official census, the population was recorded as 158 474. By official decree, the province was renamed Sakarya after the Sakarya River which runs through it.


Adapazarı has a humid subtropical climate (Köppen climate classification Cfa), with considerable maritime and continental influences. Summers are hot and very humid, and the average maximum temperature is around 29 °C in July and August, although temperatures do usually exceed 30 °C in June, July, August and even September. Winters are cool and damp, and the lowest average minimum temperature is around 3 °C in January. Precipitation is high and fairly evenly distributed the year round, and is heaviest in autumn, winter, spring.

Snowfall is quite common between the months of December and March, snowing for a week or two, and it can be heavy.


Adapazarı is the location of a large automobile factory owned by the Toyota Motor Corporation, as well as the Hyundai EURotem train factory. One of the biggest Turkish defense industry Tank Pallet 1st Main Maintenance of Turkish Defense and Otokar a major manufacturer of buses and military vehicles are located in Sakarya. Other major industries in the city and its surrounding province include textile factories for silk and linen products. Agriculture and forestry also form an important part of the city's economy, with the production of tobacco, hazelnuts (fındık variety), walnut-wood, cocoons and vegetables. Adapazari is one of the most important industrial capitals of Turkey. While Turkey is a developing country, the city of Adapazari renovated its infrastructure and industry after the 17 August 1999 catastrophic earthquake which left 600,000 casualties behind. In memory of the earthquake municipality had built a museum of earthquake in city center.

Education and culture

The only university in the city is Sakarya University, one of the largest universities in Turkey in terms of student enrollment. Since its establishment in 1992, Sakarya University has influenced the culture of the city and transformed public life.

In addition to the university, many different institutions shape and influence the culture of the city. Adapazarı Kültür Merkezi (Adapazarı Culture Center), Ofis Sanat Merkezi (Ofis Art Center), and Sakarya Sanat Galerisi (Sakarya Art Gallery) are the main cultural institutions led by the municipality. Adapazari also hosts non-governmental cultural and educational organizations. Of them, Sakarya Bilgi Kültür Merkezi provides educational and cultural activities.


Adapazarı is home to Sakaryaspor. Sakaryaspor has won the Turkish Cup once and has played in the Turkcell Super League for 11 seasons. They were promoted again to the TFF First League in 2011, the second level in the Turkish Football pyramid, as they beat Konya Şeker S.K., Bugsaşspor and Bandırmaspor consecutively in the play-off games of TFF Second League. However they were relegated in the following season, and since 2013 they play in the TFF Third League. Even though Sakaryaspor is not always a permanent team in the Super League, they have raised many of Turkey's best players, such as Hakan Şükür, Tuncay Şanlı, Oğuz Çetin, Aykut Kocaman and many more.

Notable people

Sister cities

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Coordinates: 40°47′N 30°24′E / 40.783°N 30.400°E

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1943 Adapazarı–Hendek earthquake

The 1943 Adapazarı–Hendek earthquake occurred at 17:32 local time on 20 June in Sakarya Province, Turkey. It registered an estimated 6.6 on the surface wave magnitude scale with a maximum intensity of IX (Violent) on the Mercalli intensity scale.

Ada Express

The Ada Express (Turkish: Ada Ekspresi) is a limited stop regional train service operating between Pendik, Istanbul and Adapazarı. It was inaugurated on 5 January 2015 as the successor to the popular Adapazarı Express train service. However, unlike its predecessor, the Ada Express does not make local stops and run as often and it does not operate into central Adapazarı. Trains consist of TVS2000 cars and use E68000 series locomotives for motive power.

Adapazarı Express

The Adapazarı Express (Turkish: Adapazarı Ekspresi) officially listed as the Haydarpaşa-Adapazarı Regional (Turkish: Haydarpaşa-Adapazarı Bölgeseli) was a regional rail service, that ran between Istanbul and Adapazarı. For the majority of its time in service, it was the second-busiest route of the Turkish State Railways, after the Adana-Mersin Regional. Trains served a heavily populated region on the north-east shores of the Sea of Marmara, and the Sakarya plain so service was frequent, with 12 trains daily in each direction in 2012. The Regional service also passed through these important districts of Istanbul: Kadıköy, Maltepe, Kartal, Pendik, Tuzla as well as Gebze, İzmit and Adapazarı. Because of the cities the trains service, it had earned the nickname Metropolitan Express. The train used to service Coşkunoğulları station until the TOE (Turkish Automotive Industry) factory was closed in 1991. It also serviced Acısu, Tepetarla and Kurtköy stations until 1998. Due to the construction of the Istanbul-Ankara high-speed railway, the Haydarpaşa-Adapazarı Regional was discontinued on 1 February 2012 in order to rehabilitate the existing railway line. On 5 January 2015 service between Arifiye and Pendik was reopened with new faster regional service known as the Ada Express.

Adapazarı railway station

Adapazarı station is the main terminal railway station in the city of Adapazarı. It is the eastern terminus of the Haydarpaşa-Adapazarı Regional, the most heavily used rail service line in Turkey and second most in service frequency. The station is located directly in the city center. The other two stations serving Adapazarı are Mithatpaşa railway station, located in southwestern Adapazarı and Arifye railway station, located in Adapazarı's southern suburb. The station is situated on the north end of the Adapazarı Branch, which connects to the Istanbul––Ankara Main Line at Arifye.

The station was opened on November, 1899 by the Anatolian Railway (CFOA). The railway intended to continue to the railway to Bolu and then Ankara, but this never happened and the station became a terminal. In 1969, the line was electrified and new improved regional service was added to İstanbul. On February 1, 2012, the station temporarily closed down due to the construction of the İstanbul-Ankara high-speed railway, however a project that if approved will lead to the abandonment of the station in favor of building a new station in Arifye, which is 8.13 km (5.05 mi) southwest of the city center. The station is currently used for storing rail cars.


Adaray is a short-line commuter rail service operating between Adapazarı and Arifiye in Sakarya, Turkey. Commuter service on the line was introduced in 2013 in order to compensate for the discontinuation of the popular Haydarpaşa-Adapazarı Regional. Along with the three existing stations on the 8.4 km (5.2 mi) line (Adapazarı, Mithatpaşa and Arifiye), five new small stations, consisting of a single island platform, were added.

When regional train service to Istanbul was restored on 5 January 2015, via the Ada Express, Adaray served as a connection between the train's final stop in Arifiye to the city center of Adapazarı.

Arifiye railway station

Arifiye station is a railway station on the Istanbul-Ankara railway in the town of Arifiye, a suburb of Adapazarı. The station is served by the Turkish State Railways as well as Adaray commuter service. The State Railways operates its premier high-speed rail service from Istanbul to Ankara and Konya as well as a premier limited-stop regional train service to Istanbul. Adaray operates commuter rail service to Adapazarı from Arifiye, which is the southern terminus.

Arifiye was originally opened on 1 September 1891 by the Anatolian Railway and taken over by the Turkish State Railways in 1927. The station was rebuilt once in 1977 to increase capacity and rebuilt again between 2012-14 to accommodate new high-speed rail service.

Arifiye–Adapazarı railway

The Adapazari branch is a short, 3.2 km railway branch line off the Istanbul–Ankara main line. The line was opened in 1899 by the Chemins de Fer Ottomans d'Anatolie, and spans from Arifye to Adapazari. An extension to Bolu and Ankara was planned but never constructed.

Ayfer Tunç

Ayfer Tunç (born 1964 in Adapazarı), is a contemporary Turkish writer.

She graduated from the Istanbul University Faculty of Political Sciences. During her university years, she wrote many articles for various literature, culture and art magazines. In 1989, she participated in the Yunus Nadi Short Story Competition organized by the daily Cumhuriyet newspaper. Her short story titled Saklı (Hidden) received the first prize. Between 1999-2004, she worked as the chief editor of Yapı Kredi Publishing House. Her book titled Maniniz Yoksa Annemler Size Gelecek-70’li Yıllarda Hayatımız (My Parents Will Visit You If You Aren’t Occupied - Our Life in the '70s) was published in 2001 was met with great enthusiasm. In 2003, the same book won the International Balkanika Award, co-organized by seven Balkan countries, and qualified for being translated into six Balkan languages. In addition, the book was published in Arabic in Syria and Lebanon. Ayfer Tunç also wrote a script titled Havada Bulut (Cloud in the Sky), based on short stories by Sait Faik Abasıyanık, and it was filmed and broadcast on TRT in 2003.

Ekrem Alican

Ekrem Alican (1916, Adapazarı-June 18, 2000 İstanbul) was a Turkish politician, government minister and party leader.

List of populated places in Sakarya Province

Below is the list of populated places in Sakarya Province of Turkey by ilçes (districts)In the following lists first place in each list is the administrative center of the district.

Mithatpaşa railway station

Mithatpaşa station is a railway station in Adapazarı, Turkey. It is serviced by the Ada Express to Istanbul and Adaray commuter trains to Adapazarı and Arifiye, although the later has been indefinitely suspended. The station also serves the TÜVASAŞ factory located adjacent to it. Mithatpaşa was opened on 1 November 1899 by the Ottoman Anatolian Railway and later taken over by the Turkish State Railways.

Oğuz Çetin

Ahmet Oğuz Çetin (born 15 February 1963) is a Turkish football manager and former player.

Sakarya Atatürk Stadium

Sakarya Atatürk Stadium (Turkish: Sakarya Atatürk Stadı) is a multi-purpose stadium in Adapazarı, Turkey. It is currently used mostly for football matches and is the home stadium of Sakaryaspor. The stadium holds 13,216 spectators. It was named after the Turkish statesman Mustafa Kemal Atatürk.

Sakarya Museum

Sakarya Museum (a.k.a. Adapazarı Museum Turkish: Sakarya Müzesi) is a museum in Adapazarı, Turkey.

Its is on Milli Egemenlik Street.

The museum building was constructed in 1915 as a residence by Major Baha Bey, the Chairman of Military Service Office.In 1983, it was purchased by the Ministry of Culture, and on 21 June 1993, it was opened as a museum. The building was partially damaged during the 1999 İzmit earthquake. After restoration, it was reopened on 28 June 2003.

The total area of the house and the yard is 1,290 square metres (13,900 sq ft). In addition to the exhibition halls and offices, the building has a conference room and an art gallery. In the exhibition hall of the museum, both archaeological and ethnographical items are exhibited. Exhibited items from the prehistoric era, and the Roman and Byzantine Empires include axes, terracota pottery, eye drop and scent bottles, and metallic and glass items. The ethnographic items of the Ottoman Empire and Turkey include weapons, copper tools, stamps and embroidery. There are also some belongings of Mustafa Kemal Pasha (later Atatürk) who met his mother in this house in 1922.

Sakarya Province

Sakarya (Turkish: Sakarya ili) is a province in Turkey, located on the coast of Black Sea. The Sakarya River creates a webbing of estuaries in the province.

Sakarya is located in the Marmara Region. Its adjacent provinces are Kocaeli to the west, Bilecik to the south, Bolu to the southeast, and Düzce to the east. The capital of Sakarya is Adapazarı. The climate is oceanic due to its close proximity to the Black Sea.

Sakarya is situated on the Ankara-Istanbul Highway. It is connected through both road and rail. Sakarya is serviced by Istanbul's Sabiha Gökçen International Airport. The current mayor of Sakarya is Zeki Tocoglu (AKP).

Surface area: 482,109.70 hectares

Population: 917,373 (TUİK – 2013)

City traffic plate number: 54The city of Sakarya, one of the most important cities in Turkey for its rapid growth and development, is also attention worthy for its natural beauties and cultural richness.

It is one of the paradise-like spots of the country with its sea, beaches, lakes, rivers, highlands, thermal springs along with traditional Ottoman lifestyle districts such as Taraklı and Geyve, and historical relics inherited from the Byzantine and Ottoman eras that are worth witnessing.

The Turks conquered the city of Sakarya in the 13th century. There was intensive immigration from Caucasia and the Balkans in the 18th and 19th centuries. The last massive immigration was in 1989. Thanks to the developing industry and being at a transportation crossroads, the city still receives domestic migration today. Sakarya is notable in the Marmara Region.

The city of Sakarya is surrounded with the city of Düzce in the East, Bolu in the South East, Bilecik in the South, Kocaeli in the West and the Black Sea in the North. The city of Sakarya has 16 districts which are; Adapazarı, Akyazı, Arifiye, Erenler, Ferizli, Geyve, Hendek, Karapürçek, Karasu, Kaynarca, Kocaali, Pamukova, Sapanca, Serdivan, Söğütlü and Taraklı.

Sakarya River

The Sakarya (Turkish: Sakarya Irmağı, Greek: Σαγγάριος, translit. Sangarios) is the third longest river in Turkey. It runs through what in ancient times was known as Phrygia.

The source of the river is the Bayat Yaylası (Bayat Plateau) which is located to the northeast of Afyon. Joined by the Porsuk Çayı (Porsuk Creek) close by the town of Polatlı, the river runs through the Adapazarı Ovası (Adapazarı Plains) before reaching the Black Sea. The Sakarya was once crossed by the Sangarius Bridge, constructed by the East Roman Emperor Justinian I (r. 527–565).

In 13th century, the valley of the Sakarya was part of the frontier of the Byzantine Empire and the home of the Söğüt tribe. By 1280, Byzantine Emperor Michael VIII had constructed a series of fortifications along the river to control the area, but a 1302 flood changed the course of the river and made the fortifications useless. The Söğüt tribe migrated across the river and went on to establish the Ottoman Empire.

From downstream to upstream, it is dammed at Gölpazarı, Yenice, Gökçekaya and Sarıyar.


Sakaryaspor Kulübü Derneği is a Turkish football club, formed in 1965 after the merger of Yıldırımspor, Idmanyurdu, Güneşspor and Ada Gençlik. The club is better known as Sakaryaspor. The football club is nicknamed the "Football Factory" by supporters. Sakaryaspor became TFF First League champions in 1980–81 and 1986–87. They accomplished this feat again at the end of the 2005–06 season. Sakaryaspor subsequently won a place in the play–off matches. After eliminating İstanbulspor in the first play–off match, Sakaryaspor went on to defeat Altay 4–1 in the finals and were promoted to the Süper Lig. They were relegated from the Süper Lig the following season. Currently the team is playing in the TFF Second League, which is the third level of Turkish football.

Salih Dursun

Salih Dursun (born 12 July 1991) is a Turkish footballer who plays as a right back and defensive midfielder for Turkish club Antalyaspor on loan from Galatasaray in Süper Lig. He made his Süper Lig debut on 27 August 2012. Though he wasn't a particularly well-known player until 21 February 2016, he gained fame on that date after he showed the red card to referee Deniz Ateş Bitnel in an effort to protest the dismissal of his teammate Luis Pedro Cavanda in a match against Galatasaray. He himself was sent off following the act. While his extreme reaction received mixed feedback from the media and football fans alike, it was highly appreciated in the city of Trabzon, to the extent of having a street renamed after him.

Yılmaz Vural

Yılmaz Vural (born January 1, 1953, Adapazarı) is a Turkish football coach who currently is in charge of Eskişehirspor. He was a footballer and played as midfielder in Hacettepe and Sivasspor in the 1970s.

Climate data for Adapazarı
Month Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec Year
Average high °C (°F) 9.6
Daily mean °C (°F) 6.1
Average low °C (°F) 3.1
Average precipitation mm (inches) 94.1
Average rainy days 15.5 14.1 13.0 11.6 9.8 8.6 6.3 6.7 7.7 11.9 12.7 15.6 133.5
Mean monthly sunshine hours 71.3 81.2 117.8 150 210.8 249 272.8 260.4 204 139.5 96 71.3 1,924.1
Source: Devlet Meteoroloji İşleri Genel Müdürlüğü [5]
Adapazarı in Sakarya Province of Turkey

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