Abdulla Yameen

Abdulla Yameen Abdul Gayoom (Dhivehi: އަބްދުﷲ ޔާމީން އަބްދުލް ގައްޔޫމް Arabic: عَبْدُ ٱللّٰه يَمِين عَبْدُ ٱلْقَيُوم‎; born 21 May 1959) is a Maldivian politician who was the 6th President of the Maldives from 2013 to 2018. He left office on 17 November 2018 following his defeat in the 2018 presidential election, in which he sought to win a second 5-year term.[1][2][3]

Yameen was elected president in the 2013 presidential election as the candidate of the Progressive Party (PPM), defeating Maldivian Democratic Party (MDP) leader and former president Mohamed Nasheed in the second round of the re-run, after the initial election was annulled.[4] He is the second democratically elected president of the Republic of the Maldives. He was later charged with corruption after he left office.[5]

Abdulla Yameen Abdul Gayoom
އަބްދުﷲ ޔާމީން އަބްދުލް ގައްޔޫމް
Abdulla Yameen Abdul Gayoom in January 2014
6th President of the Maldives
In office
17 November 2013 – 17 November 2018
Vice PresidentMohamed Jameel Ahmed
Ahmed Adeeb
Abdulla Jihad
Preceded byMohammed Waheed Hassan
Succeeded byIbrahim Mohamed Solih
Personal details
Abdulla Yameen Abdul Gayoom

21 May 1959 (age 59)
Malé, Maldives
Political partyProgressive Party of Maldives
Other political
People's National Congress
People's Alliance
Spouse(s)Fathimath Ibrahim
ResidenceHilaaleege (Official 2013-2018)
H.Dhoovehi (Private)
Alma materAmerican University of Beirut
Claremont Graduate University


Yameen started his government service in July 1978. Following his undergraduate studies in Beirut, Lebanon. He served first as Secretary at the Department of Finance and then as Research Officer at the Research and International Organisations Division of the Maldives Monetary Authority (MMA).

On his return after completing his postgraduate studies, Yameen started serving at Ministry of Trade and Industries. He held many post throughout his career at the ministry and was appointed as Minister of Trade and Industries on 11 November 1993 under president Maumoon.

As the Trade Minister, Yameen helped Maldives become part of Multilateral Investment Guarantee Agency (MIGA) and other international trade and investment organisations.

Under president Maumoon Abdul Gayoom Yameen held key cabinet position first as Minister of Higher Education (July 2005 – April 2007) and then as Minister of Tourism and Civil Aviation (September 2008 – November 20)[6]

Entry into politics

After the 2008 Maldivian presidential election the Dhivehi Rayyithunge Party leadership was throw into contentious conflicts of interest. This led to the president of the party and former president Maumoon Abdul Gayyoom to resign.

Yameen left the party and created his own People's Alliance. His party contested in the 2009 Maldivian parliamentary election and won 7 seats including him and he gained support of Qasim Ibrahim. This led to Maumoon and Yameen decided to join power and create Progressive Party of Maldives in 2011.

During the 2011–12 Maldives political crisis yameen played a major role in ousting president Mohamed Nasheed from office who he viewed as a threat to Islam and the nation. President Mohammed Waheed Hassan created new alliance with the opposition political leaders and created coalition against Mohamed Nasheed for the 2013 Presidential Election.

2013 Presidental Election

In the first round of voting for the 2013 Maldivian presidential election Yameen received 61,278 (29.72%) of the vote and the main oppostion former president Mohamed Nasheed received 96,764 (46.93%).

However, no candidates received more than the 50% which is the minimum support required to be president.

Before the second round the coalition decided to back Yameen as the president against Nasheed. 111,203 (51.39%) was received by Yameen and he was sworn in as president as soon as election officials declared him the winner.

Presidency (2013–2018)

The China-Maldives Friendship Bridge (now officially named as Sinamalé Bridge) project, which was launched in 2015, is the first of its kind in the Maldives. It is 1.4 kilometres long and 20 metres wide, linking Malé’s eastern edge to the western corner of Hulhulé Island, where Velana International Airport is located. It will provide one lane for four-wheeled vehicles and one lane for motorcycles on either side. There is also a lane for pedestrians on both sides.[7]

Construction of the bridge began in 2016 and following its completion in mid-2018, the bridge will help to improve inter-island transport and economic development in the region by providing a reliable land connection for locals and holidaymakers between the capital Male, the airport, and the new youth city of Hulhumalé. President Yameen inaugurated the Sinamale bridge on August 30, 2018. This is the first ever bridge to be constructed on the archipelago, to cover a distance of more than a kilometre.

Expansion of the country's main gateway, Velana International Airport is expected to be completed within the second quarter of 2018. The project will expand and increase the capacity of the airport to handle more passengers and aircraft. This ambitious project consists of a fuel farm with a storage capacity of 45 million litres and a cargo complex with the capacity to handle 120,000 tonnes, a new Code F 3,400-meter-long, 60-meter-wide runway which is able to cater to the largest of aircraft such as Antonov An-225 and Airbus A380 and a new passenger terminal. Upon completion, the existing runway will be converted into a taxiway, reducing the turnaround time of aircraft at the airport. The new terminal is expected to increase the ability to serve around 8 million passengers from the current rate of 1.5 million passengers a year. The new international passenger terminal will consist of a floor area of 78,000 square meters, the new terminal will have 40 departure checking counters, 38 immigration counters, 12 jetties, and six aero-bridges.[8][9][10]

Other new airports are being developed to accommodate to the increase of the influx of more passengers and tourists which is expected to rise in the years to come. New regional airports are being built on islands such as Kulhudhuffushi and existing regional airports such as Gan International Airport have been converted to international airports with international airlines slowly beginning their operations.[11]

The city of Hulhumalé was also being developed under the supervision of Yameen. The new land required for Phase II of Hulhumalé was reclaimed at the beginning of 2014 and ever since, speedy development has followed through such as construction of roads and other necessary infrastructure. Yameen has also initiated a grand housing project called 'Hiyaa' to provide sheltering for an estimated 100,000 people. The project under the second phase of Hulhumalé's development will see the construction of 10,080 housing units including flats.[12]

Yameen had further pledged to improve healthcare facilities to include better treatment of cancer patients and those with heart ailments – in addition to committing towards improving investigative, and other technical capabilities. Furthermore, the new 25-storey high-rise hospital, Dharumavantha Hospital, considered as the biggest investment for the Maldivian Health sector under Yameen's administration, will be a technologically innovative inclusion to the Maldives health sector and promises to deliver enhanced services and would utilize new and improved state-of-the-art equipment. The building is designed to 'shield' radiation while a life support system will be installed to the premises. Furthermore, six floors of the building is designated to national diagnostic center. The building will also have a fully equipped and enclosed section to store volatile chemicals. Other facilities planned to be included in the building include a gym, hydro-therapy center, rehabilitation suite along with a child care center and a swimming pool. A new medical college which meets the international standards is also being established for the first time ever under the supervision of Yameen to further revolutionize the health sector in Maldives. Two floors of the new state-of-the-art hospital is designated to the medical college to facilitate the best amenities for the students practicing their MBBS in the medical college in Maldives.[13][14]

In Addu, a new tertiary hospital is being completed to ensure access to top level healthcare apart from only being available in just the capital city of Malé. To increase the country's revenue and decrease the dependency on just tourism, Yameen also envisions that these projects will sprout a new and additional source of revenue for the economy of Maldives-medical tourism.[15]

2018 election

Yameen was defeated by joint opposition candidate Ibrahim Mohamed Solih (of MDP) in 2018 presidential election held on 23 September 2018. Yameen conceded defeat in a televised statement aired next day.[16][17]

Alleged assassination attempts

On 28 September 2015, an explosion took place on board the presidential yacht 'Finifenmaa' carrying Yameen and his wife along with top government officials from the airport island Hulhulé as it was nearing to dock at the presidential jetty, Izzuddeen Faalan in Malé. Yameen escaped unhurt, but the first lady, a presidential aide, and a bodyguard were injured. The first lady sustained minor fractures to her spine, and was hospitalized for over a month.[18][19][20]

Following the incident, government officials provided conflicting reports on the cause of the explosion. Although government officials initially pointed to a mechanical failure as a likely cause, they later claimed an international team of investigators from the U.S. FBI, Saudi Arabia, Australia, and Sri Lanka ruled out this theory. The government then declared the incident an assassination attempt.[21]

The FBI later refuted this claim, stating they had found no conclusive evidence suggesting the blast was the result of an explosive device. An unnamed Sri Lankan official who suggested the blast was the result of a "high explosive explosion" did not provide further details, and although the Maldives' local probe commission cited Saudi Arabian investigators as saying there were signs of RDX, they provided no evidence to support that claim, nor have Saudi Arabian officials confirmed this conclusion.[22]

It was announced that investigations revealed that the vice president, some government officials and soldiers had been involved. They all were later found guilty and charged with high treason and terrorism resulting them being sentenced to jail. Former vice president Ahmed Adeeb was found to have illegally possessed firearms to attempt a coup by eliminating senior government officials as well as masterminding the bomb plot by ordering and bribing few soldiers to plant an IED in the yacht and destroy the evidence as soon as the yacht is taken for investigation following the explosion.[23][24] However the FBI of the United States investigated the blast and stated it found no evidence for an explosion cause by a bomb.[25]


On December 16, 2018, the nation's high court seized $6.5 million in assets from Yameen.[26] On February 6, 2019, Yameen was charged with theft, money laundering, and giving false statements to police.[5] The investigation relates to a deal to lease tropical islands for hotel development, and an alleged payment of $1 million of government money through a private company, SOF Private Limited, into Yameen's personal bank account.[27] Police also submitted a report to the nation's General Prosecutor's Office claiming, among other things, that Yameen gave false statements when he was being questioned.[5]

Personal life

Yameen is the son of Sheikh Abdul Gayoom Ibrahim, who was an Office - President Abdulla Yameen Abdul Gayoom. He is married to Fathimath Ibrahim Didi and has three children, two sons and a daughter. His wife was injured in a reported assassination attempt on Yameen[6]


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Political offices
Preceded by
Mohammed Waheed Hassan
President of the Maldives
Succeeded by
Ibrahim Mohamed Solih
2013 Maldivian presidential election

Presidential elections were held in the Maldives under a two-round system. The result of the initial vote held on 7 September 2013 was annulled by the Supreme Court and the election was re-run on 9 November. As no candidate achieved majority support, a run-off election (delayed by Supreme Court decree) was held on 16 November. Abdulla Yameen was elected President.

Following 7 September initial vote no candidate received a majority of the vote, and a second round was planned for 28 September, to be contested by former President Mohamed Nasheed and Abdulla Yameen – incumbent President Mohammed Waheed Hassan came fourth in the first round of voting. However, on 27 September the Supreme Court cancelled the run-off and annulled the first round results. A re-run of the first round was held on 9 November, producing a similar result to the annulled election, and the run-off was planned for the following day due to the need to have a new President in place by 11 November. However, the run-off was postponed to 16 November by the Supreme Court after Yameen claimed he needed more time to campaign. Yameen won the run-off with his share of the vote rising from 30% in the first round to 51% in the second round; in comparison Nasheed's share increased by only 2% between rounds.Nasheed was contesting the election following his controversial resignation amidst the 2011–12 Maldives political crisis with the aim of returning to the presidency after what he maintains was a coup d'état orchestrated by his deputy and successor Mohammed Waheed Hassan. Hassan contested the initial elections, but dropped out of the re-run after receiving only 5% of the vote. Yameen, paternal half-brother of former president Maumoon Abdul Gayoom was the candidate from Gayoom's party, the Progressive Party.

2013 in the Maldives

The following lists events that happened during 2013 in the Maldives.

2018 Maldives political crisis

A political crisis in the Maldives intensified on after President Abdulla Yameen decided to disobey the Supreme Court order to release 9 political prisoners and reinstating 12 parliament members which will give the opposition control of the chamber and potentially paving the way for Yameen's impeachment.On 5 February 2018 president Abdulla Yameen declared a state of emergency and ordered the arrest of two judges of the Supreme Court of the Maldives, including Chief Justice of the Maldives Abdulla Saeed and justice Ali Hameed Mohamed and former President (also his half-brother) Maumoon Abdul Gayoom.

2018 Maldivian presidential election

Presidential elections were held in the Maldives on 23 September 2018. Incumbent president Abdulla Yameen of the Progressive Party of Maldives was seeking re-election for a second five-year term. His only challenger was Ibrahim Mohamed Solih of the Maldivian Democratic Party, who was nominated as the joint candidate of a coalition of opposition parties.

The result was a surprise victory for Solih, who received over 58% of the vote and was elected as the seventh President of the Maldives. He assumed office on 17 November 2018. Solih is the country's third democratically-elected president since Mohamed Nasheed's victory over Maumoon Abdul Gayoom in the 2008 elections which ended a 30-year incumbency.

Yameen is the fourth consecutive Maldivian president to have at some point lost a bid for re-election. Namely, Yameen himself came to office by defeating former president Mohamed Nasheed, who was running for a second non-consecutive term in 2013, after having resigned in 2012 during the 2011–12 Maldives political crisis. Nasheed's successor in office, his Vice President Mohammed Waheed Hassan also sought re-election in 2013, but decided not to contest the re-run after the initial election was annulled. Finally, Nasheed had been elected in the 2008 election by defeating long-term incumbent Maumoon Abdul Gayoom.

2018 in the Maldives

Events in the year 2018 in the Maldives.

2019 Maldivian parliamentary election

Parliamentary elections will be held in the Maldives on 6 April 2019.

Abdulla Jihad

Abdulla Jihad served as the 6th Vice President of Maldives (from 22 June 2016 to 17 November 2018). Prior to his appointment on 22 June 2016, he served as the Minister of Finance & Treasury.Mr Abdulla Jihad was born on 3 January 1964. He graduated from the University of Waikato, New Zealand, with a Master of Management Studies in Economics. He also holds a Bachelor of Arts majoring in economics/management from the University of South Pacific, Fiji.

Mr Jihad first joined Government services in 1980 as a temporary audit staff at the Audit Office. He later went on to fill a number of prestigious managerial posts in the Government. On 22 June 2016, he was appointed as the Vice President of the Republic of Maldives by H.E. President Abdulla Yameen Abdul Gayoom.

Prior to assuming the post of Vice President, Mr Jihad served as the Minister of Finance and Treasury in President Yameen’s Administration. He had also served as the Minister of Finance and Treasury in H.E. President Mohamed Waheed Hassan Manik’s Administration from 5 March 2012 to 17 November 2013, and in H.E. President Maumoon Abdul Gayoom’s Administration; 15 July 2008 to 11 November 2008. Other notable posts Mr Jihad filled were Governor of Maldives Monetary Authority and Member of the Civil Service Commission.

Mr Jihad has attended many international conferences, seminars, workshops and training programmes and has visited numerous countries in the discharge of Government responsibilities.

Mr Jihad is married to Ms Asima Hussein. They have 3 children.

Ahmed Adeeb

Ahmed Adeeb Abdul Ghafoor (Dhivehi: އަހުމަދު އަދީބު އަބްދުލް ޤަފޫރު; born 11 April 1982) is a Maldivian politician who briefly served as Vice President of Maldives in 2015. Prior to his appointment on 22 July 2015, he served as the Minister of Tourism, Arts and Culture.

Azima Shukoor

Uza. Aishath Azima Shakoor is a Lawyer in the Maldives. She is the Legal advisor to the current president Abdulla Yameen.

She is a lawyer and she was formerly a deputy at the Ministry of Home Affairs. She was an appointed member of parliament appointed by the President Gayoom and President of Women's Wing of Dhivehi Rayyithunge Party (DRP). She was the first female attorney general of Maldives. She is known to take strong legal standings on her legal opinion. She is also known for the success she enjoys in her court cases. She was the first female Attorney General of the Maldives and the only person to have served two governments as an Attorney General. She also served the country as the Minister of Gender Family and Human Rights, and was known to have given candid and real opinion of the issues and the problems in the sector.

Her predecessor as Attorney General was Dr. Hassan Saeed, who brought considerable reform within the existing legal framework. She was succeeded by Uza. Fathimath Dhiyana Saeed. Uza. Aishath Azima Shakoor remained in office till 11 November 2008. Her duration as attorney general expired when the presidential term of president Maumoon Abdhul Gayyoom ended. She was later appointed by Dr. Mohamed Waheed upon him taking oath of office and remained in office till 2013.

As a lawyer she has called upon the Maldivian Police to disobey any orders from the Supreme Court. She has led the way to oppress the Maldivian people to an extent unseen in Maldivian history.

Cabinet of the Maldives

The Cabinet of the Maldives is the most senior level of the executive branch of the Government of the Maldives. It is made up of the President, the Vice President, Attorney General and the Ministers.

Ibrahim Mohamed Solih

Ibrahim Mohamed Solih (Dhivehi: އިބްރާހީމް މުޙައްމަދު ޞާލިޙް born 4 May 1964), better known as Ibu (އިބޫ), is a Maldivian politician who is the current President of the Maldives and assumed office on 17 November 2018.

Solih was first elected to parliament in 1994, aged 30, as the MP from his home atoll of Faadhippolhu. Solih played a leading role in the formation of the Maldivian Democratic Party (MDP) and the Maldives Political Reform Movement from 2003 until 2008, which led to the country adopting a new modern constitution and multiparty democracy for the first time in its history. Solih was also a senior member of parliament and the Special Majlis. A founding member of the Maldivian Democratic Party, Solih was elected as President of Maldives on 23 September 2018 following the presidential election.

Maldives Third Way Democrats

The Maldives Third Way Democrats is a Maldivian political party founded in December 2018.The MTD had been founded by Ismail Asif with support from Ahmed Adeeb, and was also joined by Abdulla Yameen Rashid.

Ministry of Law and Gender (Maldives)

Ministry of Law and Gender was established by president Abdulla Yameen on July 1, 2014. Government Agencys

Attorney General

Home for people with Special Needs

Kuda Kudhinge Hiyaa

Amaan Hiyaa

Educational Training Centre for Children

Family and Children’s Services CentresWent under the newly formed Ministry of Law and Gender.Attorney General Mohamed Anil took over as the new minister of Law and Gender.

Mohamed Nazim

Colonel (Rtd.) Mohamed Nazim (MSc, psc) is the former Minister of Defence and National Security of the Republic of Maldives. He first became the Defence Minister on 8 February 2012 under the presidency of Dr. Mohamed Waheed Hassan Manik. He was later re-appointed to the position by president Abdulla Yameen Abdul Gayoom on 17 November 2013. He last served as the Administrative Officer of the Integrated Headquarters of Maldives National Defence Force. He retired from active service on 15 January 2011.

People's Alliance (Maldives)

The People's Alliance was a political party in the Maldives. The party was registered by the Election Commission on 4 August 2008 and was dissolved in 2013.

The party's former leader was former trade minister and former president of Maldives Abdulla Yameen, a half brother of former President Maumoon Abdul Gayoom. He resigned in 2010 to join the Progressive Party of Maldives.

People's National Congress (Maldives)

The People's National Congress is a political party in Maldives founded in January 2019. The party's formation was spearheaded by former President Abdulla Yameen Abdul Gayoom, who left the Progressive Party of Maldives due to a dispute with the party's leadership.The PNC had been founded with support from Yameen by Fonadhoo MP Abdul Raheem Abdulla, and was also joined by Nilandhoo MP Abdulla Khaleel. They then became President and Vice President of the party, respectively, shortly after.

President of the Maldives

The President of the Maldives (Dhivehi: ދިވެހިރާއްޖޭގެ ރައީސުލްޖުމްހޫރިއްޔާ) is the head of state and government of the Republic of Maldives, and the commander-in-chief of the Maldives National Defence Force.

The current president is Ibrahim Mohamed Solih, elected in 2018 by a vast majority of 58.4%, defeating former President Abdulla Yameen.

Progressive Party of Maldives

The Progressive Party of Maldives (Dhivehi: ޕްރޮގްރެސިވް ޕާރޓީ އޮފް މޯލްޑިވްސް), also known as the PPM, is the largest political party in Maldives with a total membership of 49,416 as of 30th June 2018. The stated goal of the party is driving Maldives towards an independent and democratic, safe and secure, high income, high human capital, developed nation state with a diversified and robust economy whilst preserving its Islamic heritage.

Television Maldives

Television Maldives is the public service broadcasting TV channel of the Maldives. It was formed on March 29, 1978.

In 2009, the management of Television Maldives (TVM) and national radio, Dhivehiraajjeyge Adu [Voice of Maldives] was handed over to newly formed Maldives National Broadcasting Corporation (MNBC). Following this, in 2010, TVM was rebranded as MNBC One, and Dhivehiraajjeyge Adu [Voice of Maldives] was renamed as Raajje Radio.

Maldives National Broadcasting Corporation (MNBC) recently rebranded the name of Television Maldives (TVM) to "MNBC One." Under the rebranding process, the company also changed the name of Voice of Maldives (VOM) to "Raajje Radio." The move came days after Maldives Broadcasting Corporation (MBC) formed under Maldives Broadcasting Corporation Act announced that all the assets, employees, and land used by state media organisations belong to the company and MNBC was using the assets against law. Maldives Broadcasting Corporation (MBC) filed a lawsuit in Civil Court against Finance Ministry to procure assets, money, and employees of Television Maldives (TVM) and Voice of Maldives (VOM), now rebranded to MNBC One and Raajje Radio.

In late 2009, MNBC launched "Youth TV", a half-day television channel that airs in the evening. This channel is aimed at the teens and youth of the Maldives. The channel is no longer airing.

After the resignation of President Mohamed Nasheed, a group of police officers with many from public have taken the MNBC Station on a court order. Soon after VTV feed was aired on the frequency. Later that day the Channel was renamed to TVM, although the radio channel kept the Raajje Radio name.

As of 8 February 2012, the station became a public service broadcaster, under the umbrella of Maldives Broadcasting Corporation (MBC).On 30 March 2015, a bill was sent to the People’s Majlis to dissolve MBC and establish a new company to run state media, named Public Service Media or PSM for short. One of the purposes of PSM stated in the bill is to develop and sustain under expense of state budget new media, broadcasting devices, print media and all other technologies that provide news, information, awareness and entertainment. And also remaining as national media that is impartial to influence with editorial independence with nationwide coverage under the common regulations and policies within the law.On 28 April 2015, President Abdulla Yameen Abdul Gayoom ratified the Public Service Media Bill, making PSM the official state media company. Following the ratification, seven individuals were nominated to the Public Service Media Governing Board by the president on 29 April 2015.

First Republic, 1952–1954
Sultanate, 1954–1968
Second Republic, 1968–
SAARC heads of government

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