The Abaganars are (Khalkha-Mongolian:Авга нар/Avga nar) a Southern Mongolian sub-ethnic group in Inner Mongolia of China.

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Tibetan Buddhism, Shamanism, Atheism
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Mongols, especially Southern Mongols

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Abaga Mongols

The Abagas (Khalkha-Mongolian:Авга/Avga) are a Southern Mongolian ethnic groups in Abag Banner, Inner Mongolia, China.


The Aohan (Khalkha-Mongolian:Аохань/Aohan) are a Southern Mongol subgroup in Aohan Banner, Inner Mongolia, China.


The Baarin are a Southern Mongol subgroup. Daur people and some Baarin people of Baarin Right Banner are direct descendants of Khitans. The hairstyles of some Baarin women are similar to the Khitans. They live in Bairin Left Banner and Baarin Right Banner of Inner Mongolia of China.


The Baatuds are a sub-ethnic group of the Oirats. They were a large tribe of the Oirats but the Baatuds were divided into other Oirat tribes in the 16th century. Many Baatud people were killed by the Manchu army during the fall of the Zunghar Khanate (1755-1758). Today very few Baatuds live among the Oirats.


The Chantuu people are Mongolized Uzbeks and Uyghur of Turkic origin in Hovd province, Mongolia.


The Eljigin people are a Khalkha Mongolian sub-ethnic group. They live in Zavhan province.The name sounds similar to Mongolian word "el" for "this" and to Turkic word "tegin" for "lord"

Gorlos Mongols

The Gorlos (Khalkha-Mongolian:Горлос/Gorlos) are a Southern Mongol subgroup in Qian Gorlos Mongol Autonomous County, China.


The Jalaid (Khalkha-Mongolian:Жалайд/Jalaid) are a Southern Mongol subgroup in Jalaid Banner, in China. They are descendants of the Jalair Mongols.


The Jaruud (Khalkha-Mongolian:Жарууд/Jaruud, "The Sixties") are a Southern Mongol subgroup in Jarud Banner, China.


The Hishigten (Khalkha-Mongolian: Хишигтэн/Hishigten) are one of the Southern Mongol ethnic groups. Today, they live in Heshigten Banner of China.


The Khoyd, Qoyid (also Khoid or Khoit) (Northern ones/people) people are an Oirat. Once one of largest tribes of the Oyrads.

In XIII c. Khoyd were actually Oyrads. Later to Oyrad joined Choros, Torguud and Khoshuud. Together they made up Dörben Oyirad union


The Huuchid (Khalkha-Mongolian: Хуучид/Huuchid, "The old/ancient ones") are a Southern Mongol subgroup. The name probably derives from Mongolian word "huuchin," meaning "old/aged."


The Muumyangan (Khalkha-Mongolian:Муумянган/Muumyangan) are a sub-ethnic group of the Southern Mongols in Darhan Muminggan United Banner, China. The name probably means "bad (muu) thousand (myangan)."


The Myangad people live in Myangad sum of Khovd Province, Mongolia.


The Onniguds (Khalkha-Mongolian:Оннигууд/Onniguud) are a sub-ethnic group of the Southern Mongols in Ongniud Banner, China. They were ruled by Genghis Khan's relative Otchigin noyan in the 13th century.


The Sunuds (Khalkha-Mongolian:Сөнөд/Sönöd; English:Sonid, Sönid) are a Southern Mongol subgroup. They live in Sonid Right Banner and Sonid Left Banner of China.

Urad Mongols

The Urad (Southern ones/people) is a Mongol tribe in Inner Mongolia, China. The name derives from the Mongolian language word "uran(means handy) + d" , meaning "craftsman" or "artisan."


Zubu (also referred to as Dada or Tatars) was the common name of Khamag Mongol, Khereid, Naiman and Tatar tribes from the 10th to 12th centuries. Little is known in detail about this group. The name "Zübü" might be derived from Xiongnu's ruling tribe Xubu.

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