A Slice at a Time

"A Slice at a Time" is a science fiction short story by author Karen Traviss. The story, which was published in July 2002 in Asimov's Science Fiction, describes human culture interacting with alien culture. The story was given an honourable mention in the book Year's Best Science Fiction #20.

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Karen Traviss

Karen Traviss is a science fiction author from Wiltshire, England. She is the author of the Wess'Har series, and is also known for writing tie-in material based on Star Wars, Gears of War, Halo, and G.I. Joe. Her work crosses various forms of media including novels, short stories, comics, and video games.

List of science fiction short stories

This is a non-comprehensive list of short stories with significant science fiction elements.

The Case of the Disappearing Diamonds

The Case of the Disappearing Diamonds is a World In Action documentary film which reported on how billions of pounds' worth of gem diamonds were stripped from South West Africa (Namibia) over a 20-year period by the world's largest diamond mining company. It was broadcast by Thames Television on 28 September 1987 After the First World War, Ernest Oppenheimer held the monopoly over the mining and sale of South West African diamonds, and formed Consolidated Diamond Mines (CDM) which was owned by De Beers.


Timeslicing or time slicing may refer to:

Time slice or preemption, a technique to implement multitasking in operating systems

Time slicing (digital broadcasting), the apparent simultaneous performance of two or more data streams in digital video broadcasting

Time slice photography or bullet time, a technique creating the illusion of frozen, or slowly progressing, time in motion video

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