A Private Cosmos

A Private Cosmos (1968) is a science fiction novel by American author Philip José Farmer. It is the third in his World of Tiers series.[1]

A Private Cosmos
AuthorPhilip José Farmer
Cover artistJack Gaughan
CountryUnited States
GenreScience fiction
PublisherAce Books
Publication date
Media typePrint
Preceded byThe Gates of Creation 
Followed byBehind the Walls of Terra 

Plot summary

First novel World of Tiers featuring Earth-born Kickaha. Jadawin and his wife have disappeared, leaving the World of Tiers threatened by invasion and chaos. Human bodies taken over by Lord minds are pouring through uncharted gates. They seek two things: domination of every private cosmos, and the death of the Trickster, who knows too much.


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Ace Books have published hundreds of science fiction titles, starting in 1953. Many of these were Ace Doubles (dos-a-dos format), but they also published many single volumes. Between 1953 and 1968, the books had a letter-series identifier; after that date they were given five digit numeric serial numbers. There were a total of 378 letter-series sf titles(62 S&D, 174 F, 19 M, 78 G, 29 H, 1 N, 1 K, and 14 A series books).

The list given here gives a date of publication; in all cases this refers to the date of publication by Ace, and not the date of original publication of the novels. For more information about the history of these titles, see Ace Books, which includes a discussion of the serial numbering conventions used and an explanation of the letter-code system.

List of Ace single volumes

Ace Books began publishing genre fiction in 1952. Initially these were mostly in the attractive tête-bêche format, but they also published a few single volumes, in the early years, and that number grew until the doubles stopped appearing in about 1978. The tête-bêche format was discarded in 1973, but future double novels were continued for a while,

Between 1952 and 1968, the books had a letter-series identifier; after that date they were given five-digit numeric serial numbers. The list given here covers every Ace book that was not a double, published between 1952 and 1978 (or later), for all genres. It gives a date of publication; in all cases this refers to the date of publication by Ace, and not the date of original publication of the novels. For more information about the history of these titles, see Ace Books, which includes a discussion of the serial numbering conventions used and an explanation of the letter-code system.

This list covers the non-double novels, for both the letter-series and numeric-series books. For the Ace Double volumes, see Ace Doubles.

List of Ace titles in second G series

Ace Books began its second G-series in 1964, and it ran until 1968, with serial numbers from 501 to 766.

There had previously been nine titles with a G prefix published as part of the D/G/S-series. These nine are:

G-352 NA Francis Leary Fire And Morning (1959)

G-371 NA Theodor Plievier Berlin (1959)

G-376 NA J. Harvey Howells The Big Company Look (1959)

G-382 NA C. T. Ritchie Willing Maid

G-390 NA R. Foreman Long Pig

G-440 NA Andrew Hepburn Letter Of Marque (1960)

G-454 NA Anne Powers Ride East! Ride West! (1960)

G-480 WE John Brick The Strong Men (1960)

G-500 WE George D. Hendricks The Bad Man of the West (1961)The nine titles above are also listed in the D/G/S-series, but are separated here for convenience.

After the numbers in the D/G/S-series reached 500, the G series began to use separate numbers. These are the titles listed below.

Some G-series numbers are not listed, and it is not known if a book corresponds to them; the missing numbers are: 516 and 517.

G-501 MY Charlotte Armstrong Lewi (as Charlotte Armstrong) Incident At A Corner / The Unsuspected (1965)

G-502 WE Richard O'Connor Pat Garrett (1965)

G-503 MY Ursula Curtiss The Face Of The Tiger / The Stairway (1962)

G-504 NA Theodor Plievier Moscow (1965)

G-505 NA Ken Murray Ken Murray's Giant Joke Book

G-506 MY Doris Miles Disney Black Mail / Did She Fall Or Was She Pushed?

G-507 NA John M. Foster Hell In The Heavens

G-508 MY Ruth Fenisong The Schemers / But Not Forgotten (1965)

G-509 MY Elisabeth Sanxay Holding The Virgin Huntress / The Innocent Mrs. Duff (1951)

G-510 MY Charlotte Armstrong Lewi (as Charlotte Armstrong) The Case Of The Weird Sisters (1965)

G-511 MY Charlotte Armstrong Lewi (as Charlotte Armstrong) The Chocolate Cobweb / Who's Been Sitting In My Chair? (1965)

G-512 MY Elisabeth S. Holding The Blank Wall / The Girl Who Had To Die (1965)

G-513 MY Charlotte Armstrong Lewi (as Charlotte Armstrong) Then Came Two Women / Catch As Catch Can (1965)

G-514 MY Charlotte Armstrong Lewi (as Charlotte Armstrong) Something Blue

G-515 NA Slavomir Rawicz The Long Walk

G-518 MY Helen Reilly Follow Me / The Opening Door (1965)

G-519 MY Elisabeth Sanxay Holding The Old Battle Axe / The Obstinate Murderer (1965)

G-520 NA John Jakes (as Jay Scotland) Arena

G-521 MY Charlotte Armstrong Lewi (as Charlotte Armstrong) Mischief / The Better To Eat You (1965)

G-522 NA Frederick Faust (as George Challis) The Firebrand

G-523 MY Ursula Curtiss The Forbidden Garden / Hours To Kill (1965)

G-524 MY Elisabeth Sanxay Holding Who's Afraid? / Widow's Mite (1965)

G-525 MY Dana Lyon The Tentacles / Spin The Web Tight (1965)

G-526 MY Charlotte Armstrong Lewi (as Charlotte Armstrong) The Mark Of The Hand / The Dream Walker (1965)

G-527 NA Frederick Faust (as George Challis) The Bait And The Trap (1965)

G-528 MY Helen Reilly Certain Sleep / Ding Dong Bell (1965)

G-529 MY Dorothy Miles Disney Unappointed Rounds / Mrs. Meeker's Money (1965)

G-530 MY Elisabeth Sanxay Holding The Unfinished Crime / Net Of Cobwebs (1963)

G-531 MY Helen Reilly Not Me, Inspector / The Canvas Dagger (1965)

G-532 NA John Jakes (as Jay Scotland) Traitors’ Legion (1963)

G-533 MY Charlotte Armstrong Lewi (as Charlotte Armstrong) The Black-Eyed Stranger / The One-Faced Girl (1965)

G-534 MY Elisabeth Sanxay Holding Kill Joy / Speak Of The Devil (1965)

G-535 MY Dana Lyon The Lost One / The Frightened Child (1965)

G-536 NA Helen Reilly The Day She Died

G-537 NA Edward J. Ruppelt Unidentified Flying Objects (1965)

G-538 NA Andre Norton Shadow Hawk (1965)

G-539 MY Hilda Lawrence Duet In Death: Composition For Four Hands / Duet In Death: The House (1965)

G-540 MY Charlotte Armstrong Lewi (as Charlotte Armstrong) A Little Less Than Kind (1965)

G-541 NA Jean Potts The Evil Wish

G-542 NA Heidi Huberta Freybe Loewengard (as Martha Albrand) Meet Me Tonight (1965)

G-543 MY Mildred Davis The Dark Place / They Buried A Man (1965)

G-544 NA Ruth Fenisong The Wench Is Dead (1964)

G-545 NA Dana Lyon The Trusting Victim (1965)

G-546 MY Helen Reilly Compartment K (1965)

G-547 SF Austin Hall and Homer Eon Flint The Blind Spot (1965)

G-548 MY Rohan O'Grady Let's Kill Uncle (1965)

G-549 MY Ursula Curtiss The Iron Cobweb (1965)

G-550 NA Theodora Du Bois The Listener (1965)

G-551 SF Donald A. Wollheim and Terry Carr (eds.) World's Best Science Fiction: 1965 (1965)

G-552 NA Theodora Du Bois Shannon Terror (1965)

G-553 NA Michael Avallone The Man From U.N.C.L.E.

G-554 NA Genevieve Holden The Velvet Target

G-555 MY Ursula Curtis The Wasp (1965)

G-556 NA Leonie St. John Love With a Harvard Accent (1965)

G-557 MY Ursula Curtiss Out of the Dark

G-558 NA Genevieve Holden Something's Happened To Kate

G-559 NA Heidi Huberta Freybe Loewengard (as Martha Albrand) After Midnight (1965)

G-560 NA Harry Whittington The Man From U.N.C.L.E. Number 2: The Doomsday Affair (1965)

G-561 MY Ursula Curtiss Widow's Web (1965)

G-562 NA Helen McCloy The Long Body (1965)

G-563 NA Heidi Huberta Freybe Loewengard (as Martha Albrand) A Day In Monte Carlo (1965)

G-564 NA John Oram Thomas (as John Oram) The Man From U.N.C.L.E. Number 3: The Copenhagen Affair (1965)

G-565 MY Ursula Curtiss The Deadly Climate (1965)

G-566 NA Irene Maude Swatridge and Charles John Swatridge (jointly as Theresa Charles) Lady In The Mist (1965)

G-567 NA Theresa Charles The Shrouded Tower (1965)

G-568 NA Melba Marlett Escape While I Can (1965)

G-569 NA David Howarth We Die Alone (1965)

G-570 SF Alan Garner The Weirdstone Of Brisingamen (1965)

G-571 NA David McDaniel The Man From U.N.C.L.E. Number 4: The Dagger Affair (1965)

G-572 NA Joy Packer The Man In The Mews (1966)

G-573 WE Tom West Rattlesnake Range / Merle Constiner Top Gun From The Dakotas (1966)

G-574 SF Avram Davidson The Kar-Chee Reign / Ursula K. Le Guin Rocannon's World (1966)

G-575 NA Margaret Summerton Quin's Hide (1966)

G-576 SF John Rackham Danger From Vega / Avram Davidson Clash of Star-Kings (1966)

G-577 WE Roger Spellman Big Man From The Brazos / Ray Hogan Killer's Gun (1966)

G-578 NA Dorothy Eden (as Mary Paradise) Shadow Of A Witch (1966)

G-579 WE Lee E. Wells Ride A Dim Trail / Louis Trimble Showdown In The Cayuse (1966)

G-580 SF Mack Reynolds Dawnman Planet / Claude Nunes Inherit the Earth (1966)

G-581 NA John T. Phillifent The Man From U.N.C.L.E. Number 5: The Mad Scientist Affair (1966)

G-582 SF Jules Verne Journey To The Center Of The Earth (1966)

G-583 NA Marie Garratt Festival Of Darkness (1966)

G-584 WE William E. Vance Son Of A Desparado / Dwight Bennett Newton (as Clement Hardin) The Ruthless Breed (1966)

G-585 SF John W. Campbell The Planeteers / The Ultimate Weapon (1966)

G-586 SF William L. Chester Hawk Of The Wilderness (1966)

G-587 WE Lee Hoffman Gunfight At Laramie / Brian Garfield (as Frank Wynne) The Wolf Pack

G-588 SF Lin Carter The Star Magicians / John Baxter The Off-Worlders (1966)

G-589 NA Margaret Summerton Ring Of Mischief (1966)

G-590 NA David McDaniel The Man From U.N.C.L.E. Number 6: The Vampire Affair (1966)

G-591 WE Dan J. Stevens Stage To Durango / Tom West Hangrope Heritage (1966)

G-592 SF John Rackham The Beasts of Kohl / John Brunner A Planet Of Your Own (1966)

G-593 NA Dorothy Eden (as Mary Paradise) Face Of An Angel (1966)

G-594 NA Charles Runyon The Bloody Jungle (1966)

G-595 SF Andre Norton Quest Crosstime (1966)

G-596 WE Reese Sullivan The Demanding Land / John Callahan Hackett's Feud (1966)

G-597 SF Ursula K. Le Guin Planet of Exile / Thomas M. Disch Mankind Under the Leash (1966)

G-598 NA Barbara James Bright Deadly Summer (1966)

G-599 SF Andre Norton Star Guard (1966)

G-600 NA Peter Leslie The Man From U.N.C.L.E. Number 7: The Radioactive Camel Affair (1966)

G-601 WE John L. Shelley The Return Of Bullet Benton / Ray Hogan The Hellsfire Lawman (1966)

G-602 SF Howard L. Cory The Mind Monsters / Philip K. Dick The Unteleported Man (1966)

G-603 NA Carolyn Wilson The Scent of Lilacs (1966)

G-604 NA Jess Shelton Daktari (1966)

G-605 SF Jack Jardine (as Larry Maddock) The Flying Saucer Gambit - Agent Of T.E.R.R.A. #1 (1966)

G-606 SF John Rackham Time to Live / Lin Carter The Man Without a Planet (1966)

G-607 WE Merle Constiner Rain Of Fire / Tom West Bitter Brand (1966)

G-608 NA Jean Potts The Only Good Secretary (1967)

G-609 SF Philip E. High Reality Forbidden / A. Bertram Chandler Contraband From Otherspace (1967)

G-610 WE John L. Shelley The Siege At Gunhammer / Frank Wynee The Lusty Breed (1967)

G-611 SF Avram Davidson (ed.) The Best From Fantasy And Science Fiction, Twelfth Series (1967)

G-612 NA Leal Hayes Harlequin House (1967)

G-613 NA David McDaniel The Man From U.N.C.L.E. Number 8: The Monster Wheel Affair (1967)

G-614 SF Walt Richmond & Leigh Richmond Shock Wave / Frederick L. Shaw, Jr. Envoy to the Dog Star (1967)

G-615 WE Ray Hogan Legacy Of The Slash M / William Vance Tracker (1967)

G-616 NA Marion Zimmer Bradley Souvenir Of Monique (1967)

G-617 NA Peter Leslie The Man From U.N.C.L.E. Number 9: The Diving Dames Affair (1967)

G-618 SF Emil Petaja The Stolen Sun / H. Warner Munn The Ship From Atlantis (1967)

G-619 WE Barry Cord Gallows Ghost / Stephen Payne Room To Swing A Loop

G-620 SF Jack Jardine (as Larry Maddock) The Golden Goddess Gambit - Agent Of T.E.R.R.A. #2 (1967)

G-621 NA Elizabeth Kelly (as Elizabeth Kellier) Matravers Hall (1967)

G-622 WE Tom West Showdown At Serano / Dwight Bennett Newton (as Clement Hardin) The Paxman Feud (1967)

G-623 SF Philip E. High These Savage Futurians / John Rackham The Double Invaders (1967)

G-624 NA Velma Tate (as Francine Davenport) The Secret Of The Bayou (1967)

G-625 SF Kenneth Bulmer To Outrun Doomsday (1967)

G-626 SF Ursula K. Le Guin City Of Illusions (1967)

G-627 SF Fritz Leiber The Big Time (1967)

G-628 WE Clifton Adams Shorty (1967)

G-629 NA Elizabeth Kelly (as Elizabeth Kellier) Nurse Missing (1967)

G-630 SF Andre Norton Warlock Of The Witch World (1967)

G-631 SF Neil R. Jones The Sunless World: Professor Jameson Space Adventure #2 (1967)

G-632 SF A. Bertram Chandler Nebula Alert / Mack Reynolds The Rival Rigelians (1967)

G-633 WE Wayne C. Lee Return To Gunpoint / Dan J. Stevens The Killers From Owl Creek

G-634 SF Poul Anderson War Of The Wing-Men (1967)

G-635 NA Lena Brooke Mcnamara Pilgrim's End (1967)

G-636 NA Joan C. Holly (as J. Holly Hunter) The Man From U.N.C.L.E. Number 10: The Assassination Affair (1967)

G-637 SF Philip K. Dick and Ray Nelson The Ganymede Takeover (1967)

G-638 WE Edwin Booth A Time To Shoot / Merle Constiner The Action At Redstone Creek

G-639 SF Edmond Hamilton The Weapon From Beyond: Starwolf Series #1 (1967)

G-640 SF Thomas Burnett Swann The Weirwoods (1967)

G-641 SF Jack Williamson Bright New Universe (1967)

G-642 WE Louis Trimble Standoff At Massacre Buttes / Kyle Hollingshead Echo Of A Texas Rifle (1967)

G-643 NA Jean Vicary Saverstall (1967)

G-644 SF Jack Jardine (as Larry Maddock) The Emerald Elephant Gambit : Agent Of T.E.R.R.A. #3

G-645 NA Gene DeWeese and Robert Coulson (jointly as Thomas Stratton) The Man From U.N.C.L.E. Number 11: The Invisibility Affair (1967)

G-646 SF Andre Norton The X Factor (1967)

G-647 SF Will F. Jenkins (as Murray Leinster) S.O.S. From Three Worlds (1967)

G-648 WE William Vance The Raid At Crazyhorse / Tom West Crossfire At Barbed M (1967)

G-649 SF John Brunner The World Swappers (1967)

G-650 SF Neil R. Jones Space War: Professor Jameson Space Adventure #3

G-651 NA Elizabeth Salter Once Upon A Tombstone (1967)

G-652 NA Michael Bonner The Disturbing Death of Jenkin Delaney (1967)

G-653 NA Arlene Hale Doctor's Daughter (1967)

G-654 SF Andre Norton Catseye (1967)

G-655 SF Andre Norton Witch World (1967)

G-656 SF John Jakes When The Star Kings Die (1967)

G-657 WE Nelson C. Nye Rider on the Roan (1967)

G-658 NA Rona Shambrook (as Rona Randall) Leap In The Dark (1967)

G-659 WE Dwight Bennett Newton (as Clement Hardin) The Oxbow Deed / John Callahan Kincaid (1967)

G-660 SF A. E. van Vogt The Universe Maker (1967)

G-661 SF James Holbrook Vance (as Jack Vance) Big Planet (1967)

G-662 NA Agnes Mary Robertson Dunlop (as Elisabeth Kyle) The Second Mally Lee (1967)

G-663 NA Gene DeWeese and Robert Coulson (jointly as Thomas Stratton) The Man From U.N.C.L.E. Number 12: The Mind-Twisters Affair (1967)

G-664 SF John Brunner Born Under Mars (1967)

G-665 WE L. L. Foreman Silver Flame

G-666 NA Elizabeth Kelly (as Elizabeth Kellier) Wayneston Hospital (1967)

G-667 SF David McDaniel The Arsenal Out Of Time (1967)

G-668 WE Brian Garfield (as Brian Wynne) A Badge For A Badman / Ray Hogan Devil's Butte (1967)

G-669 SF Leigh Brackett The Coming Of The Terrans (1967)

G-670 NA David McDaniel The Man From U.N.C.L.E. Number 13: The Rainbow Affair (1967)

G-671 WE Lewis B. Patten The Star and the Gun (1967)

G-672 NA Arlene Hale University Nurse (1967)

G-673 SF Mark S. Geston Lords Of The Starship

G-674 WE William Vance No Man's Brand / Merle Constiner Two Pistols South Of Deadwood (1967)

G-675 SF James White The Secret Visitors (1967)

G-676 NA John Sawyer and Nancy Buckingham Sawyer (as Nancy Buckingham) Storm In The Mountains (1967)

G-677 SF Damon Knight Turning On: Thirteen Stories (1967)

G-678 WE L. L. Foreman The Plundering Gun

G-679 NA Willo Davis Roberts Nurse At Mystery Villa (1967)

G-680 SF Kenneth Bulmer Cycle Of Nemesis (1967)

G-681 SF Neil R. Jones Twin Worlds: Professor Jameson Space Adventure #4 (1967)

G-682 WE John Callahan Ride For Vengeance / Tom West Bandit Brand

G-683 SF Leigh Brackett The Big Jump (1967)

G-684 NA Barbara James Beauty That Must Die (1968)

G-685 WE Herbert Purdum My Brother John

G-686 NA Ray Dorien The Odds Against Nurse Pat (1968)

G-687 WE Dan J. Stevens Stranger In Rampart / Eric Allen The Hanging At Whiskey Smith

G-688 SF John Holbrook Vance (as Jack Vance) City Of The Chasch: Planet Of Adventure #1 (1968)

G-689 NA Ron Ellik and Fredric Langley (jointly as Fredric Davies) The Man From U.N.C.L.E. Number 14: The Cross of Gold Affair (1968)

G-690 SF Andre Norton The Beast Master (1968)

G-691 SF Andre Norton Lord Of Thunder

G-692 SF Otis Adelbert Kline The Swordsman Of Mars (1968)

G-693 SF Otis Adelbert Kline The Outlaws Of Mars (1968)

G-694 SF Thomas Burnett Swann The Dolphin And The Deep (1968)

G-695 WE Theodore V. Olsen Bitter Grass

G-696 NA Arlene Hale Emergency Call (1968)

G-697 SF Poul Anderson We Claim These Stars (1968)

G-698 WE Ray Hogan Trouble At Tenkiller / Kyle Hollingshead The Franklin Raid (1968)

G-699 NA Cornell Woolrich The Bride Wore Black (1968)

G-700 NA Elizabeth Salter Will To Survive (1968)

G-701 SF Edmond Hamilton The Closed Worlds: Starwolf #2 (1968)

G-702 NA William Johnston Miracle At San Tanco: The Flying Nun (1968)

G-703 SF Andre Norton Victory On Janus (1968)

G-704 WE Carse Boyd Navarro (1962)

G-705 WE Barry Cord The Long Wire / Merle Constiner Killers' Corral (1968)

G-706 SF Samuel R. Delany The Jewels Of Aptor (1968)

G-707 NA T.E. Huff (as Edwina Marlowe) The Master of Phoenix Hall (1968)

G-708 WE Clifton Adams A Partnership With Death (1968)

G-709 SF John Brunner Bedlam Planet (1968)

G-710 WE Tom West The Face Behind The Mask / Louis Trimble Marshall Of Sangaree (1968)

G-711 NA Rona Shambrook (as Rona Randall) Nurse Stacey Comes Aboard (1968)

G-712 SF William A. P. White (as Anthony Boucher) and J. Francis Mccomas (eds.) The Best From Fantasy and Science Fiction, Third Series

G-713 SF William A. P. White (as Anthony Boucher) (ed.) The Best From F & Sf Fourth Series (1968)

G-714 SF William A. P. White (as Anthony Boucher) (ed.) The Best From F & Sf Fifth Series (1968)

G-715 SF William A. P. White (as Anthony Boucher) (ed.) The Best From Fantasy And Science Fiction, Sixth Series (1968)

G-716 SF Andre Norton Web Of The Witch World

G-717 SF Andre Norton Daybreak - 2250 A.D. (1968)

G-718 SF Philip K. Dick Solar Lottery (1968)

G-719 SF Neil R. Jones Doomday On Ajiat: Professor Jameson Space Adventure #5 (1968)

G-720 WE Brian Garfield (as Brian Wynne) Brand of the Gun (1968)

G-721 WE Don P. Jenison The Silver Concho / Lee Hoffman Dead Man's Gold (1968)

G-722 NA Gail Everett My Favorite Nurse (1968)

G-723 SF Andre Norton Star Hunter & Voodoo Planet (1968)

G-724 SF Philip José Farmer A Private Cosmos (1968)

G-725 NA William Johnston The Littlest Rebels: The Flying Nun #2 (1968)

G-726 WE Lee Hoffman The Valdez Horses (1968)

G-727 WE John Callahan Tracks Of The Hunter / Clay Ringold Return To Rio Fuego (1968)

G-728 SF Donald A. Wollheim (as David Grinnell)Across Time (1968)

G-729 NA David McDaniel The Man From U.N.C.L.E. Number 15: The Utopia Affair (1968)

G-730 SF Alan E. Nourse Psi High And Others (1968)

G-731 WE Nelson C. Nye A Lost Mine Named Shelton (1968)

G-732 WE Reese Sullivan The Trouble Borrower / Dwight Bennett Newton (as Clement Hardin) Ambush Reckoning (1968)

G-733 SF Edgar Rice Burroughs At The Earth's Core (1968)

G-734 SF Edgar Rice Burroughs Pellucidar (1968)

G-735 SF Edgar Rice Burroughs Tanar Of Pellucidar (1968)

G-736 SF Edgar Rice Burroughs Tarzan At The Earth's Core (1968)

G-737 SF Edgar Rice Burroughs Back To The Stone Age (1968)

G-738 SF Edgar Rice Burroughs Land Of Terror (1968)

G-739 SF Edgar Rice Burroughs Savage Pellucidar (1968)

G-740 SF Fred Saberhagen The Broken Lands (1968)

G-741 WE Wayne D. Overholser and Lewis B. Patten (jointly as Dean Owen) Red Is The Valley (1968)

G-742 WE Tom West Write His Name In Gunsmoke / Dean Owens Lone Star Roundup (1968)

G-743 NA Sharon Heath Nurse On Castle Island (1968)

G-744 NA Eula Atwood Morrison (as Andrea Delmonico) Chateau Chaumand (1968)

G-745 SF Edgar Rice Burroughs The Moon Maid (1968)

G-746 WE William Colt Macdonald Marked Deck At Topango Wells (1968)

G-747 WE Ray Hogan Killer On The Warbucket / Dean Owen Sage Tower (1968)

G-748 SF Edgar Rice Burroughs The Moon Men (1968)

G-749 NA John Sawyer and Nancy Buckingham Sawyer (as Nancy Buckingham) Call Of Glengarron (1968)

G-750 NA Arlene Hale Dr. Barry's Nurse (1968)

G-751 NA Mildred Davies The Dark Place (1968)

G-752 NA Peter Leslie The Man From U.N.C.L.E. Number 16: The Splintered Sunglasses Affair (1968)

G-753 SF Alan Garner The Moon Of Gomrath (1968)

G-754 WE Jack L. Bickham The War On Charity Ross (1968)

G-755 WE Wayne C. Lee Trail Of The Skulls / Merle Constiner The Four From Gila Bend (1968)

G-756 SF Alexei Panshin Star Well (1968)

G-757 NA Helen Arvonen Remember With Tears (1968)

G-758 SF Thomas Burnett Swann Moondust (1968)

G-759 WE Giff Cheshire Wenatchee Bend (1968)

G-760 WE Reese Sullivan The Vengeance Ghost / X.X. Jones Bronc (1968)

G-761 SF John Brunner Catch A Falling Star (1968)

G-762 SF Alexei Panshin The Thurb Revolution (1968)

G-763 WE John Shelley and David Shelley Hell-For-Leather Jones (1968)

G-764 WE Louis Trimble West To The Pecos / John Callahan Jernigan Jernigan (1968)

G-765 NA Virginia Smiley Nurse Kate's Mercy Flight (1968)

G-766 SF Edmond Hamilton World Of The Starwolves: Starwolf #3 (1968)

Phantasia Press

Phantasia Press Inc. was an American small publisher formed by Sidney Altus and Alex Berman publishing short-run, hardcover limited editions of science fiction and fantasy books. It was active from 1978 to 1989. The company was based in West Bloomfield, Michigan. The publisher specialized in limited quality first hardcover editions of authors prominent in the field, particularly Philip José Farmer, C. J. Cherryh, L. Sprague de Camp and Alan Dean Foster. Some of its offerings were true first editions; others, the first hardcover editions of works previously published in paperback. In a few instances there had been previous hardcover editions.

The press started publication with a reprint of Wall of Serpents (L. Sprague de Camp and Fletcher Pratt) and then The Reign of Wizardry (Jack Williamson).

Authors published by Phantasia were Poul Anderson, Isaac Asimov (2 books), Steven Barnes, David Brin (2 books), Fredric Brown, Orson Scott Card, C. J. Cherryh (7 books), Arthur C. Clarke, Catherine Crook de Camp (2 books), L. Sprague de Camp (5 books), Harlan Ellison (2 books), Philip José Farmer (9 books), Alan Dean Foster (5 books), William Gibson, Stephen King, Larry Niven (3 books), Jerry Pournelle, Fletcher Pratt, Mike Resnick (2 books), Spider Robinson, William Shatner, Robert Silverberg, Jack Williamson (2 books), and Roger Zelazny.

Artists contributing cover art to Phantasia editions included Randall Asplund, Wayne D. Barlowe, George Barr (3 covers), Doug Beekman, David A. Cherry (7 covers), Alex Ebel (3 covers), Stephen Fabian, Frank Kelly Freas (2 covers), Kevin Eugene Johnson (6 covers), Eric Ladd, Paul Lehr (4 covers), Carl Lundgren, Jane Mackenzie, Chris Miller, Rowena Morrill (2 covers), Phil Parks, John Pound, Victoria Poyser (3 covers), Kirk Reinert, Romas, Alex Schomburg, Barclay Shaw (2 covers), Darrell K. Sweet, Vaclav Vaca, Ed Valigursky, and Michael Whelan.

Philip José Farmer

Philip José Farmer (January 26, 1918 – February 25, 2009) was an American author known for his science fiction and fantasy novels and short stories.Farmer is best known for his sequences of novels, especially the World of Tiers (1965–93) and Riverworld (1971–83) series. He is noted for the pioneering use of sexual and religious themes in his work, his fascination for, and reworking of, the lore of celebrated pulp heroes, and occasional tongue-in-cheek pseudonymous works written as if by fictional characters. Farmer often mixed real and classic fictional characters and worlds and real and fake authors as epitomized by his Wold Newton family group of books. These tie all classic fictional characters together as real people and blood relatives resulting from an alien conspiracy. Such works as The Other Log of Phileas Fogg (1973) and Doc Savage: His Apocalyptic Life (1973) are early examples of literary mashup.

Literary critic Leslie Fiedler compared Farmer to Ray Bradbury as both being "provincial American eccentrics" who "strain at the classic limits of the [science fiction] form," but found Farmer distinctive in that he "manages to be at once naive and sophisticated in his odd blending of theology, pornography, and adventure."

Philip José Farmer bibliography

In a writing career spanning more than 60 years (1946–2008), American science fiction and fantasy author Philip José Farmer published almost 60 novels, over 100 short stories and novellas (many expanded or combined into novels), two "fictional biographies", and numerous essays, articles and ephemera in fan publications.

Sword and planet

Sword and planet is a subgenre of science fantasy that features rousing adventure stories set on other planets, and usually featuring humans as protagonists. The name derives from the heroes of the genre engaging their adversaries in hand-to-hand combat primarily with simple melée weapons such as swords, even in a setting that often has advanced technology. Although there are works that herald the genre, such as Percy Greg's Across the Zodiac (1880) and Edwin Lester Arnold's Lieut. Gullivar Jones: His Vacation (1905; published in the US in 1964 as Gulliver of Mars), the prototype for the genre is A Princess of Mars by Edgar Rice Burroughs originally serialized by All-Story in 1912 as "Under the Moons of Mars".The genre predates the mainstream popularity of science fiction proper, and does not necessarily feature any scientific rigor, being instead romantic tales of high adventure. For example, little thought is given to explaining why the environment of the alien planet is compatible with life from Earth, just that it does in order to allow the hero to move about and interact with the natives. Native technology will often break the known laws of physics.

The genre tag "sword and planet" is constructed to mimic the terms sword and sorcery and sword and sandal. The phrase appears to have first been coined in the 1960s by Donald A. Wollheim, editor of Ace Books, and later of DAW Books at a time when the genre was undergoing a revival. Both Ace Books and DAW Books were instrumental in bringing much of the earlier pulp sword and planet stories back into print, as well as publishing a great deal of new, imitative work by a new generation of authors.

There is a fair amount of overlap between sword and planet and planetary romance although some works are considered to belong to one and not the other. Influenced by the likes of A Princess of Mars yet more modern and technologically savvy, sword and planet more directly imitates the conventions established by Burroughs in the Mars series. That is to say that the hero is alone as the only human being from Earth, swords are the weapon of choice, and while the alien planet has some advanced technology, it is used only in limited applications to advance the plot or increase the grandeur of the setting. In general the alien planet will seem to be more medieval and primitive than Earth. This leads to anachronistic situations such as flying ships held aloft by anti-gravity technology, while ground travel is done by riding domesticated native animals.

World of Tiers

The World of Tiers is a series of science fiction novels by American writer Philip José Farmer. They are set within a series of artificially-constructed universes, created and ruled by decadent beings who are genetically identical to humans, but regard themselves as superior, who are the inheritors of an advanced technology they no longer understand. This technology enables the "Lords" (or 'Thoans' as described by Farmer in his introduction to a role-playing video game) to create novel lifeforms, and also to prevent aging or disease, making them effectively immortal. Their technology also allows them to create small artificial universes (see pocket universe), and the planets and stars within them, and modify the physical laws (e.g., changing the behavior of gravity) to create unusual or interesting phenomena within these universes. Instantaneous travel within and between these universes is achieved by the use of gates which seem to function as teleportation devices, or as a means of creating wormholes between different regions of spacetime.

The overall series title comes from the main 'pocket universe' featured in the books. This consists of a single planet with a green sky, shaped in the form of a huge stepped pyramid on five stages, with each stage being a disk or squat cylinder. A small sun and a single moon orbit around this planet (thus, in this universe Geocentrism is a correct description of astronomical reality). There are no other stars or astronomical bodies. This world was created by a Lord named Jadawin.

The overall storyline of the series follows the adventures of two people from Earth who independently discover gates into the World of Tiers. The earlier books focus on the character of Robert Wolff as he explores this world and tries to discover its secrets. From the third book onwards the action shifts to Paul Janus Finnegan (known as Kickaha, along with many other aliases), who is drawn into a battle between an ancient enemy of the Lords, and ultimately into the feuds between rival Lords as they try to take over each other's universes.

A French-language roleplaying game Thoan - Les Faiseurs d'Univers, inspired by the World of Tiers, was released in 1995.


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