A Pair of Aces

A Pair of Aces is a collection of novellas and screenplays written by American author Joe R. Lansdale and Neal Barrett Jr. At this time it is only available as a Amazon Kindle e-book. For the first time he writes a screenplay for his classic horror novel The Nightrunners.[1]

A Pair of Aces
A Pair of Aces
AuthorsJoe R. Lansdale, Neal Barrett Jr.
Cover artistGlenn Chadbourne
CountryUnited States
Genrehorror fiction
PublisherCrossroads Press
Publication date
Media typeAmazon Kindle e-book
Preceded byBleeding Shadows 

Table of contents

  • Introduction by Joe R. Lansdale
  • Author's Introduction to Written With a Razor
  • Written with a Razor
  • Short Stories
  • Author's Note to The God of the Razor
  • The God of the Razor
  • King of shadows
  • Janet Finds the Razor


  • The Nightrunners
  • Screenplay By Joe R. Lansdale and Neal Barrett Jr.
  • Based on the novel by Joe R. Lansdale
  • Short Story
  • The Magic Wagon
  • Bonus
  • Excerpt From The Drive-In: A "B" Movie with Blood & Popcorn, Made in Texas



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Glenn Chadbourne

Glenn Chadbourne is an American artist. He lives in Newcastle, Maine. He is best known for his work in the horror and fantasy genres, having created covers and illustrated books and magazines for publishers such as Cemetery Dance Publications, Subterranean Press, and Earthling Publications. Mr. Chadbourne is known for his sense of humour and down to earth manner, as well as the stark honesty of his work.

Glenn Chadbourne attended Lincoln Academy before continuing his education at The Portland School of Art. He also attended the University of Maine at Augusta, as well as the University of Southern Maine.

His first published work was in the late 1980s for the Stephen King related newsletter called Castle Rock. He won a contest that called for artists to submit something Stephen King related.

He wrote, illustrated, and self-published a few comics called ChillVille and Farmer Fiend's Horror Harvest in the early 1990s. He eventually met Rick Hautala and was asked to illustrate his short story collection Bedbugs. After Cemetery Dance Publications printed Bedbugs in 1999, things began to click for Mr. Chadbourne, and he has since illustrated work for many of the top names in the horror genre.

He recently illustrated The Secretary of Dreams: Volume 1, a graphic collection of Stephen King stories that was published by Cemetery Dance Publications in 2006 in three limited editions. Volume Two was announced as being drawn by Glenn Chadbourne in early 2007.

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Neal Barrett Jr.

Neal Barrett Jr. (November 3, 1929 – January 12, 2014) was an American writer of fantasy, science fiction, mystery/suspense, and historical fiction. He also worked under the pseudonyms Victor Appleton, Chad Calhoun, Franklin W. Dixon (Stratemeyer Syndicate house names), Rebecca Drury, and J. D. Hardin.

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