A History of Britain (book)

A History of Britain is a three volume work written by Simon Schama to accompany a series of documentaries he presented for the BBC.

The volumes are:

  • A History of Britain I: At the Edge of the World? 3000 BC–AD 1603 (BBC, 2000, ISBN 0-563-48714-3)
  • A History of Britain II: The British Wars 1603–1776 (BBC, 2001, ISBN 0-563-48718-6)
  • A History of Britain III: The Fate of Empire 1776–2000 (BBC, 2002, ISBN 0-563-48719-4)
A History of Britain
A History of Britain I, At the Edge of the World
Cover of the first volume
AuthorSimon Schama
CountryUnited Kingdom
SubjectBritish history
PublisherBodley Head
Publication date
2000 (first volume)
2001 (second volume)
2002 (third volume)
Media typePrint

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History of Britain (disambiguation)

History of Britain may refer to:

History of the British Isles, including the history of Great Britain, Ireland and its components

History of the United Kingdom (1707 to present)

History of Britain (John Milton), a prose work by the English poet John Milton

A History of Britain (TV series), a documentary series written and presented by Simon Schama

A History of Britain (book), the accompanying book

The History of Great Britain (Hume) history of Britain in six volumes written by David Hume

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