ABW (TV station)

ABW is the Australian Broadcasting Corporation's television station in Perth, Western Australia. The station began broadcasting on 7 May 1960 from studios on Adelaide Terrace in downtown Perth and its transmitter at Bickley. The station is relayed throughout the state by a number of transmitters as well as on the Optus Aurora free-to-view satellite television platform.

In 2005 the station moved to a new digital broadcast centre in East Perth.

Australian Broadcasting Corporation logo (1974-)
Perth, Western Australia
ChannelsDigital: 12 (VHF)
Virtual: 2
AffiliationsABC Television
OwnerAustralian Broadcasting Corporation
First air date7 May 1960
Call letters' meaningABC Western Australia
Former channel number(s)Analog: 2 (VHF)(1960-2013)
Transmitter power200 kW (analog)
50 kW (digital)
Height262 m (analog)
284 m (digital)[1]
Transmitter coordinates32°0′38″S 116°5′4″E / 32.01056°S 116.08444°E


ABC Perth gnangarra
East Perth studios

ABC News Western Australia is presented by James McHale, Irena Ceranic for weather on weeknights and Pamela Medlen on weekends. Trevor Jenkins presents local sport bulletins on Saturdays and Sundays. The weeknight bulletins also incorporates a national finance segment presented by Alan Kohler in Melbourne.

The Western Australian edition of 7.30 was presented by Andrew O'Connor each Friday night but was cancelled to broadcast a national edition only when the ABC had its funding cut.

Due to different time zones, ABW also receives a local version of ABC News at Noon produced from the ABN Sydney studios, which is also simulcast live nationally on the ABC News channel.

ABW used to carry live coverage of West Australian Football League matches every Saturday afternoon throughout the season until 2014. TVW now carries this along with the other Seven Network stations i.e. SAS, HSV

ABC Perth - News studio (2) (E37@OpenHousePerth2014)
News studio
ABC Perth - Satellite Link Truck (E37@OpenHousePerth2014)
Satellite link truck, used for outside broadcasts or live crosses

In February 2013 ABW was the first TV station in Western Australia to start producing a national news bulletin at 5.30pm. Due to different time zones in Australia, the bulletin goes live to air on the east coast at 5.30pm and a separate local edition is produced for the west coast.

ABW commenced digital television transmission in January 2001, broadcasting on VHF Channel 12 while maintaining analogue transmission on VHF Channel 2.

The analogue signal for ABW was shut off at 9.00am Western Standard Time, Tuesday, 16 April 2013.

On April 6 2018, Weeknight weather presenter Rebecca Dollery was step down from ABC due to family reasons. From April 9, Rebecca Dollery was replaced by Irena Ceranic as now your full-time weather presenter.

Relay stations

The following stations relay ABW throughout Western Australia:

Call Region served City Channels
First air date 3rd letter’s
Transmitter coordinates Transmitter location
ABAW Southern Agricultural Area Albany 2 (VHF)
11 (VHF)
6 June 1966 Albany 200 kW
50 kW
321 m
375 m
34°39′21″S 117°38′49″E / 34.65583°S 117.64694°E Mount Barker
ABCW Central Agricultural Area Northam 5A (VHF)[b]
45 (UHF)
28 March 1966 Central Agricultural area 160 kW
300 kW
251 m
270 m
31°59′4″S 117°11′24″E / 31.98444°S 117.19000°E Mawson Trig
ABCMW Morawa Morawa 8 (VHF)
7 (VHF)
8 March 1975 ABC Morawa 13 kW
3.2 kW
137 m
137 m
29°19′6″S 115°52′53″E / 29.31833°S 115.88139°E Mount Campbell
ABCNW Carnarvon Carnarvon 7 (VHF)
6 (VHF)
30 June 1972 CarnarvoN 0.5 kW
0.125 kW
112 m
112 m
24°54′20″S 113°43′13″E / 24.90556°S 113.72028°E Brown Range
ABDW Dampier Dampier 29 (UHF)[c]
28 (UHF)
17 December 1973 Dampier 0.08 kW
0.02 kW
79 m
79 m
20°39′19″S 116°43′42″E / 20.65528°S 116.72833°E Kangaroo Hill
ABEW Esperance Esperance 10 (VHF)
9A (VHF)
21 October 1974 Esperance 2 kW
0.5 kW
128 m
130 m
33°52′30″S 121°53′41″E / 33.87500°S 121.89472°E Wireless Hill
ABGW Geraldton Geraldton 6 (VHF)
41 (UHF)
8 December 1969 Geraldton 32 kW
150 kW
257 m
273 m
28°40′55″S 114°40′37″E / 28.68194°S 114.67694°E Moresby Range
ABKW Kalgoorlie Kalgoorlie 6 (VHF)
9A (VHF)
27 January 1970 Kalgoorlie 8 kW
4 kW
110 m
110 m
30°43′2″S 121°26′25″E / 30.71722°S 121.44028°E Peters Hill
ABKAW Karratha Karratha 54 (UHF)[d]
53 (UHF)
17 December 1973 KarrathA 0.8 kW
0.25 kW
114 m
114 m
20°44′8″S 116°51′33″E / 20.73556°S 116.85917°E Karratha
ABMW Moora Moora 60 (UHF)[e]
52 (UHF)
30 September 1974 Moora 120 kW
30 kW
142 m
142 m
30°38′7″S 116°9′35″E / 30.63528°S 116.15972°E Quarrel Range
ABNW Norseman Norseman 7 (VHF)
6 (VHF)
14 April 1971 Norseman 0.08 kW
0.02 kW
69 m
70 m
32°8′34″S 121°43′40″E / 32.14278°S 121.72778°E Norseman
ABPHW Port Hedland Port Hedland 7 (VHF)
8 (VHF)
3 October 1973 Port Hedland 3 kW
0.75 kW
52 m
52 m
20°22′2″S 118°33′32″E / 20.36722°S 118.55889°E Finucane Island
ABRBW Roebourne Roebourne 9 (VHF)
9A (VHF)
17 December 1973 RoeBourne 2 kW
0.5 kW
71 m
73 m
20°46′19″S 117°8′32″E / 20.77194°S 117.14222°E Mount Welcome
ABSW Bunbury Bunbury 5 (VHF)[f]
36 (UHF)
10 May 1965 South West 300 kW
300 kW
308 m
332 m
33°23′48″S 115°54′53″E / 33.39667°S 115.91472°E Mount Lennard
ABSBW Southern Cross/Bullfinch Southern Cross 9 (VHF)
7 (VHF)
16 July 1973 Southern Cross/Bullfinch 2 kW
0.5 kW
117 m
118 m
31°16′34″S 119°30′33″E / 31.27611°S 119.50917°E Ghooli
ABW Broome Broome 8 (VHF)
9 (VHF)
2 kW
0.5 kW
75 m
75 m
17°53′19″S 122°15′48″E / 17.88861°S 122.26333°E Broome
  1. ^ HAAT estimated from http://www.itu.int/SRTM3/ using EHAAT.
  2. ^ ABCW was on VHF channel 4 from its 1966 sign-on until the late 1970s, moving to its current channel in order to accommodate FM radio.
  3. ^ ABDW originally broadcast on VHF channel 10.
  4. ^ ABKAW originally broadcast on VHF channel 7.
  5. ^ ABMW was on VHF channel 10 from its 1974 sign-on until 1987, moving to its current channel in order to accommodate a new TV station in Perth on channel 10 (NEW).
  6. ^ ABSW is the only station in Australia to use channel 5.

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  1. ^ HAAT estimated from http://www.itu.int/SRTM3/ using EHAAT.
ABC Radio Perth

ABC Radio Perth (call sign: 6WF) is a radio station located in Perth, Western Australia, operated by the Australian Broadcasting Corporation, and broadcasting at 720 kHz AM. It is the flagship ABC Local Radio station in Western Australia.


ABW may refer to:

Aruba (ISO 3166-1 alpha-3 country code)

ABW (TV station), the Australian Broadcasting Corporation's Perth TV station

ABW, a 2001 album by Addis Black Widow


Abau Airport in Abau, Papua New Guinea, from its IATA airport code

Abbey Wood railway station, in the United Kingdom, from its National Railway code


Advanced Brake Warning

Agencja Bezpieczeństwa Wewnętrznego, the Polish internal security agency

AirBridgeCargo, a Russian cargo airline

Alcohol by weight, used by some brewers instead of Alcohol by volume (ABV)

Australian Bird Watcher, an ornithological journal

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Activity Based Working, workplace strategy that provides people with a choice of settings for their work activities

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