ABC Radio Perth

ABC Radio Perth (call sign: 6WF) is a radio station located in Perth, Western Australia, operated by the Australian Broadcasting Corporation, and broadcasting at 720 kHz AM.[1][2] It is the flagship ABC Local Radio station in Western Australia.

ABC Radio Perth
ABC Perth - 720 studio from foyer (E37@OpenHousePerth2014)
ABC Radio Perth studio in the ABC Building
Broadcast areaPerth, Western Australia
Frequency720 kHz AM[1]
First air date4 June 1924
Power50 kW[1]
Transmitter coordinates31°51′21″S 115°49′4″E / 31.85583°S 115.81778°E[1]
OwnerAustralian Broadcasting Corporation


ABC Perth gnangarra
East Perth studios

6WF transmitted its first broadcast on Wednesday 4 June 1924. It was originally owned by Westralian Farmers Co-operative, and operated from a studio in the Westralian Farmers building in Perth. The Premier of Western Australia, Philip Collier made a speech on-air to mark the opening of the station.[3][4]

The station was equipped with a transmitter that was the most powerful allowed under Commonwealth regulations. It was intended as a source of "information and entertainment to rural areas". The station's original broadcast footprint covered most of the state of Western Australia.[5][6] In 1929 the radio station was sold to the Australian Broadcasting Company. As a result, the radio station moved from the Westralian Farmers buildings to the ESA Bank building on the corner of Hay and Milligan Streets in Perth. When the Australian Broadcasting Commission was founded in 1932, 6WF became part of the national network.[5][7]

The station moved again in 1937 to the Stirling Institute building located in the Supreme Court Gardens, St Georges Terrace. Despite the fact the building had been built 21 years earlier as a temporary structure it became the home of 6WF for the next 23 years.[5]

In 1960 a specially built 23 studio building complex was completed at 191 Adelaide Terrace and the station moved there during that year. This building was to provide the home for the Western Australian Symphony Orchestra for a number of years, running alongside three separate radio stations.[5][8]

These buildings lasted 45 years, until it was decided that new buildings must be built. A site was commissioned and the radio station moved to its new offices and studios in East Perth in March 2005.[5]

The Adelaide Terrace site was sold to property developers in 2008 who have proposed demolishing the structure and erecting residential buildings.[9] The transmission tower was demolished in January 2011.[10][11]


News and current affairs

ABC Radio Perth produces news bulletins unique to Western Australia, which are broadcast between 5:00am and 10:00pm on weekdays, and between 6:00am and 1:00pm on weekends. National bulletins are broadcast outside these times.

The station also broadcasts national news magazine programs - AM, The World Today and PM.


ABC Perth - Geoff Hutchison in 720 studio (E37@OpenHousePerth2014)
Geoff Hutchison, presenter of the Drive programme, in the ABC Radio Perth radio studio (The Wally Foreman Studio, Radio Studio 600)

Throughout the day and evening, ABC Radio Perth broadcasts a variety of talk shows. Breakfast on weekdays, presented by Eoin Cameron from 2002 until March 2016,[12] has consistently been the highest rating breakfast program on Perth radio.[12][13][14][15][16][17]


ABC Radio Perth broadcasts a range of sports coverage syndicated through the network under the name ABC Radio Grandstand, including Australian rules football and cricket.[18]

The station is one of two that broadcast Australian Football League matches in Perth; the other is 6PR. The station also broadcasts West Australian Football League matches.[19][20]


ABC Radio Perth and ABC Local Radio stations in Western Australia produce less content than their counterparts in the rest of Australia. This is primarily because Western Australia's time zone is two hours behind Australian Eastern Standard Time, or three hours behind Australian Eastern Daylight Time, and most national programs are broadcast live across Australia, at a time earlier in Australian Western Standard Time.

Unlike all other state capital ABC Local Radio stations, 720 ABC Perth does not produce a weekday evening program, or any weekend programs except for Saturday Breakfast. A weekday early morning program was formerly produced, but terminated as a result of funding cuts in November 2013 and replaced with a program compiling content previously produced during the day.

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The contract with the Australian Broadcasting Company expired on 30 June 1932 and thereafter programming for the National Broadcasting Service was provided by the newly established Australian Broadcasting Commission. The Australian Broadcasting Company continued as a separate entity, eventually acquiring interests in "B-class" licences, and was prominent in the industry until at least the 1950s.

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Its 50W transmitter is sited in Yokine, a suburb of Perth. The station launched on 17 June 2007.

Perth FM 90.5 is another Perth radio station, also part of the CAMG Media Group. This station broadcasts primarily in English, relaying China Radio International. From 1 January 2016, it starts simulcasting with FM 104.9 and no longer broadcasts the English channel.

Its 5 kW transmitter is sited in Bickley, another suburb of Perth.

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KCR 102.5FM includes jazz, blues, country/western, hip hop, classical, gospel, folk, techno, popular easy listening, indigenous, contemporary and classic rock broadcasting 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Nadia Mitsopoulos

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She currently presents the Breakfast program on ABC Radio Perth.

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Russell Woolf

Russell Woolf is a Western Australian media personality, best known for having presented the afternoon Drive programme on Perth's radio station 720 ABC.

Woolf was born and raised in Perth. After finishing high school he spent a year in Israel

before returning to Perth to study at the University of Western Australia and Curtin University.

In his mid-20s he studied broadcasting at the Western Australian Academy of Performing Arts. He worked as a presenter for 6SE Radio West in Esperance for 18 months, then spent two years at 6KG in Kalgoorlie, before joining the Australian Broadcasting Corporation in 1997 as its Karratha-based resources reporter, a position he held for five years. Woolf then returned to Perth where he co-hosted 720's afternoon show with Verity James. In 2005 he took over the late afternoon Drive programme, where he remained until resigning from the ABC in December 2013.Woolf was also the weather presenter for Perth's ABC News from 2007 to 2011. The role was removed by the ABC for budgetary reasons; subsequently the weather was presented by the main newsreader (Karina Carvalho at the time).Woolf is an ambassador for the Western Australian Commissioner for Children and Young People,

and a patron of Inclusion WA.He was a candidate in the 2014 WA Senate by-election (together with Verity James) on a "Save Our ABC" platform.In 2015 Woolf announced he was moving with his family to the United States, leaving his position as host of Saturday Breakfast on 720 after his last show on 12 December 2015.Woolf returned to ABC Radio Perth in January 2019, co-presenting the weekday Breakfast program with Nadia Mitsopoulos.

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