A5130 road

The A5130 was a minor A-class road in the United Kingdom, from (near) the M1 at Junction 14 to Woburn. Although the roadway still exists, it was declassified in 2017.[1]

It started on a roundabout with the A509 just west of Junction 14 of the M1 motorway and proceeded south round (what was then) the eastern edge of the original Milton Keynes designated area. After crossing the A421 the A5130 continued past the village of Wavendon. It then crossed the Bedford-Bletchley railway by means of a level crossing and passed through Woburn Sands. It terminates a short distance to the south upon meeting the A4012 just inside the village of Woburn.

UK road A5130

Major junctions
North endMilton Keynes
South endWoburn, Bedfordshire
Woburn Sands
Road network


  1. ^ Unitary Councillor Report to Wavendon Wavendon Parish Council

Coordinates: 52°01′26″N 0°39′41″W / 52.02377°N 0.66141°W

Milton Keynes grid road system

The Milton Keynes grid road system is a network of predominantly national speed limit, fully landscaped routes that form the top layer of the street hierarchy for both private and public transport in Milton Keynes, Buckinghamshire. The system is unique in the United Kingdom for its innovative use of street hierarchy principles: the grid roads run in between districts rather than through them. These facilitate higher speed limits due to the absence of buildings close to the roads, although more recently the initial concept has been eroded somewhat by making some of the grid roads 40mph. High-speed motor traffic is segregated from pedestrian and leisure cycling traffic, which uses the alternative Milton Keynes redway system. All grid junctions are roundabouts, and the absence of traffic lights enables remarkably free and efficient movement of traffic.

Urban Eden

Urban Eden is a pressure group based in Milton Keynes, England, formed in 2006. The group's stated aim is to "promote a sustainable expansion to the original masterplan for Milton Keynes". In recent years the expansion of Milton Keynes has moved away from the original design principles of the city; Urban Eden campaigns against this trend, pressuring for new developments to remain true to the original vision for the new city. As of 2009 the group has over one hundred members, including a number of professional engineers and town planners, as well as some former employees of the Milton Keynes Development Corporation.

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