A4074 road

The A4074 is a British A road from the Reading suburb of Caversham to the Heyford Hill roundabout on the Oxford Ring Road.[1]

The road starts from a junction with the A4155 close to the northern side of Caversham Bridge (over the River Thames) before climbing through the up-market residential area of Caversham Heights. Crossing the Reading Borough boundary, the road proceeds through the small community of Chazey Heath, where it enters thick woodland for several miles before emerging near the village of Woodcote. From here it crosses the more exposed ground of the Chiltern Hills before bypassing both Wallingford and Crowmarsh Gifford on the Wallingford bypass. It then passes by Benson, passes through Shillingford, bypasses Dorchester and passes through Nuneham Courtenay. The road becomes dual-carriageway as it passes Sandford-on-Thames and remains so to its terminus on the Oxford Ring Road at the Heyford Hill roundabout.[1]

The road was designated in the 1980s, when the B479 between Caversham and Crowmarsh Gifford was renumbered. In 1990 the A423 from Crowmarsh to Heyford Hill was renumbered the A4074, and the road became the primary route between Reading and Oxford in place of the A329 along the River Thames. The short stretch of the Oxford Ring Road between Heyford Hill and the Hinksey Hill interchange was not renumbered A4074, and remains an isolated fragment of the A423.

The poor safety record of a particular stretch of this road, roughly between Chazey Heath and Woodcote, is highlighted in its local nickname, The 13 Bends of Death. Its accident rate of 53 per 100 million vehicle kilometres is nearly 70% higher than average for roads of its type.[2]

The Thames Travel company operates a half-hourly bus service numbered between Reading and Oxford along the A4074, albeit passing through the centre of Wallingford rather than using the by-pass. Alternate buses are numbered X39 and X40, with the X40 also diverting from the main road to serve Woodcote.[3]

UK road A4074

The A4074 leaving Chazey Heath (geograph 4260534)
The A4074 at Chazey Heath
Route information
Length22 mi (35 km)
Major junctions
South endCaversham, Reading (51°28′02″N 0°58′36″W / 51.4673°N 0.9767°W)
North endHeyford Hill, Iffley, Oxford (51°43′17″N 1°14′03″W / 51.7214°N 1.2343°W)
Road network


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Coordinates: 51°36′21″N 1°06′22″W / 51.6057°N 1.1061°W

A4095 road (Great Britain)

The A4095 is a British A road from Faringdon (51.659745°N 1.582258°W / 51.659745; -1.582258 (A4074 road (southern end))), to Bicester forming the northwest part of Bicester's ring road before it becomes the A4421. (51.914271°N 1.143996°W / 51.914271; -1.143996 (A4095 road (northern end))).

The A4095 passes through Witney, Long Hanborough, the A44 near Woodstock and Oxford Airport, Kirtlington, Chesterton.

The road was designated in the 1920s.

Chazey Heath

Chazey Heath is a hamlet in Oxfordshire, England, about 3 miles (4.8 km) north of Reading, Berkshire. It is situated on the A4074 road, between Caversham and Oxford, at its junction with the rural road to Goring Heath and Goring-on-Thames.For local government purposes Chazey Heath is in Mapledurham civil parish, which forms part of the district of South Oxfordshire within the county of Oxfordshire. It is within the Henley constituency of the United Kingdom Parliament, and the South East England constituency of the European Parliament.There are two roadside public houses on the A4074 in Chazey Heath, the Pack Saddle and the Pack Horse, some 0.5 miles (0.80 km) apart. There are also two golf clubs, the Caversham Heath Golf Club and the Mapledurham Golf Club, on opposite sides of the road.It has one guest house where you can pay to stay the night. The Joe and Daisy Guest House. Just across from the Pack Horse. This Hamlet contains 62 Buildings (53 Houses). It has a local park situated by the border of Tokers Green. It is neighbours to Reading, a major town around 0.2 miles from The Pack Saddle Pub. It has 3 local primary schools and 3 Local Secondary Schools that you could apply for. The Primary Schools are: Kidmore End Primary, Sonning Common Primary and Peppard Primary. The Secondary Schools are: Chiltern Edge School, Gillots School and Langtree school.


Harcourt Arboretum

Harcourt Arboretum is an arboretum owned and run by the University of Oxford. It is a satellite of the university's botanic garden in the city of Oxford, England. The arboretum itself is located six miles (10 km) south of Oxford on the A4074 road, near the village of Nuneham Courtenay in Oxfordshire, and comprises some 150 acres (0.61 km2). Professor Simon Hiscock is the Horti Praefectus (Director) of the botanic garden and arboretum.The arboretum forms an integral part of the tree and plant collection of the University of Oxford Botanic Garden. It occupies part of what were the grounds of Nuneham House, about 1.5 miles (2.4 km) from the house itself. It was designed to form an impressive entrance to the landscaped grounds of the house.

William Sawrey Gilpin (1762–1843), the artist and later landscape designer, laid out the pinetum, which forms the core of the arboretum. The trees are now mature, with giant redwoods and monkey-puzzle trees.

The grounds include a 10-acre (40,000 m2) typical English woodland and a 37-acre (150,000 m2) summer flowering meadow.

In late spring, the azaleas and rhododendrons are especially impressive. There are carpets of bluebells in the woods too. In the autumn, the leaf colours are brilliant, including Japanese maples. Peacocks roam the grounds, as they have since the establishment of the arboretum. In recent years, paths have been improved for accessibility.

The grounds are open to the public at a charge.

Marsh Baldon

Marsh Baldon is a village and civil parish about 5 miles (8 km) southeast of Oxford in Oxfordshire. Since 2012 it has been part of the Baldons joint parish council area, sharing a parish council with the adjacent civil parish of Toot Baldon. The 2011 Census population is 310.


Sandford-on-Thames, also referred to as simply Sandford, is a village and Parish Council beside the River Thames in Oxfordshire just south of Oxford. The village is just west of the A4074 road between Oxford and Henley.

Thames Travel

Thames Travel is a bus operator serving the southern part of the English county of Oxfordshire. It is based in Didcot and is a subsidiary of the Go-Ahead Group.

Wycombe Railway

The Wycombe Railway was a British railway between Maidenhead and Oxford that connected with the Great Western Railway at both ends; there was one branch, to Aylesbury.

A roads in Zone 4 of the Great Britain road numbering scheme

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