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A-One Hip-Hop Music Channel – Russian music channel about the most important and actual trends of the youth culture. The musical directions represented on the channel are hip-hop, r’n’b, rap, electronic music, funk, reggae, soul, indie and everything that blended in between.

As of 2015 A-One is broadcast with the help of the satellite ABS-2 (FTA), from the platform “Tricolor TV” in the networks of the cabel TV and IP-TV, mobile communication, OTT-platforms and Smart-TV and also in the TVEVT. The channel is represented in 850 packages of the Russian cabel operators.

Первый альтернативный
A-One Hip-Hop Music Channel
Launched1 August 2005
Closed31 May 2016
Picture format4:3 (576i, SDTV)
LanguageRussian, English
Broadcast areaRussia (cable and satellite networks)
Replaced byTNT Music

History of the channel

1 August 2005 is considered to be the beginning of the A-One twenty-four-hour broadcasting. From 2005 to 2010 the channel established the annual RAMP (Rock Alternative Music Prize). The foreign rock-singers as well as Russian were the nominees of the prize. The winner was picked out by the audience votes. The ceremonies in different years saw a lot of stars such as Korn (2005), Stone Sour (2006), UNKLE and Marilyn Manson (2007), Klaxons (2008) and Franz Ferdinand (2009).

A-One is the organizer of the world star’s concerts in Moscow and St. Petersburg including Linkin Park, Apocalyptica, Tricky, The Roots, Manu Chao, Faith No More and the others.

The channel co-operates directly with such companies-distributors of the musical content as Universal, Sony Music, Warner, EMI, Soyuz and the others which allows getting the new music videos in a short period of time.

In October, 2012 A-One won the prize “Golden (Ray)” for the best Russian music channel. In 2013 A-One Hip-Hop Music Channel entered the final of the international prize, The Eutelsat TV Awards. In 2010 and 2014 the channel won the prize for “Music channel” at the prestige “Big Digit”.

In 2014 the channel launched the series of the night parties all over the country, A-ONE HYPE NIGHTS, with the most popular foreign and Russian artists. The first night’s guest was Tyga (22 November 2014. Space Moscow).

VJ's and hosts

  • VJ Yuklya (Julia Vorontsova)
  • VJ gleBasta (Gleb Bolelov)


Name Host Description Notes
Virtual Selection VJ Hobbit The news of the computer and games industry, reviews of the last releases, tests of the gadgets and reports from the cyber tournaments.
FunBox VJ Glebasta The program about extreme, music and people. Interesting facts about the culture of the 21st century: sport, break dance, street art, graffiti, new trends and music. On air since the 25th of June, 2011.
BIG NEWS VJ Yuklya The most important news in hip-hop culture: reports from the concerts, exclusive interviews and the announcements of the coming events.
Music Kitchen VJ Chuck The concerts of the young perspective artists which are held at the VJ Chuck’s place: artists and guests in the sitting-room, DJ in the bathroom, the critic Alexandr Anatolyevich in the next room and, of course, the tentatives to cook something.

Music spots

  • «Only New» — the hottest new music videos on air.
  • “Only eggs are harder”– the most brutal music videos, music extreme to a fault. The other channels don’t risk broadcasting these videos despite their popularity in the net.
  • «Chill-Out» - the hour of beautiful and easy-tempered music before going to bed. Relieve your stress; watch “Chill-Out”. Every Thursday and Sunday at 23:00 (Msc time).
  • «Mash Up»– the selection of energetic club music, the most fashionable dance floor in your TV, mobile phone and computer! Watch and have fun every Friday and Saturday at 22:00.
  • «Line Up» – the most popular hip-hop and r’n’b music videos and the best hits of the music mainstream. Foreign and Russian artists, celebrities of the global scale and new names!
  • «Wake Up» — start your day with us listening to the energetic music! Bright, fresh and positive! Let’s shake up the country! Every day from 6 to 9 o’clock in the morning.
  • «HIP-HOP.RU» — the hip-hop in Russian. The collection of the tough and honest works of Russian hip-hop artists including the young stars. Every day from Monday to Thursday at 01:00 o’clock.


  • «A-One Hip Hop Top 20» — the main chart of the channel. Only the hottest music videos of popular groups and favorite artists. Saturday, 19:00.
  • «Urban Hits Top 10» — fashionable sound, music with no limits. The chart of trendy music. Saturday, 21:00.
  • «All Russian» — chart of the Russian hip-hop. Saturday, 15:00.
  • «Dance Hits Top 10» — ten best dance music videos of the week. The music of the most fashionable clubs all over the world. Saturday, 18:00.

Interesting facts

On 1 April 2011, some foreign names of the songs and artists were written in Russian and during the music spots under the logo there was an inscription “Эй-Уан” (A-ONE in Russian transliteration). Despite it, the special emission “A-One News” was broadcast that day with the help of the channel’s staff. This emission also took place in the chart “100 most stupid videos”, which was on air the 1st of April, 2009.


The channel is broadcast on the satellite platforms Tricolor TV, Raduga TV, Akado-Telecom, MTS, Dom.ru, TKT (Rostelekom), Beeline, OnLime, NETBYNET.

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