8th government of Turkey

The 8th government of Turkey (1 March 1935 – 1 November 1937) was a government in the history of Turkey. It is also called the seventh İnönü government.

Inonu Ismet
İsmet İnönü


After the elections held on 8 February 1935, İsmet İnönü of the Republican People's Party (CHP) founded his cabinet.

The government

In the list below, the cabinet members who served only a part of the cabinet's lifespan are shown in the column "Notes".

Title[1][2] Name Notes
Prime Minister İsmet İnönü
Ministry of Justice Şükrü Saracoğlu
Ministry of National Defense Kazım Özalp
Ministry of the Interior Şükrü Kaya
Ministry of Finance Fuat Ağralı
Ministry of National Education Zeynel Abidin Özmen
Saffet Arıkan
1 March 1935 – 16 June 1935
16 June 1935 – 1 November 1937
Ministry of Public Works Ali Çetinkaya
Ministry of Agriculture Muhlis Erkmen
Şakir Kesebir
1 March 1935 – 11 June 1937
11 June 1937 – 1 November 1937
Ministry of Customs and Monopolies Ali Rana Tarhan
Ministry of Economy Celal Bayar


In 1937, there were certain issues on which the president Mustafa Kemal Atatürk and İsmet İnönü disagreed. According to Şevket Süreyya Aydemir, during the Nyon Conference ( 10–14 September 1937) in which Turkey participated, the disagreement around foreign politics became evident.[3] On 25 October, İsmet İnönü resigned, and Celal Bayar, who was the Minister of Economy in İnönü's government, was appointed as the new prime minister by President Atatürk.


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Preceded by
7th government of Turkey
(İsmet İnönü)
8th Government of Turkey
1 March 1935 – 1 November 1937
Succeeded by
9th government of Turkey
(Celal Bayar)

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